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Roofers in Huddersfield Present Different Types of Tiles

Understanding the differences between all types of tiles is quite important, especially for people who are interested in the aesthetic internal and external look of their house. Roofers in Huddersfield decided to present all of the different tiles that you can come across and choose from.

First of all, we have to mention the plain tiles, which are tiny rectangular and flat tiles that measure about 265 millimeters x 167 millimeters. An interesting fact concerning the measurements is that they date back from the time when King Edward the 4th was ruling, around 1477. The size doesn’t vary that much, not even today. The plain tiles have one broken bond and easily keep all the water away. Plain tiles usually require a gable tile that can be used on the verges. Apart from that, they require the so-called tiles “eaves”, which are used at the bottom of the tiles. There are a couple of different types of plain tiles from which you can choose from:

1) Slate – thin rectangular sections of quarried metamorphic rock that come in varying sizes and thicknesses.
2) Plain Tiles – small rectangular sections of clay with a smooth or sanded surface finish.
3) Pantiles – a distinctive clay tile with an ‘S’ shaped profile.
4) Roman Tiles – similar to a Pantile, but has a cross section that is flat with a small roll.

Slate roof tiles are a cost effective alternative to natural roofing slates. A strong, lightweight interlocking concrete product. The Plain Tile has the appearance of a traditional clay tile but the strength and economy of a concrete tile. Ideal for historic restorations and projects where subtle aesthetic appearance and cost efficiency are a priority.

Pantiles are different types of tiles which are made out of clay and are flattened to look like they are in “S” shape. The shape of these tiles creates an appearance that looks quite distinctive, and because of their popularity in the past years, they are now considered as one of Britain’s greatest vernacular materials used for roofing.

Another type of tiles that Eagle Roofing regularly work with are the Roman tiles. The specific Roman design is quite interesting and different. These tiles are flat shaped and have a tiny roll which is sliding down on the right side of the Roman tile. Historically, one of the most wanted designs in Britain is the double Roman tile that comes in concrete. The original Roman style evolved similarly to the pantiles, but became a bit different in the end because this style comes from the well-known Imbrex and Tegula tiles. The curved and the flat tile were put together in order to create one single unit. Therefore, the mixture that came out of Tegula and Imbrex has become popular in such a short period of time. One of the tiles that became well-known worldwide was the Bambino tile. Nevertheless, these days, the models which exhibit a more delicate and tinier roll have slowly but surely become the true norm when it comes to Roman tiles. The early versions of this type of tile were quite popular in Belgium back in the 50’s. The name of the tile that was popular in Belgium was Sterreberg, also known as the Flemish tile. This is a unique looking tile which was generally used in the Belgian region back in the days.


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