Chimney Repairs

Significance Of Routine Chimney Inspection And Repair

Our house is the place where we feel relaxed and being our own possession in every manner. We try our best to ensure that it looks best in every manner. But at the same time, we tend to ignore the maintenance of several parts of the home that can cause real damage to our properties. Chimneys are one of them.

No doubt, fireplace is not only a functional but a beautiful part of our home. However, it is equally dangerous. Without proper maintenance and cleaning; your chimney as well as the fireplace can cause major fire hazards.

Hiring the professional chimney cleaners is one way to ensure the safety of your family. These professional chimney cleaners and inspectors are just a call away from you. They can visit your place anytime to ensure that everything is working perfectly.

Let us have a look at some of the hazards related to chimneys if there are no regular maintenance activities:

Chimney hazards:

It is really simple to keep your fireplace clean and in good shape. However, chimney is another thing. It is difficult to tell if it has physical blockage or structural damage.

One common issue with the traditional chimneys is that they build creosote. This substance is produced because of burning coal and the wood in the fireplace. It is usually dark black or brown in color. It appears to be flaky, dry, sticky, and tar like. Moreover, it can be shiny or hard. It depends on the fuel that you usually burn.

When creosote is built internally it may cause chimney fires. These can be slow burning fires that lead to severe damage to the internal structure of the chimney. You can detect it if and when you hear a rumbling sound coming out from your chimney. This is so dangerous that the explosive fires that even your neighborhood can see and hear it.

Modern day chimney does not make use of the coal or wood as fuel but they have their own set of issues. Corrosion, rusting, and other natural forms of deterioration can cause risks like leakage of carbon monoxide.

Old chimneys that are made out of bricks and stone usually require rebuilding and reinforcement. They are prone to crumbling where there is erosion during the rain storms and earthquakes particularly if it is a part of the structure that wears out over the time of years.

Prevent the issues with the chimneys:

To ensure that your chimney is neat and clean and repairing is done as soon as the deterioration starts happening is one of the best ways of keeping your chimneys away from issues. There are minor repairs that you can do on your own. But in case you do not have enough time you can always call professional chimney cleaners to lend you hands in it. This will keep your chimney in good shape for longer periods of time.

Find professional cleaners:

There are a number of service providers offering chimney cleaning and repairing services in UK. You cannot rely all of them. Hence you need to ensure that you are in safe hands in this regards. Eagle Roofing is a reliable name in this regards. We are a family owned business and serving the industry for more than last 30 years. You can always rely on us with your chimneys. Log in to our official site i.e. and see how we facilitate you in maintaining your chimney.

Chimney Repairs

Most Common Chimney Repair Issues

Chimney is a significant part of any home in order to keep the house warm even during the extreme cold weather conditions. In most of the cases, wood built chimney is found in the house structures. For smooth working, roper cleaning is essentials in every possible manner. If not frequent, annual inspection serves the purpose really well. Some of the common repairs related to chimney are easily carried out by fireplace professionals as well as masons that include the following:

  • Removal of harmful byproducts during the process of fuel burning
  • Excess heat removal from combustible items placed near the fire

What are common chimney repairs?

It is not easy to locate the damages and problems associated with the chimneys. This is why people are always seemed to prefer taking facilitation from professional handymen for the purpose of chimney repairs. Underlined is a list of significant components of a chimney that can be well taken care of to ensure proper functioning of the chimney:

  • Chimney caps
  • Firebox repointing and rebuilding
  • Mortar crown repair
  • Damper repair
  • Storm collar
  • Flue repair
  • Chimney relining
  • Liner gap repair

Let us talk about all of these above mentioned one after the other in a brief manner:

Chimney caps: Chimneys must have an appropriate cap. Wrong cap installation over a chimney may lead to disaster. Cap is placed to restrict the water movement, little animals and the debris from getting into the chimney. If it is not done, there can be blockage in the chimney leading to hazardous conditions. Water can cause liner destruction and issues with the mortar joints between the liners. Also, there are spark arrestors that prevent the dangerous sparks to fall on your roof.

Mortar crown repair: It is the part made of concrete and is found to be at the top of the chimney. It prevents the water to enter the chimney. If there are cracks in it, it immediately gets them repaired as water enters the cracks destroying the other parts of walls, ceilings, and attics that along with the chimneys.

Firebox rebuilding and repointing: This part of the chimney is made of bricks to build the fire. Loose bricks need to be repaired in order to avoid the accidents.

Damper repair: It keeps the flue closed where the fireplace is not in use. It prevents the flow of heat out of the chimney. It needs to be repaired if there is any defect in it.

Flue repair: It is an internal path that is known to work like a canal used to blow out the smoke along with other toxic gases produced in the fireplace. It may be blocked and cracked with creosote i.e. oil that is produced as a result of burning the wood and other debris. It needs to be removed on regular basis to prevent dangerous fire accidents. Similarly, cracks need to be sealed for the safety purposes.

Storm collar: It is a small piece of metal that takes care of the chase cover. If installation is not done properly it allows the water to enter the chase and travel down the unit. It causes destruction of the whole unit.

Liner gap repair: Earthquake, improper construction, and normal wear and tear cause gaps between the flue tiles. This issue is faced by chimneys that are without the covers.

Chimney relining: It is made of terra cotta or concrete. Cracks are one of the main issues for the chimneys and hence it must be repaired when fireplace is in use. Insulation of the whole unit with stainless steel proves to be effective solution to this issue.

Whatever the case is, make sure you are using the services of reliable Halifax roofing company like Eagle Roofing. Access our official site i.e. for more details about our services.

Chimney Repairs

5 Most Common Issues Of Chimneys

Nothing can be compared with the comfort of having a proper roaring fire during the cold days of winter season of warm your heart and home. Fireplace is something that your entire family enjoys but for this you need to ensure that you make the chimney repairs and maintenance done in a correct manner. It not only ensures proper warmth of your house but also guarantees the family safety.

Significance of Chimney Repair:

Chimneys around the world are designed to exhale the gases as well as smoke that are produced in fireplace out of the house in a safe manner. It is extremely important as these gases are not good for the health of the people living in the house. One of the most toxic of these gases is carbon monoxide which can even be fatal in this regards.

Secondly the function of the chimney is to take care of the excessive heat from the fire until and unless it is vented to the external of the house. Most of the house items are combustible. In case the excessive heat is not thrown out of the house, it may lead to fire in the house.

Therefore, it is needed to ensure that required chimney repair is done in a correct manner to keep the house as well as its inhabitants safe and secured.

Underlined are few tips that ensure that the fireplace is working in a proper manner to avid the common chimney repair issues.

Creosote buildup:

Creosote is the oil that is produced when the solids and woods are set on fire. It builds up over the time on the internal part of the chimney. If it is built to a larger amount it can ignite causing fire in the chimney.


Blockage in the chimney can also be a cause for chimney repair. It can occur due to the debris from the material that dislodges in the chimney or due to the nests. Even little blockage can affect the efficiency of the chimney in venting out the gases, smoke, and heat out of your home.

Cracks in the flue:

Some of the gases in the fireplace are really destructive and damage the chimney over the period of time. It creates potential for the chimney blockage. Also it allows the dangerous gases to seep in to the house. Make sure that the flue is being inspected annually to ensure its proper working.

Brickwork issues:

Flue leakage and erosion is another issue with the chimney that needs to be repaired. Too much of this can lead to structural damage which makes the chimney repair more costly.

Chimney crown and chimney cap:

These both make up the roof of your chimney. They surround the flue and keep it free from debris and water. If these are cracked then the water can cause damage on the internal of the chimney. Also it damages the ability of flue to channel out the heat and gases from the house. Moreover, they keep the debris, animals, and weather out of your fireplace and ultimately your house.


If you come across any of these above mentioned issues in your chimney during inspection, it is highly suggested to you to get it repaired before you make use of the fireplace. In addition, it is highly suggested to consult the professional Huddersfield roofing contractor.

Chimney Repairs

Eagle Roofing Contractors : What They Have To Say About Chimney Issues And Your Safety

When it comes to the roof of your property, your concern should not lay on the roof itself only. There is more than just the roof that covers the ceiling of your property after all. There is gutter, roofline, verges, tiles, and even chimney too. Do you have chimney at home? If so, you’ve got to be aware of the issues that it can develop as the time passes because of improper installation or external factors. Eagle Roofing contractors will always be there to help you. But, it won’t hurt to learn the issues and how to deal with them, right?

The Dangers of Having Improper Chimney at Home

You can’t just have chimney built without much thought of its structure and function to begin with. Even though chimney is there for people to burn logs inside the home, without having it to catch fire or get everything around full of smoke. In order for the chimney to be able to function like that, you will need it to be properly installed. What do you think would happen if it is done improperly? Well, there are at least two dangers that you should have known. Let us tell you about both of them here.

Kill People with Excess Carbon Monoxide

The logs you burn can produce all sorts of smokes and gasses. Among them, there is carbon monoxide included. Chimney has always been built with vertical, narrow path leading up above. This very structure is meant to send those smokes and gasses to the outside of the house. If it can allow that, they will only spread inside the house and make you cough a lot. While it might be fine for you to inhale carbon monoxide a bit, people can actually die if they happen to inhale excess amount of it.

Cause Fire with the Hot Air Trapped Inside

The second danger is for the house to catch a fire. Normally, chimney should have been able to hold the excess heat from the fire inside, then it will be vented outside. However, if your chimney is incapable of doing such thing, your house will be in grave danger. The contractors of Eagle Roofing will warn you about this. With most of the things inside the house being combustible, there will be more likely for them all to catch a fire caused by the hot air. It will endanger your family either way.

The Issues that Might Come from the Chimney

There are various chimney issues that can lead to those dangers we were talking about just now. As it was said before, those issues can happen because of the improper structure of the chimney itself or other factor as well. To better understand about it, you need to know what those issues really are. That way, you might be able to know what to do to take care of them yourself if you can or ask for the help of the pros to get everything done for you. Now, let’s just get down to it here below.

Oil Buildup on the Inner Side of Chimney

Did you know? Any wood or other solid things will produce oil when they are burnt. Over the time, this oil can build up right on the inner side of the chimney. While in itself it does not cause you any danger, it certainly won’t be the case with improperly maintained chimney. Such chimney condition will allow that oil to pile up and you know yourself what happens when the oil meets the fire, right? Yes, it will ignite up the chimney, thus causing fire in it. At worst, it can spread the fire in the house.

Blockage Caused by the Nests of Animals

Roof has always been the best nesting place for animals, like birds and mice. It is not only the roof itself though. It applies the same to the chimney as well. When they start making nests, they will cause material dislodging in the flue of the chimney. Thus, it causes the blockage for the excess heat, smoke, etc. to get outside through the chimney path. As a result, it will remain inside and spreading in the house. Eagle Roofing contractors would have you warned of this too if you ever consult them.

Erode and Leak Issues in the Brickwork

You know everything can’t last forever. It includes the chimney as well. Over the time, the chimney will start to erode and leak of course. If the brickwork suffers from these issues, you’ve got to call for the pros to deal with it as soon as possible. Why, of course, it is because damaged brickwork can go as far as weakening the overall structure of the house. As long as it is properly taken care of, there will be no problem though. Just make sure you don’t take too long before the worst thing happens.

Cracked Crown and Cap of the Chimney

Chimney might have the flue that leads to the outside. However, it has its structure built with crown and cap. That is why debris and rainwater can be kept away from entering. Everything will surely be fine if the crown and the cap are in their best condition. However, chimney won’t work properly if you’ve got the crown and the cap cracked. Debris and water will come in. You can’t even light a fire in the chimney. There are still other issues to follow though. You can’t take this matter lightly, really.

The Consideration of Asking Eagle Roofing’s Help

When it comes to the damages on the chimney, things might have been too hard for you take all on your own. It has unique structure that connects to the wall, floor, ceiling, and roof. Once it is damaged, there will be big repair and replacement that must be done. The Eagle Roofing company team is the best you can resort to when such thing happens. Let us give you some reasons that make you consider the need of asking their help. Here, we have them listed below to let you understand.

Professionalism Very Well Known to All

When you don’t know which company to go for, it is always best to pick one with the professionalism that has been known by all. If it is professionalism that you ask for, you have Huddersfield Eagle Roofing team to be the one for your choice. It is well established and respected roofing company in the area after all. It works to offer skill, knowledge, and all for every roofing issue you need to take care of. We expect no less from the most popular roofer in Huddersfield area here.

Facilitations Needed for Chimney Repairs

You can expect any roofing companies to help you with chimney repairs. However, not all companies have the ability to facilitate you well enough to deal with chimney repairs. Fortunately, the Eagle Roofing knows just how they should do to work in professional manner. One of the ways is by facilitating all the needs for repairing damaged chimney in your property. If everything is facilitated well like this, the repair should be done flawlessly without further hassle to experience in the future.

Services for Repairs of Property’s Chimney

It would be pointless to ask for roofing company that has even no services offered to repair chimney. Sure, there are many companies out there to provide you all services you need to repair your roof. However, they don’t always have all roofing services covered in their offer, you see. If you want the one that absolutely has all of them, it is only the Eagle Roofing you should have asked help from. They have solutions for every issue you get to experience from your chimney at your own home.


Chimney Repairs

Chimney Maintenance For A Safer Home

Chimneys, some people have them while others don’t. Chimneys are what many consider a low-tech piece of equipment, but the chimney turns your home into a more relaxed environment. These structures also add a lot of value to a home especially if you’re in the process of selling. Unfortunately, chimneys are major culprits when it comes to house fires. Cleaning and maintaining your chimney is vital for proper usage, but most fires aren’t necessarily a result of the actual chimney, but more so from the home owner.

Let’s just be honest here for a minute. Most people do not clean or maintain their chimneys the right way. From this action or “non-action,” the chimney becomes compromised and that’s where the problems begin. Some “tell-tell” signs of this improper maintenance is that there can be spalling bricks, damaged mortar joints, or the crown of the chimney can be cracked.

Two Major Culprits for Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are some of the biggest dangers to the home-front and that’s why proper maintenance is so important. Have you ever heard of Creosote? This substance is known as a natural by-product of the wood burning process, which it’s actually tar-like droplets that are combustible. An overabundance of this material comes from many different factors such as the use of wetter/greener wood, too much restriction of airflow, and even the use of burning too much wood.

Another known culprit of that will give homeowners issues is Soot Build-Up. Though soot isn’t flammable, this thick material will surely clog-up the chimney and it is a widely known issue that many people suffer from. If you have a masonry styled chimney, 17% of airflow is restricted and you have a factory styled built unit, around 30% of airflow is restricted. Air restriction and chimneys are not compatible and will never go hand-to-hand.

Chimney Removal & Fascia Aesthetics 

If you’re at a point to where you no longer care to have a chimney or your chimney is giving you problems, removing it is a good route to take. When removal is occurring, your home’s aesthetics could take a hit. The fascia protects the wood from weather damage as well as the roof and interior. If damage occurs or if you’re home’s aesthetics is off, a Upvc roofline replacement should be considered. For those whom are in the, Fascia Installers of Huddersfield can handle all of your needs. PVCu, and PVCue are both fascia when it comes down to and what they’re actually used for.

There are many different variables to consider when dealing with fascia and chimney services. Protecting your home is the most important function because the home protects the family in the end.

Chimney Repairs

Information About Chimney Maintenance

A fireplace is just more than a perfect way to keeping home and room hot and cozy. It makes a house feel more like of a home. But then again, this same fireplace leads to certain serious dangers that its usage may bring to the inhabitants of the house. They need to be well maintained and taken care of even when we are well educated about the fire safety and have smoke detectors in the home, underlined are certain fireplace safety conditions that one may be well considerate towards.

  • First and foremost difficulty that one comes across related to the fireplace maintenance is that it is difficult to view the inside of the chimney. If you go to the roof and look down, even then it is too dark in there to see all the way inside. The most serious issue that can occur in a chimney begins when there are smallest holes and they are difficult to be seen without any training. Hence people prefer to hire the professional services to take care of this issue. Chimney inspection indeed is relatively cheap and worthy way of considering the repairs of the fireplace.
  • One should never make use of the charcoal in the fireplace. It is because it emits dangerous fumes that are dangerous. Similarly do not make use of the lighter fluid to set the fire in the fireplace. Another dangerous habit of people is that they make use of garbage to set fire in the fireplace. It should also never be done because the chemicals in the objects can be dangerous when they are burnt. Never ever place anything made of plastic in or near your fireplace.
  • You should always put in efforts to keep the chimneys clean. It is because repeated fire burning builds up the creosote on the chimney liners. This produces the gases that are dangerous to breathe in and they can even catch on fire. It is suggested not to make use of the chimney that needs to be cleaned
  • It is advised to have smoke detectors placed throughout the home. However it is not enough to have them because one should ensure to check the detectors again and again. It is because carbon mono oxide is poisonous and dangerous leading to ventilation issues.

As soon as you find that your chimney is not working properly, it is highly recommended to call the professionals without wasting any further time. Eagle Roofing is a reliable name in the industry when one needs to make a call to professionals related to chimney repairs and maintenance. We have a 30 years experience in the industry and hence we will facilitate you in every possible manner. Visit our website and read in detail how we are offering chimney related services to our customers. You will not regret working with us.

Chimney Repairs

How You Should Know If Your Chimney Needs Professional Help

Being a homeowner, you would be very well aware of the fact that routine maintenance actually never ends. It does not matter if it is interior or exterior of your house, it needs to kept on regular basis to be in good working order and this activity includes chimneys. If we look at the problems with the chimneys then they usually range from minor issues to major repairs. Therefore, if you are not sure that what is wrong with your chimney, it is highly recommended to take professional facilitation. They will be better people to decide about what actually is needed for your chimney inside out.

At times chimney develop some kind of leakage that needs to be well taken care of. But it does not mean that you face some major chimney repair here. Issue actually is where the chimney meets the roofing named a flashing. The first layer is made up of the L shaped sheet metal that moves towards upper side of the chimney. Second layer is embedded in to the mortar joints and folded down to cover the first layer. One part remains vulnerable because the metal bends and this should be filled with water resistant caulk. This caulk does not and actually cannot last forever. Therefore it needs to be inspected on regular basis. If you see issues there, call a professional Halifax roofer to do the repair work for you.

Carbon monoxide detector is a must for every home. In other words, every home should have a carbon monoxide detector. The dangerous thing with carbon monoxide is the fact that you do not come to know if there is any issue until it is too late therefore have a carbon monoxide detector at your home. If you see that your detector goes off that means carbon monoxide is leaking in there via fireplace. Don’t waste any more time and call a Halifax roofer to help you in this regards.

If you see that pieces of your chimney are falling part, then again call for the professional facilitation. At times people think that if they are looking after the cleanliness of the home and if they are spending enough on the regular maintenance of the home, and it is enough then trust me, it actually is not. Because most of the times, we ignore the chimneys and this is the point where we go completely wrong. One should be very vigilant about the chimney repairs and must not take things lightly.  You can spice up your home with the help of ceiling designs but what remains the point when your chimney is not working properly and ruining beauty and safety of your house.

Eagle Roofing is one of the reliable names that are serving to facilitate people if and when they have issues related to chimney repairs, gutter repairs and replacements, roofing, re-roofing etc and so on. Contact us and we will ensure you don’t regret working with us in any manner.

Chimney Repairs

Be Aware of the Common Chimney Repairs

Chimney is an important part of any home structure that keeps the home warm in extreme cold weather. In most of the cases, gas and wood build fire in chimney. For proper and smooth working of the chimney, proper cleaning is mandatory. Annual inspection facilitates to achieve this aim. Fireplace professionals and masons are the people who carry out some of the common chimney repairs occasionally conserving the functionality of the chimneys and enable it to perform the major functions like:
[cs_list cs_list_type=”icon” cs_border=”no”][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Removal of harmful byproducts that are produced during the fuel brining [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Removal of excessive heat from combustible items that are there near the fire [/list_item] [/cs_list]
[cs_heading column_size=”1/1″ heading_title=”Common chimney repairs” heading_style=”2″ heading_align=”left” heading_divider=”off” heading_font_style=”normal”] [/cs_heading]

It is never easy to find out damages or problems that are associated with chimneys. It is due to this fact that that people take facilitation from the professionals to detect the issues and then appropriate chimney repairs. Underlined are some of the significant components of the chimney that can be well repaired any time in order to restore the functionality of the chimneys:

Chimney caps: Chimney should always have a suitable cap. Installation of wrong cap over the chimney can lead to disastrous fire. Cap restricts water, debris and animals to get in to the chimney causing the blockage of the unit.

Repainting and rebuilding of the firebox: It is made up of the bricks in order to build fire. In order to avoid accidents, loose bricks need to be repaired.

Flue repair: Flue is an internal part that works to blowout the smoke along with other toxic gases that are produced in fireplace. It may get blocked and cracked creosote and debris. It needs to be removed on regular basis to avoid fire accidents.

Damper repair: It keeps the flue close when the fireplace is not used by the owners. It restricts the heat flow out of the chimney. In case of any defect, it must be repaired.

Chimney relining: Chimney is usually made up of concrete. Cracks are the major issue for the chimneys and hence it should be repaired before making use of the fireplace. Various options are there to take care of this issue. It mainly depends on the unit’s condition.

Liner gap repair: Improper construction, normal wear and tear, and earthquakes can cause gaps between the flue tiles. These gaps cause improper functioning of chimneys leading to combustion product accumulation. Gaps initially can be repaired by relining and rebuilding the whole unit.

Storm collar: it is a small piece of metal protecting the chase cover. Improper installation allows the water to enter the chase traveling down along the unit length out.

Other than these preventive maintenance issues, one may contact professionals. Eagle Roofing offers professional assistance and repairing services to get your chimney repaired on regular and periodic basis. We are family run business and always there to facilitate our valued customers in every manner. Read our updated blogs to learn more about the chimneys.

Chimney Repairs

Significance of Chimney Repairs

It is an admitted fact that fireplace is one of the most functional and beautiful place of any home but at the same time it is potentially dangerous. In case it has not been properly cleaned or maintained then it can be hazardous. It is due to this fact that one should hire the professional services in this regards. You should make these professionals to visit your home on regular manner.

Chimney hazards:

Keeping your fireplace clean and good in shape is one thing while chimney repair is yet another matter.  It is almost really difficult to know if the chimney has some kind of structural damage or any other physical blockages in its shaft, in absence of the appropriate tools.

One of the issues with traditional chimneys is the production of creosote. This is a substance that is produced wood and coal burning in the fireplaces and it is highly inflammable. It is usually dark black or brown in appearance and seems to be flaky, dry, tar like, shiny or sticky. Its production in the chimney leads to dangerous consequences. The way to detect it is that the fires are low, and chimney produces the rumbling sound. They are dangerous enough for the neighbors as well.

Not only traditional, but even the modern gas chimneys that do not make use of the coal or wood as fuel have their own set of problems. Corrosion, rust, and other forms of natural deterioration also pose risks like leakage of carbon monoxide. Chimneys that are made up of bricks or stones need rebuilding or reinforcement. They are prone to crumbling during earthquakes.

How to prevent chimney problems?

The best way to prevent chimney fries and related complications is to keep the chimney clean and repair the structural problems as soon as they start developing. It is highly suggested to hire the professional chimney repair services in your area to take care of these tasks. Tough you can perform minor repairs yourself but it is always usually better to make a call to the professionals to ensure that your chimney is in perfect condition and shape.

Chimney services that offer chimney related services offer inspection along with the chimney repairs.  Such inspections come in three levels:

  • Standard annual inspections
  • In-depth inspections of the chimney and rooms that are closed to it.

Thorough examination after the earlier levels reveals the structural changes and physical obstructions

  • Level three inspections determines the repair type for your chimney

Eagle Roofing is a reliable and professional company facilitating people since 30 years. Apart from chimney repairs, we offer several other services like gutter repair, lead work, flat roof repair and so on. We are just a call away from you and we will facilitate you in best possible manner.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance

If we look at the facts related to fireplaces fires, chimney maintenance is of great significance. Statistics show that every year, there are a high number of fireplaces fire and all because of the poor maintenance of chimneys. Large number of people makes use of the newspaper to start the fire in their fireplace. Have you ever thought of that this kind of kindling can lead to a disaster, causing black smoke along with the carbon monoxide entering your home, all due to improper maintenance?

No doubt your fireplace is the perfect place when it is about family get together making the surroundings cozy and warm with the weather beginning to be cold. You can make your life as well as lives of your family members easy by following the underlined tips:


  • Birds and other related living beings prefer to live in the warm areas of the houses. Therefore when it gets cold, chimney is the best place to live in. To prevent this from happening, it is suggested to you to install a chimney cap to prevent animals, birds and debris from getting in to the chimney. Check with a local chimney expert company to install a cap for you.
  • Whenever you light fire, make sure that the damper is properly opened and drafting and venting is proper in every manner.
    Reduce the influx of cold air in to your home and lower your energy related costs. In case your damper does not get closed properly, then again you should consult chimney professionals to clean or repair it for you. They might also recommend you to install a damper at the top of your fireplace that could be opened and closed from inside your home.
  • It is always suggested to hire the services of a professional company offering chimney inspection and repair services. They will evaluate as well as clean your fireplace and chimney on annual basis or whenever you will call them. It is very simple to be done. It is always better to be safe rather than to be sorry after a disaster hits your family.

Looking at the above mentioned safety points, one thing can be observed that for the fireplace and chimney maintenance, hiring the professional services is a must in every manner. Moreover maintenance is the key to prevent serious accidents in the homes. Foremost safety point is to deal with the maintenance issues and rest of the things will be vigilantly dealt on their own,

Eagle Roofing is a reliable name when it is about chimney repair services. In addition to these services, we offer services related to gutter repairs and maintenance, flat roofs, reroofs, Velux windows, and lead work specialists. We are serving in the industry since last 30 years and we make sure that we add to the list of our delighted customers with every passing day. Visit our site i.e. and see what we do, whom do we serve, where do we serve and a lot more.

Chimney Repairs

Common Issues of Chimneys and Ways to Fix Them

Chimneys are designed in ways that they draw smoke and gases away from house that have been produced by the fire up. It is important to get rid of these gases as they are extremely dangerous. One of these gases is carbon monoxide which can even kill the people in case inhaled in excess, is also produced during the fire up. Other important function of the chimney is to hold the excess of heat from the fire until and unless it is vented to outside. Most of the things in the house are combustible. If the chimney is not capable of getting the hot air out without leaks, then it may easily cause fire in the home. It is due to these fact that chimney repair is needed to be done correctly to ensure the safety of friends and family members. Underlined are some of the tips that ensure the proper working of fireplace and avoiding repair issues.

Creosote Buildup: Whenever wood or just any other solid is set on fire. Oil is produced that is named as Creosote. Over the time it builds up on the inner side of the chimney. In case it is not properly maintained, it will pile up and igniting up the chimney will cause fire in it.

Blockage: Blockage in the flue of the chimney is another issue that needs to be well addressed. This can happen because of the material dislodging in the chimney or even by the nests of animals. These kinds of blockages affect the efficiency of the chimney in getting the gases, smoke, and heat out of your house.

Brickwork issues: In case the flue starts to erode or leak, the brickwork around the exterior requires extensive repair work. In case it is not properly responded, it may weaken the overall structure of the house.

Chimney crown and cap: Roof of the chimney is usually made up of a crown or a cap surrounding the flue. It keeps the debris and water away from entering the chimney. Moreover if there are cracked pieces then again it affects the working of chimney.

In order to ensure the safety of your home, you must have carbon dioxide detectors in your home. These should be there on each floor or at least where your family sleeps. Also do not forget to check them on regular basis to see if they are working properly to keep an eye on even the low levels of carbon dioxide.

In case you come across any of these issues just mentioned above, you must contact professional roofing companies Huddersfield.

Eagle roofing is one such contractor that will facilitate you in getting your chimney repairs in professional manner. They offer chimney repairs services. In case you are building a new house and want to build chimney then make sure you have met the clearance requirements. Read the height and clearance requirements for chimneys to avoid inconvenience in long run.

Chimney Repairs

How to avoid chimney repair by cleaning regularly?

Chimney repair is very costly. If you don’t believe us then just look at your chimney, its size and shape and then decide the actual labor that will go into repairing it. Chimneys are a complex structure in any house. Its maintenance is much easier than going for any kind of chimney repair.

Did you know that Creosote (residue of combustion that gathers on the internal layers of flue liner) is extremely flammable? If it gathers for too long, it can catch fire and crack the fireproof clay flue liners, stone, or brick and eventually other combustible items in your house. A congested chimney is a reason of fire in many homes across the world.

So the solution is to focus on the chimney cleaning. Getting your chimney cleaned before or after winters is ideal as it gives you enough time to go for any chimney repair if required.

Chimney Cleaning is Better than Chimney Repair

Yes, it is true that chimney cleaning is better than chimney repair. However, you should ensure a thorough cleaning in order to avoid any negligence which may cause trouble in future.

We have prepared a list of areas you should insist your roofers to check. Here we go;


Check the firebox as there is a chance of any damaged brick, missing mortar or crumbling mortar.


Check the damper, it should open freely and cover the smoke shelf properly. Also, you should see the damper for any cracks or rusted areas. It is very important to get the broken or corroded damper replaced by a professional roofer as soon as possible.


The chimney should have a proper air flow. In case any debris is blocking the path, it should be cleared by an experienced roofer.

Bricks and Flue Liners:

The bricks and flue liners should be damage free. Any crack in the flue liner is an indicator of a previous fire and it should be repaired immediately to avoid further inconvenience.


We have already discussed this. The creosote deposit shouldn’t be accumulated for long. Anything more than 1/8 inch is absolutely unacceptable; don’t let it gather for too long.

After checking all the above parts of your chimney, if the roofer gives you thumbs up then it is a good signal and means no more expenditure on chimney repair. However, if your roofer suggests any kind of chimney repair by showing you images or any other proof, don’t jump to the suggestion too quickly.

There are a lot of scammers out there who might show you a fake photo to get a nod of approval from you. So be alert and proceed carefully. If in doubt, get the second opinion about chimney repair from Eagle Roofing as care is better than cure.