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The storms come and go and you need to see if your roof has been damaged or not. It has been recently observed that hail size has been increased to the size of baseballs. In other words, these hail storms are capable of producing the stones up to 6” diameter. These are fallen from the sky having no regards for the roofs in any manner. The larger the hailstone will be, faster it will fall and will cause more damage to your house or particularly your roof.

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There are several factors that contribute to the damage caused by the hailstones. It includes the direction of the hailstone, its size, and the wind speed. These are some of the pieces of the puzzles though. The age of your roof, the types of your roof are other factors that add to the severity of the hail damage to the roof.

The damage caused to the roof of the house compromises the effective life of your roof. If these damage signs are not visible immediately, they may lead to larger scale issues and hence they need to be identified in a timely manner.

Underlined are few tips that may facilitate you in identifying the roof damage caused by the hailstones.

Internal damage:

Is there any visible damage caused to the interior part of your home. If you come across slow drips of water stains on the inner side of your home, then there is indeed issue and requires immediate attention. A new water stain on the ceiling is one of the definite signs that your roof has been compromised. If it will be left untreated, the problem will be escalated and it causes further damage.

You may even end up replacing the existing roof. It is suggested that you should be vigilant when your roof needs repairs and when it must be replaced completely. So you must hire the services of professional Huddersfield roofers that would give proper advice to you.

Visible dents:

Do you see any visible dents in the roofs? Just because you do not find any damage to the inner part of your home, it does not mean that your roof is not damaged. When there is no visible sign on the inner part of your house, it usually gives a false sense of security. Ignoring these damages, you actually risk damage to your house in the coming months. Even worse is the scenario when you don’t file an insurance claim within the stipulated time.

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Get professional guidance:

Weather services usually record the storm data. If you know the storm knowledge, you can contact the insurance company and they will dispatch the adjuster. The adjusters will be representing your insurance company. His job is to identify the damage caused, access the cost to replace or repair the roof and ensure all the paperwork is done in order to claim the process.

It is suggested to you to hire a professional company that has a team of experienced roofers. It is because your roofing company is the one capable of representing your interests while making a claim.

Get everything in writing:

When your roofing contractor agrees to the repair types, you need to get everything in writing.

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