Gutter Repairs: 5 Common issues with roof gutters

Roof gutters are crucially important especially if you live in a region that receives rain regularly. Anything wrong with the roof gutter and you might have water ponding issue which may lead to roof leakage. So gutter repairs shouldn’t be ignored for too long if you don’t want to land in further roofing issues.

Well, proper and regular gutter checkups can ensure always running and unclogged gutter. However, if you fail to maintain them properly, there is a very high chance your roof gutter may suffer from one or more problems.

What can go wrong with the roof gutters?

Well, each case is different but we have mentioned following common problems with roof gutters;

  • There is nothing wrong with the gutter but the roof isn’t sloped correctly which is causing the accumulation of water on the roof.
  • The gutter is not installed properly by the roofers. You have to pay for hiring amateurs at some point.
  • You have selected a low-quality gutter. The material was of such a quality that it didn’t survive for long.
  • The gutter wasn’t maintained and checked regularly.
  • The gutter is clogged by debris and blocking water from flowing smoothly.

If you are facing problems with gutters then you must contact the professional roofer to inspect and fix the problem. Most roofers will find the root cause of the problem and present you with the plausible options with estimated cost and time.

In case you are sure that there isn’t an actual problem with the gutter and it is just clogged by the debris then you can handle it yourself without any professional help. As for other gutter repairs, you should get in touch with local roofers in your area.

Gutter Repairs: How to unclog a gutter

  • First of all, inspect the situation and make sure that it is a simple case of clogged gutter and not any other complex issue.
  • Once you are sure, use a plumber’s snake to unclog the gutter or clear the debris in a gutter pipe. It should be noted that plumber’s snake is special equipment that’s used to clear the gutter. If you don’t want to buy it, you can use the pipe brush or spiral brush to push the debris out of the pipe.
  • After clearing the pipe of debris, spray the gutter with a hose. The pressure of the water should be high in order to clear the remains of the debris and to check the flow of water.
  • Finally, your gutter is cleaned and ready for any rainstorm. Just develop a habit of cleaning the gutter once in a while to avoid a similar situation in future.

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