Re Roof

One Sure Way to Avoid Re Roof

Re roof cost some serious money but you can avoid it for a long time if you follow this one simple tip.  Although the dire need to re roof any building or house does not come not very often. At the same time, re roofing is not unheard of as well.

Many roofers have agreed that if you do just one thing, you can avoid the chances of re roofing for a very long time. The tip is not a rocket science but people still fails to acknowledge its importance when counting or estimating roof life. We are talking about roof maintenance/cleaning here.

How often is roof maintenance required?

Every roof is different so it has different requirements. There is no one-for-all formula when it comes to roof maintenance. Also, there are many other variables that dictate the repetition of cycle like the climate of the area, the age of the house, the type of roof structure and material and so on.

However, most roofers agree that a roof should be cleaned at least a minimum of two times in a year. The roofers suggest cleaning the roof after it’s been through a tough weather or before the start of intense climate. Basically, the change of season defines the maintenance of the roof.

How to clean the roof in order to avoid re roof?

Here again, there is no defined formula to clean the roof but you should take care of following points or checklist.


Part of the maintenance or cleaning is to look for damages. The corners, gutters, chimneys, and the upper membrane are the most sensitive areas of roofs. So you should try to pay attention to these areas on the roof. Also, the regular maintenance allows you to fix damages when they are small and curable. Clearly, lack of maintenance will give enough time to any tiny damage to turn into a massive problem.


The roof is in open so debris will find a home on your roof. Mostly, fallen leaves comprise the major part of the debris. You need to clean the mess and keep your roof clear, as debris combined with rain water or even moisture can impact the outer layer of the roof. It must be noticed that unattended debris on the roof for years can cause permanent damage.

Wash it with water:

We understand you can’t keep the dust and sand away from the roofs for too long but washing it with water can have greater advantages in terms of roof performance. However, you must consult with the relevant municipalities because they might require you take some additional measures in order to avoid the drainage of water on the ground.

If the whole cleaning-and-maintaining-your-roof has overwhelmed you, there are plenty of roofers that offer roof maintenance services at an exceptionally low cost.

Finally, if you are providing the right medicine to your roof, it will survive for a long time and hence no re roofing.


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