Chimney Repairs

5 Most Common Issues Of Chimneys

Nothing can be compared with the comfort of having a proper roaring fire during the cold days of winter season of warm your heart and home. Fireplace is something that your entire family enjoys but for this you need to ensure that you make the chimney repairs and maintenance done in a correct manner. It not only ensures proper warmth of your house but also guarantees the family safety.

Significance of Chimney Repair:

Chimneys around the world are designed to exhale the gases as well as smoke that are produced in fireplace out of the house in a safe manner. It is extremely important as these gases are not good for the health of the people living in the house. One of the most toxic of these gases is carbon monoxide which can even be fatal in this regards.

Secondly the function of the chimney is to take care of the excessive heat from the fire until and unless it is vented to the external of the house. Most of the house items are combustible. In case the excessive heat is not thrown out of the house, it may lead to fire in the house.

Therefore, it is needed to ensure that required chimney repair is done in a correct manner to keep the house as well as its inhabitants safe and secured.

Underlined are few tips that ensure that the fireplace is working in a proper manner to avid the common chimney repair issues.

Creosote buildup:

Creosote is the oil that is produced when the solids and woods are set on fire. It builds up over the time on the internal part of the chimney. If it is built to a larger amount it can ignite causing fire in the chimney.


Blockage in the chimney can also be a cause for chimney repair. It can occur due to the debris from the material that dislodges in the chimney or due to the nests. Even little blockage can affect the efficiency of the chimney in venting out the gases, smoke, and heat out of your home.

Cracks in the flue:

Some of the gases in the fireplace are really destructive and damage the chimney over the period of time. It creates potential for the chimney blockage. Also it allows the dangerous gases to seep in to the house. Make sure that the flue is being inspected annually to ensure its proper working.

Brickwork issues:

Flue leakage and erosion is another issue with the chimney that needs to be repaired. Too much of this can lead to structural damage which makes the chimney repair more costly.

Chimney crown and chimney cap:

These both make up the roof of your chimney. They surround the flue and keep it free from debris and water. If these are cracked then the water can cause damage on the internal of the chimney. Also it damages the ability of flue to channel out the heat and gases from the house. Moreover, they keep the debris, animals, and weather out of your fireplace and ultimately your house.


If you come across any of these above mentioned issues in your chimney during inspection, it is highly suggested to you to get it repaired before you make use of the fireplace. In addition, it is highly suggested to consult the professional Huddersfield roofing contractor.


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