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Golcar, Huddersfield

Re-roof finished in Golcar Huddersfield. Rosemary tiles were taken off and replaced with rustic Calderdales, and concrete ridge tiles. All the cast iron guttering was rep..

The stone slates were taken off and and concrete tiles were put back on. To join the roof with the neighbouring properties we used grp bonding gutters. These allow differ..

Here we have a full re roof of a property. The old rosemary tiles were replaced with Marley modern interlocking concrete tiles. All new facia, soffits and guttering. A ne..

The customer was having trouble with water penetrating the flat roof. It was constantly being repaired and the customer had finally had enough. We changed the flat bay wi..

Re-roofing, Mirfield

The rosemary tiles were taken off and put into a skip along with the batons. We then added a premium breathable membrane and 2×1 lathe batons. To ensure the property..

Large re-roof done in Meltham Huddersfield. The old tiles lattes and felt were disposed of and replace with new materials. New premium breathable membrane was used to all..

Total re roof of a garage in Edgerton. The rosemary tiles were taken off and disposed of along with the batons. Then we fitted a premium breathable membrane, 2×1 lat..

Re-roofing in Outlane

Completed re-roof of a double garage in the centre of Outlane golf course. New breathable membrane, new 2×1 lathe batons and new artificial grey slates. The ridges w..

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