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5 Re-Roof Hacks From the Experience of a Halifax Roofing Company

You are considering a quick re roof before the Christmas holidays, but you do not know if your roof truly needs to be renewed? Well, you have stumbled upon the perfect article that will guide you through the most common warnings that can show you whether your roof needs to get re roof or not. Eagle-roofing, a Halifax roofing company, can repair your roof and give it a brand new look just before the winter holidays. All you have to do is a systematic roof inspection before calling us. Let’s walk-through the hacks.

1. Water damage and leaking

The first thing that will immediately catch your eyes is damage caused by water or water leaking. Do not panic, though. Water damage does not mean that you need to go for re-roof to your house. According to one of the latest studies concerning this topic, if the roof was correctly installed, is in good shape and is not more than fifteen to twenty years old, you should not worry, because it can be easily repaired. So, take a flashlight, go to the attic and look around for leaks and water damage.

2. Outside light entering the room through your roof

Well, this is an obvious sign that you need to consider a quick re-roof especially before the Christmas holidays. If there is an outside light entering the room, the roof should be repaired as fast as possible. This is a common warning that can be easily fixed.

3. Cracks and/or broken tiles

If you have a tile roof, you should search for cracked and broken tiles. If the tiles are cracked or broken, you should consider repairing your roof as quick as possible. Tile roofs usually last for more than hundred years, but some individual tiles might be more prone to breaking and thus, they must be replaced. Have one thing in mind – do not attempt to walk on top of the roof or you might break some of the tiles!

4. Cedar Roof

If your roof was made out of cedar, you should know that it might fall or split apart if it was installed in a place with dry climate. If the climate is moist, then it might become mossy. A cedar roof usually needs to be replaced or repaired after twenty years of the initial installment. If you live in a place with dry or moist climate, check your roof for warning signs at least twice per year.

5. Wooden Roofs

Another warning sign that must not be neglected, especially if your roof is made out of wood shingles is damage caused by carpenter ants, termites and similar wood-boring beetles. If you spot any sort of damage that might look like it was made by wood-boring beetles, you should think about repairing your roof as fast as possible.

Experienced Halifax Roofing Company for Re Roof

Your roof might look like it is in a good condition when you are doing a quick exterior check, but you should not be certain about its stability before you do a thorough roof inspection. You must look for some of the most common warning signs that will tell you if you really need to go for re-roof before the holidays. Eagle-roofing having a 30years of experience is one of the most experienced Halifax roofing companies will fix and repair your roof efficiently for the most reasonable price even before Christmas.


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