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Common Problems with the Flat Roofs

Have you ever thought that even after decades of experience still we come across doubts, worries and issues related to flat roofs. One must think about three factors when looking at the flat roofs. These include the design, construction and last are the operations. Some of the very common flat roof problems start from poor maintenance or at times when there is complete lack of caring attitude towards the flat roofs. Regular maintenance of the flat roofs needs to be inspected for damage, cleaning, repairing, and checking for the functionality of the insulation as well as waterproofing properties on periodic manner.

Design of the flat roofs:

Flat roofs are deteriorated due to hot and cold weather. Roof surface comes across different temperatures. Also they are exposed ultraviolet radiations and cycles of freezing and thawing. Hence properties and nature of materials from which the flat roof will be made and insulated must ensure proper functionality under extreme weather conditions at least for 15 to 20 years. Most visible signs of improper flat roof maintenance include the roof moisture, leaks, and fungus. Poor insulation allows the heat to escape through the layers of roofs causing leakage and also melting ice and snow. All this process cause the destruction and deterioration of the flashings, downspouts, gutters, and falling that adds to danger of the place in every possible manner.



It does not matter what is the function of this layer of roof, but it is crucial in every manner. The leaks occur due to the errors by the contractors. Their lack of knowledge and technologies cause all the problems.

Thermal insulation:          

Each type of roof should carry calculations related to moisture and temperature. The purpose should be to select the correct thermal insulation thickness but should also be able to eliminate the possibility of the condensation between the roof layers. These calculations consider the space around windows, roof hatchways and skylights etc. Molds usually grow in these spaces and when there is inadequate ventilation, moisture and steam gets in to these layers and cause separation in the layers of ceiling. Roof’s waterproof seal also shows weakness under such circumstances.


Rooftop equipment:

Property owners usually believe that as the roof is flat then its purpose can be changed. HVAC units, ventilation, television antennas and many other roof equipments are connected through the internal installation that is carried out through attic or ceiling. Each of these elements impacts the stability of the roof and its insulation adding to the load to it.

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