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Maintenance Free Plastic Verge Guards

plastic verge

We have just completed a roof repair inserting new plastic verge guards. We were called out to repair a verge on a customers roof, over the last couple of years numerous companies had come out to replace the mortar which kept falling out. After talking to the customer we decided rather than just replace the mortar which was likely to fall out we would replace it with plastic verge guards which are Maintenance free.

To ensure we could attach the verge guards securely we removed one course of tiles down each side of the roof, this process can be seen in the image below.


We then attached a brace to the existing lats which we then secured the verge guards too. These plastic verge guards are maintenance free and will prevent the customer from needing further roof repairs. It is not something that all customers like as some prefer the traditional look of sand and cement but it is something to consider. At Eagle roofing we have found that is a growing trend and is far more practical than the traditional method, if this is something you are considering don’t hesitate to give us a call we can help you decide if it is the best option for you.