Flat Roof

How to avoid flat roof repair with roofing companies Huddersfield

Technically, a roof is considered flat if it has a pitch of less than 15 degrees. Most roofers have concerns with their endurance. The life span of a flat roof highly depends on the way it has been maintained for years. Also, the core material used to build the flat roof dictates a lot.

Flat roof made out of roofing felts or asphalt is more prone to defects than roofs generated using modern durable material like EPDM.

Flat roofs are open to all sorts of injuries like splitting, ponding, blistering etc. Only regular maintenance can save you from flat roof repair. So call roofing companies Huddersfield twice a year to get your roof checked thoroughly. It is also a great idea to get it examined after rough weather conditions.

Following are few defects of flat roof and how you can avoid them;


There are a number of reasons for flat roof splitting. Stress, pressures, water ponding and simply flawed workmanship can lead to roof splitting. Also, if the reflective paint on top of your roof is not maintained properly or there is too much activity on the roof then the chances of splitting are very high.

Water Ponding

Water ponding is actually stagnant water that refuses to leave your roof. It usually is rain water and due to no slope or sometimes clogged gutter, stays on your roof. The ideal way to deal with water ponding is by installing the automatic pump on the problem area. Also, while installing a flat roof, make sure that it has a recommended degree of slope that can drain the water from the roof easily.


The presence of air trap between the felt layers is known as blistering. When the roof heats up, the little air pockets might burst and if it is large then it creates a space for water to pass through the roof layers.

The blistering effects require a professional treatment that can patch up the waterproof layer on the roof again and restrict further damage.

Flat Roof Maintenance

In order to avoid the above-mentioned problems, it is always a great idea to go for regular flat roof maintenance. The recurring maintenance will cost you a small amount of fee but it will be much less in comparison to the flat roof repair.

Although don’t worry, the maintenance will be much lesser than that of a sloped roof. You must hire a professional and experienced roofer if you want this plan of avoiding flat roof repair to work because amateur roofers can create a mess and then you have to pay double to get the flat roof fixed by authentic roofing companies Huddersfield.


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