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DIY Roof Repairing Part 1

The integrity of the roof of your house matters a lot. The materials used to build a roof influence its stability and strength, and determine its longevity as well.
The roof may remain an ignored aspect of your home for a great period of time. However, for some days, anywhere in between a particular season, your roof may catch your attention by displaying issues such as leakage and cracking. This is actually a sign that you have ignored the health of a vital part of your home for long.
Approaching professionals every time your house’s roof creates a trouble is not always possible. Your pocket may at times stop you from asking professional help. Hence, in such cases, go for DIY methods of roof repairing. Such handy tips are easy to employ and can work for considerable amount of time as well.
So go through the following content so as to get some know-how of how you can fix your roof without expending unnecessarily.
DIY methods can also assist you in keeping the weak areas of your roof intact, until you get help from the roofers in Huddersfield.


Leakage is a really common issue in almost home. Not even the most carefully constructed roofs of a mansion or a palace are exempted from this menace. If you want to fix the leaks by yourself, then you first need to perform a thorough inspection in and out. Dribbling water is no big deal to locate. However, in case if you cannot track the line of water flow which is interrupting the structure of your roof, then proceed by removing away shingles from the region of the roof you suspect. This can aid you in tracking down the culprit source correctly.
Penetrations in the roofs form a favorable site for leaks. Check these areas too.
If your house has an attic, go there to check for water stained patches on the floor and the roof.

Fix leaking shiners:

A shiner is a nail which stands out alone in the roof, as it missed the frame which it was supposed to be attached to, when the roof surface was being fixed to the rafters. At times, these lonely protruding nails act as an outflow for water coming from an unknown source. A simple solution here is to bend the end of the nail upwards with the help of pliers, forming a loop. One can easily notice a dribbling nail in the attic roof mostly during summers.

Cover the holes:

Make use of rubber-washered screws to fill in tiny holes of the roof. Such holes are frequently present in a wooden roof, which can act as an outflow for constantly flowing water out from a mysterious source.


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