Flat Roof Re Roof Roofing Tips

Tips from Roofers in Holmfirth On Roof Maintenance

Even though the foundation of a home is important, it’s the roof that is really the staple of the entire house.  Without it, a house simply wouldn’t be a house!   Not only would you be unprotected from obvious things like the weather, but you would have little to no privacy, lots of birds and bugs in your home, and you simply wouldn’t have a respite from the sun!

Still, when it comes to home there are many homeowners out there that think that a roof doesn’t need to be maintained.

While it’s true that a roof is built, designed and made from quality materials that will last for years to come, according to Roofers in Holmfirth, there are things you can do to maintain the roof.

When you maintain a roof you are ensuring that preventative measures are taken so that it can last for even longer without complications!

Roofers in Holmfirth

While a roof is important, it’s also not cheap to get a new rood.  You might spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the line to get it fixed or replaced, so if you can prolong that by a few years by simply taking care of it, it’ll be worth it!

Here are a few tips from Roofers in Holmfirth on how you can take care of your roof.

Keeping It Clean of Debris

If you have things like gutters or drains, these should be cleaned regularly.  When you don’t clean your gutters or drains and things lime leaves get stuck up on the roof, or in the gutters, you’re essentially blocking the water passage from rain and snow, and the water will get trapped on the roof.  This can cause many different problems that will cost you money.

Do A General Inspection

Every few months you yourself or someone you can hire should be doing a general inspection of the roof.  If you can’t get on the roof, are scared to get on the roof, or just would rather a professional do it, you can hire Roofers in Holmfirth to do the inspection for you.  Things to look for:

– Cracks in the shingles
– Missing shingles
– Holes in the roof
– Water stains in the attic on the ceiling

Roofers in Holmfirth

If you notice any of these issues, its time to call Roofers in Holmfirth in order to either patch the issue up for you or fix it properly.  If you choose not to repair these issues, either on your own or by hiring someone, you will quickly learn why this is a huge mistake.

Shingles on a roof aren’t there just for aesthetic reasons!  Shingles on a roof are there to also protect the materials underneath the shingles from things like rain, snow, sleet, hail – even the sun.  Without shingles on a sloped roof, you are unprotected from all of the things mother nature can bring in.

Cut Branches and Trees Back

If you have a property where trees loom over the home, make sure you get out there every few months and trim the tree branches or the tree itself back.  Believe it or not but trees can cause major damage to your roof.

Take bad weather for example; if a tree or even a heavy wet branch falls on your roof, it can cause cracks or holes in the roof which can cost you a lot of money to repair the roof.

Keep Mold and Fungus Away

Another important part of maintaining your roof is to pay attention to the color of it.  Yes, the color!  When you have a roof there are certain parts that will become more troublesome than others.


The northern part, for example, might get the most shade, but if you add on humidity, your roof will eventually become “streaked” and turn a different color.

This color is from mold, algae or even fungus.  If you ignore this, not only does it end up looking bad, but it can also deteriorate the roof, eat through shingles and cost you a lot of money!

If you already have mold or fungus, it’s a good idea to either call one of the Roofers in Holmfirth to get rid of the mold or purchase a mold removal product specifically for roofs.  If you want to prevent mold, algae or fungus, you should start thinking about Zinc Strips.

These strips are engineered and designed to protect your roof from moss, mildew, algae, and mold.  Try to find a brand that is EPA Approved and adds on long-term coverage for 20+ years.

Maintaining a roof is pretty important and if you do it and do it properly you will escape from some pretty expensive roofing repairs for years to come.

If you’re in need of maintenance or repairs for your roof, contact Eagle Roofing today for more information.

Flat Roof Re Roof Roofing Tips

How thaw cycle affects commercial roof? – Eagle Roofing

How thaw cycle affects commercial roof?

Let us begin with a thermal shock.

What is a thermal shock?

Roofing manufacturers and experts claim that thermal shock is one of the leading causes of premature failure of the roof. These shocks happen when heat gradient causes different parts of the same object to expand with different amounts. This expansion can be well understood in terms of strain or stress, in the same manner. At some point in time, these stress moments can exceed the metal strength and cause a split or crack to be formed. If these cracks are not well taken care of, these end up causing the object to fail to work.

We all know that everything expands or contracts when it heats and cools down respectively. Each and every part of the roof or overall building has its own rates of expansion and contraction. These parts include steel, wood, concrete, and asphalt etc.

Eagle Roofing

It is worth stating here that not all of the components expand or contract during the hot and cold, day and night or winter and summer cycles. They also have the potential to have enhanced contraction or expansion when two or more than two components get joined in a single system.

For instance, take the example of a common roof system that has aluminum roof edges and steel deck along with an asphalt roof membrane. These will have different expansion and contraction rates and at the same time, different materials tend to stay together. In other words, it is three components that are expanding and contracting yet at different and varying degrees.

What options are for a building owner?

Most of the manufacturers are offering maintenance plans as soon as the new roof is completed. It is usually planned that following a proper maintenance plan, it is expected that roof will stay working for 5 to 10 years at least. It is usually understood that roofs depreciate over a period of 39 years while the average new roof is expected to have a life of a couple of decades i.e. 20 years. Hence it is a vigilant step to take care of the roof via well-planned maintenance programs. Following such a plan, the life of a roof can be enhanced up to 25 or 30 years. It is indeed an excellent investment when the capital expenditures are minimal.

Roof maintenance plan:

A typical maintenance plan mostly average less than $1, 5000 annually and the emergency repairing costs of the roof is almost 5 times more on average. Winter season is an issue itself. The materials accessible or used for the repairs become limited because of limitation related to the application temperature of most of these materials. Most of the sealant, adhesives, and coatings are not applicable below 40 degrees. This enhances the issues related to emergency repairs during winter season along with the maintenance issue that could have been taken care of during the summer season.

Re roofing

Whatever is the situation, you need to ensure that you are hiring a reliable professional roofer. Being a resident of UK you must be aware of the fact that there is a number of professional roofing companies serving the needs of the people. Once again you need to see and ensure that you are in safe hands.

One such renowned name in UK roofing industry is Eagle Roofing. We are in business for more than the last 30 years. We are a family owned business and hence well aware of needs of commercial as well as residential properties. See us and allow us to serve you and your roofing requirements. You will not regret working with us.

Flat Roof Re Roof Roofing Tips

Why preventive measures are significant for commercial roofs?

Business owners are always careful about their investment. What hurts them more than anything is the stream of water pouring into the building from the roof. Just imagine, it has happened to your commercial building, calculate the replacement cost, lost money as well as the wasted time that you will have to bear when you will shut down your commercial business for the roof replacement or roof repair process. Also, don’t forget to think about the amount of aspirin you will have to get for you in order to comfort your headache to get the mess clean for the building.

No doubt, this is no one’s fault and hence leaves everyone in despaired feelings. However, it may not be as bad as you actually think of. There are commercial roofing contractors that have a team of experienced professionals and latest tools to fix the issues with the roofs in emergency situations.

It is usually said that precaution is better than prevention. Same is true for the roofing issues. It is better to adopt preventive maintenance measures. It is better to invest in such maintenance plans and enjoy peace of mind. Also, you will prevent yourself from all the aforementioned loss.

Commercial Roofing

No doubt, commercial roofing is more strong and durable as compared to the residential roofs, but it is equally significant for them to be kept in good condition throughout the life of the roof. It is indeed the best and most effective way to invest in preventive maintenance. Let us talk about what experts have to say about the preventive maintenance procedures of the commercial roof.

What do these preventive measures do for your commercial roof?

Underlined are some of the features that are offered when one makes use of the preventive maintenance of the commercial roofs.

Prevents small issues from getting worse:

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of care. These measures not only keep the roof in good condition but also enable you to address the roofing issues that might become a real issue in near future. For instance, leakage rapidly grows in less than a couple of weeks turning it from something harmless into something putting the inventory as well as equipment at risk. Preventive measures cost lesser than repairing the damage.

Enhances lifespan:

Most of the commercial roofing systems have an average span of 25 to 30 years, like single ply membranes. With these preventive measures, the lifespan of a roof is enhanced and increase the time between the roof replacements.

Commercial Roofing

Low maintenance roofing:

Last but not least, investing in the roof maintenance plans makes the roof maintenance easier. It is because you are addressing issues even before they began. In this way, you will be reducing the frequency of costly roof repairs. This is particularly important for flat roofs and even a small issue on the surface of the roof and drainage system can be really expensive when they are not addressed immediately.

After all this discussion, it needs to be kept in mind that all this can be really useful when it is done via reliable, professional and experienced roofing contractors. Being a resident of UK, you must be aware of the well-known name like Eagle Roofing. We are serving the roofing industry from last 30 years. We are a family owned business and hence we are aware of the commercial as well as residential roofing requirements.



Flat Roof

How Can You Detect Leakage In Flat Roofing?

Our houses are one of the greatest assets for us in every manner. It is indeed one of the huge investments that we made. At the same time, it is the place where we relax and calm ourselves down after day long routines. It is property that we call is ours. Any issue even if it is a minor one, causes a lot of mental distraction for us. However, living in today’s technological lives, we tend to ignore these issues which ultimately lead them to bigger issues.

One of the most common issues related to our houses is the roof leakage.  We need to detect it before there is something really big that needs to be treated. Let us talk about how one can detect the roof leakage easily.

The source:

In first place, you need to assess the area of leakage. You need to check for roof leakage only when the surface is dry and cool. If you have a flat roof and that is wet, then you will have a tough time to access the leakage. Most of the times, flashings are the places susceptible for the leakage. Check and see if the pieces are in their appropriate places or the joints are loose. This is the best way of accessing the water damage caused to flat roofs.

Low lying areas:

At times, the flashing may appear perfect in condition without having gaps or cracks in the place. If there have not been any flat roof leakage then you should have a check on the lower roof areas. These are the parts of the roof that tend to have a lot of water accumulation developing corrosion and cracks in the roof in an easy manner. Check for all the low lying areas of the flat roof to see the cracks, holes, and splits. This can be a main cause of water leakage and hence you need to inspect these areas in a meticulous manner.

Roof seams:

Seam area is yet another area where you can find the flat roof having several cracks. Wherever you find joints between the parts of the flat roofs you will find leakage in those spots. Hence it makes these areas to be more susceptible automatically to the water seepage and leakages. With the flat roof getting older, there will be more water seepage in the roof seas causing serious damage. Even if and when the seams are sealed; there are leakages in them. Therefore, it is always suggested to inspect the roof seams in a comprehensive manner for the roof leakage.

Using a hose:

If you have inspected all the aforementioned parts of your roof; and you did not find any kind of leakage then there is another way that can be used. Take a hose and water and begin with one section at a time. Make sure that you let the water from the hose to wash the section of the flat roof without any interruption for 15 minutes or more. You will access the spot when you will find water flow towards the roof leakage.

Eagle Roofing is a family owned business in UK serving the industry for more than 30 years. We are a team of roofing experts who excel in offering perfect solutions for roofing, re-roofing, flat roofs, and so much more. In addition to the roofing services, we also offer related services like chimney repair, gutter repair and replacement etc. You will find us to be among the top most roofing companies Huddersfield at our best.

Flat Roof

Enjoy The Benefit Of Having Flat Roof For The Commercial Properties

While building a new office, focus of the business owners is usually the internal of the commercial building. They do not tend to think about external of the building and this includes the roof. Most commonly there are a couple of options for people i.e. slant or flat one. People are usually not aware of what these options are and what these all are about. Professional contractors as well as roofing companies guide the people to make use of the flat roof for the commercial building. It adds to the value of the building and at the same time, reduces the expenses overall.

Benefits of the flat roof:

There are several benefits of installing a flat roof, let us have a look at them one after the other;

  • The top most is the accessibility that is offered by it as compared to the other roofing options. Flat roofs are accessible comparatively as compared to other types of roofing as they do not have a large slope.
  • There are minimum chances that one would slip as compared to the slanted roof options.
  • Some of the professionals select the flat roofs because it enables the employee to enjoy the break on roof when the weather is pleasant.
  • Very small number of people is aware of the fact that even the flat roofs are not 100% flat. They possess a small rather unnoticeable slop. It facilitates in water drainage that gets accumulated during the rain. It makes sure that the roof does not leak and hence water does not begin to leak within the building.        
  • The flat roof saves the space in the commercial building. When there are slopped roofs, a lot of space is lost because of the wooden beams to hold the roof. It saves huge space in the building.
  • These flat roofs are really easy to be built. Flat roofs offer lesser surface area as compared to the slanting roof. When the surface area is lesser then lesser raw material is needed while roof construction. This leads to lowered payment for the raw materials.
  • Flat roofs are lesser demanding for the maintenance. Business professionals may have annual inspections for their flat roofs. This facilitates in immediate fixing of the problems as well as longevity of the roof. However, when it is about residential roof; inspection should be done on regular basis.

So if you are looking for flat roof for your commercial building; then you can always rely on us i.e. Eagle Roofing. We are one of the best Huddersfield roofers that can be looked upon when it is about getting flat roofs installed. We are a family owned business serving the industry since more than 30 years. We offer our services in several areas of UK including Huddersfield, Halifax, Dewsbury, Mirfield, Holmfirth, and Marsden. In addition to flat roofs, we offer services related re-roofing, chimney repairs, and gutter repairs etc.

Flat Roof

What Are Expectations Of A Commercial Roof Leak Repair Service Provider?

Usually there are two most common types of commercial roofing. One is the flat roof and the other one is the pitched roof. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages for their construction as well as leak repair services. Let’s have a look at both of these one after the other.

Flat Roofs:

Flat roofs are the most popular roofs because of their ability to take care of the larger mechanics just like air conditioners to the level surface. Another feature is its inexpensive design. However, it is also worth stating here that flat design of the roofs suffers when it rains and snow. These conditions lead to most of the repair related to weather leakage. But then patching a leak is a straightforward activity.

Expectations of professional leak repair:

Locating the leak:

First step that is expected of professionals is to locate the leakage in the roof. It appears to be simple but in fact it is not. To be more specific if your roof has BUR flat roof i.e. Built Up Roofs that have gravel and tar style then it is going to be one of the biggest challenges. Such roofs are notoriously difficult to locate the leaks. On the other hand if you have single ply roofs i.e. rubber membrane roods then it is easier to find the leaks in them. Cracks and punctures are also common.

Get rid of the debris:

Once the damaged area is located professionals sweep away the extra debris and then they cut the patch around the leak as evenly as possible. That patch is used as a guide to replace the patch.

The important thing here is to cut the parts enough that it must be built to all the layers of the roof. BUR roofs usually have several layers. It is the core design of these roofs. Benefit of single ply layer is enjoyed. As single layer is cut to e laced over the top of the patched area and then sealed to stop the leakage.

Pitched roofs:

These roofs usually have more than 10 degrees slop to the horizontal surfaces. Though these roofs are lesser used as compared to flat roofs but still they are used particularly in areas where there are heavy snowfall. Leaks on these roofs can be experienced with tiles.

If you are a resident of area with extreme weather conditions hence it will be more difficult for you to take care of the roofs during the bad months. You will have to access an experienced professional in this regards as safety of these professionals in this regards is indeed significant too. An inexperienced one may cause damage to himself too. These professionals usually try to locate the leakage from inside. Once located then they carry out the necessary actions to repair the roof.

Whatever the case may be and whichever the type of roof you have, need is to ensure that professional services are hired to get the roof repaired properly. You just cannot rely on just anyone in this regards. Being a resident of Halifax, you can find the professionals roofers in Halifax.

Eagle Roofing in this regards is a reliable name. We are a family owned business and serving the industry for more than 30 years. We offer multiple services like flat roofs, re-roofs, gutter repairs and replacements, chimney repairs, lead work specialists, and so much more. We serve in different areas for instance Halifax, Huddersfield, Dewsburry, and Marsden etc. You can have a look at our work history to have peace of mind while hiring our services.

Flat Roof

Flat Roofs For Residential Buildings

When we talk about the oldest roofing styles, then no doubt these flat roofs will top the rank. They are one of the most common around the globe and to be particular in the areas where there is little rain. In other words it would be very right to say that these roofs are gaining popularity once again in the modern architecture as well.

Basic Description:

The name of the roofing is self-explanatory. It is a system that contradicts a little as its style has a little slope to drain the rain water in an effective manner. Places where there is little rain these roofs are built with the help of concrete and masonry. On the other hand, areas where there is heavy rain and snow concrete does not serve the purpose and hence water proof material is used to prevent water pooling.

There is a choice of material available in this regards. Traditional method makes use of gravel and tar. Same is the method that is still preferred for the activity. Maintenance of the flat roofs is easier and installation is cost effective.

Decking constitutes the thick piece of plywood to support the rest of the materials which are placed on that support. Several layers fibrous materials are interwoven and are named as plywood sheets. These sheets serve as reinforcement. Afterwards hot tar is mopped on the each layer which creates a tight water seal. Final layer of gravel is applied to protect tar and prevent its cracking.

Variety of material used in the flat roof is as follows:

  • Asphalt: It is a byproduct of crude oil processing where it is transformed in to petroleum. It should be boiled in order to be applied in an easy and effective manner. When it is done in a proper manner, the finished product is the durable roofing systems that is long lasting and offers tight water seal. Asphalt is prone to become drier and more brittle when it is exposed to sun contently; therefore fine gravel is applied for the protection of the roof.
  • EPDM: EPDM is an abbreviation for Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a type of water proof membrane. It is a synthetic rubber. Installation of EPDM is really easy. All you need to do is to unroll the rubber, align the edges and stick the adhesive that is already applied.
  • Bitumen: Bitumen is an asphalt based product. It is modified in order to enhance its characteristics. Modifiers like APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) are added in to it in order to enhance its flexibility. These are accessible in precut sheets for easy handling and easy installation.
  • PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride is yet another type of membrane that is extracted from crude oil. It is known for being fire proof and strong material. It comes in manageable rolls that allow easy cutting and handling.

You can hire the roofing contractors in Huddersfield to get flat roof installed at your home.

In the end, it is worth stating that flat roofs are easily installed and pretty much cost effective. However these need to be well looked after and must not be neglected to get maximum out of them. For maintenance of flat roofs, you can always look up to Eagle Roofing.

Eagle Roofing is a family owned business serving the roofing industry for more than 30 years. They serve people in different areas and hence being resident of Huddersfield, you can turn to Eagle Roofing Huddersfield services within few clicks of mouse.

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Find The Best Flat Roof Repair Advice

Flat roof is one of the common roof that usually used by people for their home. This one is usually used because the roof will give more advantages for people. However, if it is broke, people also should repair it as fast as possible. In this way, people need a flat roof repair advice to get more advantages when they are repairing their roof. Commonly, repairing this one will be similar to the fixing a puncture on a bicycle tire. The repairing will be more difficult if people do not know how to fix it. Because of that, the advice will be helpful for people to repair it by their own hand in the home.

The basic of flat roof repair advice

If you want to repair your flat roof, you do not worry to fix it by your own hand because there are some tips that can be applied to repair the roof. When you repair the roof, it will need a time to repair the flat roof. The simple flat roof can be done by your own hand easily if you are ready to take the step in repairing the roof. Commonly, nobody will get the step ladder out and risk so that the advice will be helpful to lead the people repair the roof.

However, the simple tips to repair the roof for safety purpose are that you should never use a simple ladder during repairing the flat roof. In this way, people can use the scaffolding or a stable platform due to the height or even on old roof. It will be simpler as repairing the flat roof advice. Besides, you also should ensure that there is no public risk in repairing this one. If you are doubt about your process in repairing, it will be better for you to contact the professional to help you in repairing. Actually, the repairing looks simple, but most people will be confused in the process of repairing.

Furthermore, to get easier in repairing, it will be important also for people to know the basic of the flat roof. Mostly, people will think that the flat roof is flat because of the name. However, this one is not flat because it is slanted to a gradient of at least 1 in 80. The roof will allow for water to run offend it also will prevent the water from pooling in the areas that may sag over the time. Besides, it also can get further damage from exposure to harsh seasonal elements. Moreover, the choice of flat roof also should be high quality. It will use marine of WBF plywood to keep the roof stand longer in your house.

When the flat roof need to repair?

The early sign when your flat roof must be repaired is also important. It will help you to do the best action in repairing. Gaining this purpose, you can look at the ceiling and dark brown patches pf moisture as your early sign for repairing the flat roof. In this stage, you need to get the leak fixed. Besides, you also can investigate to check whether it has small to fix or something bigger to repair. However, in this stage, most people are doubt. Because of that, if you are doubt about this one, you can contact the local professional roofer to check your flat roof.

However, if you think that the roof is old and in an exposed area need to fix, it will be better for you to repair the flat roof. In this step, you can look for the concentric circle stains from dried up water. It will be helpful for you to repair. Besides, other advice for this repairing is that you can place a board across the flat roof to walk on and spread the weight. Moreover, in this way, you also do not need to place the board close to the edge. Place the markers in the area that you want to take like in your blind-spot.

Furthermore, you also will find other flat roof repair advice that will be helpful for you in repairing process. The next step in repairing, you should look at the condition of the roof which has deteriorated in repair. In this way, you may need a time to call the professionals in order to survey or replace the whole roof. Moreover, you do not need to call them if you look at the major tears and ripples or split. You can take a photograph to show to a professional roofer if it is necessary. The small or big problem commonly will lead to get headaches and financial woes for you in repairing.

The best technique to check the flat roof before

Before repairing the flat roof, it will be important for people to check their flat roof condition. This detection will be helpful because facilitate people in repairing. The first step that should be known is that people should measure from the outside wall of the room. You should check along the ceiling to the damp spot or dripping area. If you find something damage or pounding of water above the marker, it means that you need to do something to your roof. Besides, you also need to look directly upwards of the area that can cause the leak. This one commonly happens on the junction or around obstacles.

Besides, you also can check for loose the tar and materials that may provide the gaps. This one needs to inspection to make the water getting into it. Moreover, people also need to check that there are no missing roof nails on their roof. This one commonly will cause the leak at the roof. Besides, you also need to inspect the guttering around the flat roof for blockages. Furthermore, if you find any laws in the top layer, you may need to repair to prevent the roof getting broken.

However, if you do not find the leak, it will be important for you to start adding the water. This one has purpose to check their ceiling inside. Moreover, you also need to remember in advice of flat roof repair that the water will take least resistant path. Because of that, you do not predict the leak directly above it. This technique to check needs more process and it will need more time to consume. Therefore, if you want to get more accurate, it will be important for you to check the roof with the simple process.

The best Tips in the flat roof repair

To repair the flat roof, it will need more time to know because there are some different ways in repairing. This different way will be depend on the type of your flat roof. In this way, you can apply the asphalt flat roof repair, emergency fix, permanent fix, temporary fix or concrete flat roof repair. For the permanent fix, the asphalt roofs can be repaired with a small patch of roofing. Moreover, the concrete flat roof repair is one of the common damage issues in the repairing.

For the concrete flat roof repair, the advice for flat roof repair usually can be done by clear away of the loose debris. Commonly, this problem will hide in the cracks so that people should be careful when checking this problem. However, if you want to do the permanent fix, you can look at the cracks on the floor. If it has larger and obvious cracks, it will be important for people to do the permanent repairing. Besides, you also can require a smooth surface for the top layer for fully sealing and waterproof the leaking area.

If you use rubber roof repair and want to temporary fix, you can apply the lap sealant. It can fix small tears and holes. However, this one will not work very well if you do not understand the problem. The permanent fix are required if you find the leaks and cracks at the EPDM roof. However, if you think that repairing is difficult to do by your own hand, you can come and visit to www.eagle-roofing.co.uk . In this one, you will find the best professional proofer.

In addition, you also will find the best flat roof repair advice in this eagle proofing to repair your flat roof. Because of that, your problem will be fixed easily. Some advices from professional are also easy to get in this one. The simple way to repair the roof can be applied in your home very well.

Flat Roof

Flat Roofing Vs Standard (Sloped) Roofing

The roof of a home or building is most definitely one of the most practical structures. Without the roof, protecting yourself from the elements would be very hard to achieve no matter the size of the dwelling. Just think about it for a second; four walls with no roof doesn’t serve any purpose and “mother nature” will remind us all how illogical that concept would be. For those who are in the building or the renovation process, figuring out the best style of roofing can be a bit tricky as both have their positives and negatives. Climate, weather situations, and practicality should be taken into consideration long before any work has begun. This article is written to give you, “the home owner,” more insight on the best options that are currently available, which will aide you in making the best possible choice for your situation.

Which Roofing Route To Take?

Honestly, this question can only be answered by you, the homeowner. Though contractors can and will give you sound advice on the pros and cons, the final decision is always yours. One of the most important things to consider would be maintenance especially if you’re a homeowner. Are you physically able to climb up a ladder? Do you have good enough balance for standing/walking on sloped angles? Weather, weather, and more weather. This is probably one of the most asked about topics when it comes to roofing. In general, houses tend to have sloped roofing and businesses generally tend to go the flat route. This is only in general terms as there are many homes with flat roofing structures. If you’re residing in an area where there is a lot of snow fall and ice, flat roofing might not be the better route to take. Snow and ice is extremely heavy and if you’re someone who procrastinates, you’d be risking some serious structure damage.

If you’re someone who’s into architecture then sloped roofs are better. The angles and sharp design of the slopes physically looks more attractive than something that is rather flat. Some home and business owners shy away from flat surfaces because of a lack of information. Rain water is the culprit and many people think that the precipitation will collect an become stagnant. Contemporary flat roofs are implemented with membrane systems. These innovative systems are water tight and are designed to allow rainwater to roll off into the dwelling’s gutter system.

“Other Reasons For Going Flat”

If you’re into being energy efficient, flat roofs allows you takes full advantage of the sun. Sloped surfaces only catch sun rays at certain angles. Installation costs. Sloped surfaces have larger surface areas than flat surfaces and every square foot is accounted for in labor and material costs. Flat vs slope is an age old debate, but the best thing to do is to go with whatever surface fits your needs the best.

Flat Roof

Rubber Roofing: Innovative, Contemporary, & Revolutionary

The home is considered to be one of the most, if not most valuable physical possession. This notion can be debated, but when you really think about it, the home is where people spend the majority of their time, it serves for entertainment purposes, and provides shelter from the elements. One of the most important functions of a house is it’s roof. Without any roofing, we as a people would totally be exposed to the elements.

There are many types of roofing for building structures, but have you ever heard of rubber roofing? This innovative type of roofing has really become very popular as of late and it provides some of the best protection possible. Rubber Roofing or EPDM Rubber Roofing are commonly used for low pitched or flat roofs. In other words, it’s a synthetic membrane that is highly durable as well as weather resistant. This is perfect for any location especially if you reside in the U.K. Weather here can be downright brutal at times throughout the year.

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofing & Why It’s The Best

As stated above, this innovative type of roofing works just as well or if not better than standard roofing. Your home or business can endure the most unpredictable weather or weather systems with ease. It’s two advanced ingredients of ethylene and propylene gives it extraordinary physical properties which includes being light in weight, stretchable, and flexible. Location, location, location…Being such a versatile product; any flat/low roofs can benefit from it whether you’re in Halifax or all the way in Huddersfield. Rain, snow, wind, ice, hail, sleet, or extreme heat; rubber roofing gets the job done right any and every time. Here is why this advanced style of roofing is so popular:

  • Won’t Crack, Rot, or Split Over Time
  • Waterproof & Maintenance-Free
  • Safe & Easy To Install
  • The Materials Life Expectancy Can Give You Up To 50 years
  • UV Stable
  • Environmental Friendly & Is Anti-Algae/Moss Growth
  • Handle The Most Extreme Weather or Climate Conditions

Rubber Roofing is a great investment compared to other roofing styles. Being so simply made/manufactured; individuals with basic construction knowledge can do the job themselves instead of hiring a professional contractor. Either way you go, the cost is low. If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer”, just strip everything off of the roof, apply the necessary adhesive, then roll out the product across the roof. It’s that simple! Rubber Roofing has very few seams running through it, which cuts down on the ability to have frustrating leaks. You won’t need any extra reinforcements thanks to it’s brilliant design, but you can use some extra fasteners for added support. All in all, Rubber Roofing is the future of 21 Century Living.

Flat Roof

Understanding Roof Moisture

All roofs are at risk for developing moisture, which can ultimately lead to roof damage. It is important to understand the types of moisture your roof is at risk for developing and whether the type of moisture requires repairs.

Low-Slope Roofing Systems – Types of Moisture to Watch For

Buildings that fall into the category of industrial buildings and commercial buildings can reduce the cost of roof maintenance by understanding the dangers faced by their flat roofs. A flat roof can face difficulties when it comes to drainage, which can dramatically affect the life of their flat roof. Eagle Roofing Contractors are extremely familiar with the risks faced by flat roofs and are able to provide regular inspections to ensure that your roof is in the best shape to prevent moisture problems.

One of the primary problems flat roofs suffer from are moisture related. This problem typically appears in a few ways. By learning what the problems are, and steps you can take to protect your roof from these problems, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Occupants Can Create Small Amounts of Moisture

Any location is at risk for creating a small amount of occupant contributed moisture. It is extremely common in warehouses, office buildings, and in retail business locations. Warm air created in the environment, usually due to heating, drifts into the air, floating upward. This moisture becomes trapped between the membranes of the roof, and the insulation of the roof. Eagle Roofing can perform flat roof repairs using double layered insulation and staggered joints to prevent moisture from being trapped in this space.

Construction Moisture

Commercial buildings are at risk for developing moisture, even if they are occupied. However, regular maintenance construction can put your building at risk for developing moisture problems. Things like painting, curing concrete, and simply installing drywall all release moisture and puts your building at risk of falling victim to moisture development. This is why it is extremely important to hire highly trained construction professionals who utilize “belt and suspenders” roofing approach and is also familiar with using vapor barriers.

Moisture Created by Occupants in Large Amounts

Certain commercial buildings are at risk for developing large amounts of moisture that between the insulation and roof joists. These buildings are those with flat roofs and benefit from water usage, like laundromats, swimming pools, and papermills. These buildings are at risk of facing serious roof damage if they have a low-slope roof. Eagle roofing contractors can ensure that you have the proper ventilation to prevent condensation build up. They can also ensure that your air handling system is suitable to remove manage the moisture that builds up in your roof and breaks it down.

Large businesses need to take the proper steps, and understand their roofing system, to fight moisture build up and roof damage. Call Eagle Roofing today to learn how to save money, avoid costly repairs, and fight back against the mental frustration associated with flat roofs.

Flat Roof

Common Problems with the Flat Roofs

Have you ever thought that even after decades of experience still we come across doubts, worries and issues related to flat roofs. One must think about three factors when looking at the flat roofs. These include the design, construction and last are the operations. Some of the very common flat roof problems start from poor maintenance or at times when there is complete lack of caring attitude towards the flat roofs. Regular maintenance of the flat roofs needs to be inspected for damage, cleaning, repairing, and checking for the functionality of the insulation as well as waterproofing properties on periodic manner.

Design of the flat roofs:

Flat roofs are deteriorated due to hot and cold weather. Roof surface comes across different temperatures. Also they are exposed ultraviolet radiations and cycles of freezing and thawing. Hence properties and nature of materials from which the flat roof will be made and insulated must ensure proper functionality under extreme weather conditions at least for 15 to 20 years. Most visible signs of improper flat roof maintenance include the roof moisture, leaks, and fungus. Poor insulation allows the heat to escape through the layers of roofs causing leakage and also melting ice and snow. All this process cause the destruction and deterioration of the flashings, downspouts, gutters, and falling that adds to danger of the place in every possible manner.



It does not matter what is the function of this layer of roof, but it is crucial in every manner. The leaks occur due to the errors by the contractors. Their lack of knowledge and technologies cause all the problems.

Thermal insulation:          

Each type of roof should carry calculations related to moisture and temperature. The purpose should be to select the correct thermal insulation thickness but should also be able to eliminate the possibility of the condensation between the roof layers. These calculations consider the space around windows, roof hatchways and skylights etc. Molds usually grow in these spaces and when there is inadequate ventilation, moisture and steam gets in to these layers and cause separation in the layers of ceiling. Roof’s waterproof seal also shows weakness under such circumstances.


Rooftop equipment:

Property owners usually believe that as the roof is flat then its purpose can be changed. HVAC units, ventilation, television antennas and many other roof equipments are connected through the internal installation that is carried out through attic or ceiling. Each of these elements impacts the stability of the roof and its insulation adding to the load to it.

Whenever it is about flat roofs options, one must contact professional roofing contractors. Eagle Roofing is a reliable name if one wants to consult professionals related to ones flat roof. We are there to facilitate you in installing as well as repairing your flat roofs with our 30 years of experience in this field. It does not matter if you are seeking our expertise for your residential building or a commercial one, we deal in both. You will not regret working with us about your flat roofs.