UPVC Roofline Products

One of the problems with traditional wood facias and soffits is that it has a very difficult time standing up to the elements here in Huddersfield. Over time, the constant battering of rain and wind and sun cause the paint to begin flaking, and may also wreak havoc on your wood, causing it to rot.

This ugly, recurring problem is very time consuming and expensive to fix.

You might consider the advantages of switching from wooden roofline products to UPVC material. One of the most popular choices in the UK today, UPVC is 100% recyclable, extremely lightweight, durable, cost effective and can even be used to line the windows in your home, resulting in more wallet-friendly utility bills!

Explore Roofline Components

    The Fascia- If you were to stand back from your home and look for the trim lining the bottom edge of the roof, you would find the fascia. This is typically a long and straight board that runs from one side of the roof to the other. This is the board upon which the guttering and bottom row of tiles depend to support their weight. Basically, it’s the muscle.
    The bargeboard is the trim that runs along the slant of your roof. From the side of your house looking up, it usually looks like an upside down ‘V.’ The bargeboard has of course taken on numerous shapes, and been designed to accommodate the character demands on many modern homes. The problem with wooden bargeboard is that it’s left entirely exposed to the elements. UPVC bargeboards never need to be repainted or refinished in any way. A long arm with a brush head will make this very important part of your home stand out against others like it, and separating yourself from the competition is essential when you want to sell.
    The soffit board runs along the bottom edge of where the bargeboard and fascia meet. Not only is it aesthetically important, as without it the roofline would appear incomplete, but it also provides support for the fascia and bargeboard. The soffit board determines whether or not your home is adequately ventilated, and if you have central heating and air conditioning in a poorly ventilated home, condensation can build up leading to mold, rot and other safety hazards.
    The box end is what accommodates the various angles at which the bargeboard and fascia may meet. Like the bargeboard, the box end is left entirely exposed to the elements. Wooden box ends need to be repainted and may swell and shrink like the fascia, causing serious damage to your roof. UPVC box ends are extraordinarily durable, and forty years from now, maybe longer, when it finally does need replacing, you won’t need to be Hercules to change it out. UPVC material is very lightweight!

A diagram explaining the various parts which make up UPVC Roofline products

Why choose Roofline Products from Eagle Roofing?

Here at Eagle, we place quality above all else, which is why our roofline products are made from the highest quality UPVC material. These lightweight, environmentally friendly and cost effective dry verge roofline products require zero maintenance, are strong enough to stand up to the elements for decades and are sold right here in Huddersfield!

We carry a range of colors and designs which will be custom fit to your home. We do all the work! We take all the measurements, tell you exactly what needs to be replaced and provide you with a free no-obligation quote for all of your options before the installation day.

Here at Eagle Roofing, we hold ourselves accountable for your continued satisfaction. In fact, we take such pride in the quality of our dry verge materials that we offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all parts and labour for your roofline and window needs. Your satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you.

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