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Re Roof or Maintenance: 4 Easy Tips to Elongate the Life of a Roof

Roof maintenance is crucial if you want the roof to complete its expected years. Usually, lack of maintenance ends up being the ultimate reason for the demise of most house roofs but it can be avoided easily if you are up for the job.

There is a common misconception that roofs are hard to maintain. The idea to climb up on a roof is repellent enough for most of the house owners.

However, as we said earlier, roof maintenance is a very easy task and you can easily do it on your own.
If you have decided to take the responsibility, let us tell you the four simple yet significant checklist items for the roof maintenance;

  • Inspecting the roof from ground level

It is important to check your roof, at least, two times a year from ground level. Of course, you can’t get an idea of how your roof is doing without actually looking at it.

One of the ways to do it is by going to the neighbor’s house (top floor) and using binoculars for inspecting the roof closely. If it is a high sloped roof, you need to have good relationships with both the neighbors – left and right.

However, if you have a flat roof then you do not need to take help from outsiders as you can easily climb it up and get a closer look.

However, if you have a flat roof then you do not need to take help from outsiders as you can easily climb it up and get a closer look.

The purpose of looking closely at the surface of the roof is to ensure that there are no cracks or water ponding issues.

  • Cleaning the roofs

Have you notice the dust on the furniture if you don’t attend to it for a couple of days. Imagine the situation of the roof as it is not cleaned in ages.

So you should make a regular visit on the roofs to clean all sorts of debris, sticks, leaves etc. Not only this mess makes your roof look bad but has adverse effects like encouraging the growth of algae and fungus, which in turn can damage shingles.

  • Fix the Cracks

It is important that you fix all the cracks and caulking on the roof before they can do further damage. The chimney area is usually prone to such unnecessary cracks so you should pay more attention to those areas in your inspection.

Now it is up to you to fix the roof cracks yourself or call for professional services.

  • Replace Missing or Broken Tiles

It is very natural on the roofs to lose a tile due to high pressured winds or storms. You should always have extra or spare tiles in store to fix any missing or broken area on the roof.

Here again, the decision depends on you to do it on your own or ask a professional roofing company around you like Roofers in Huddersfield or Halifax roofing companies.

If you just follow these tricks, we are sure your roof will live up to the maximum years.


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