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Tips from Roofers in Holmfirth On Roof Maintenance

Even though the foundation of a home is important, it’s the roof that is really the staple of the entire house.  Without it, a house simply wouldn’t be a house!   Not only would you be unprotected from obvious things like the weather, but you would have little to no privacy, lots of birds and bugs in your home, and you simply wouldn’t have a respite from the sun!

Still, when it comes to home there are many homeowners out there that think that a roof doesn’t need to be maintained.

While it’s true that a roof is built, designed and made from quality materials that will last for years to come, according to Roofers in Holmfirth, there are things you can do to maintain the roof.

When you maintain a roof you are ensuring that preventative measures are taken so that it can last for even longer without complications!

Roofers in Holmfirth

While a roof is important, it’s also not cheap to get a new rood.  You might spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the line to get it fixed or replaced, so if you can prolong that by a few years by simply taking care of it, it’ll be worth it!

Here are a few tips from Roofers in Holmfirth on how you can take care of your roof.

Keeping It Clean of Debris

If you have things like gutters or drains, these should be cleaned regularly.  When you don’t clean your gutters or drains and things lime leaves get stuck up on the roof, or in the gutters, you’re essentially blocking the water passage from rain and snow, and the water will get trapped on the roof.  This can cause many different problems that will cost you money.

Do A General Inspection

Every few months you yourself or someone you can hire should be doing a general inspection of the roof.  If you can’t get on the roof, are scared to get on the roof, or just would rather a professional do it, you can hire Roofers in Holmfirth to do the inspection for you.  Things to look for:

– Cracks in the shingles
– Missing shingles
– Holes in the roof
– Water stains in the attic on the ceiling

Roofers in Holmfirth

If you notice any of these issues, its time to call Roofers in Holmfirth in order to either patch the issue up for you or fix it properly.  If you choose not to repair these issues, either on your own or by hiring someone, you will quickly learn why this is a huge mistake.

Shingles on a roof aren’t there just for aesthetic reasons!  Shingles on a roof are there to also protect the materials underneath the shingles from things like rain, snow, sleet, hail – even the sun.  Without shingles on a sloped roof, you are unprotected from all of the things mother nature can bring in.

Cut Branches and Trees Back

If you have a property where trees loom over the home, make sure you get out there every few months and trim the tree branches or the tree itself back.  Believe it or not but trees can cause major damage to your roof.

Take bad weather for example; if a tree or even a heavy wet branch falls on your roof, it can cause cracks or holes in the roof which can cost you a lot of money to repair the roof.

Keep Mold and Fungus Away

Another important part of maintaining your roof is to pay attention to the color of it.  Yes, the color!  When you have a roof there are certain parts that will become more troublesome than others.


The northern part, for example, might get the most shade, but if you add on humidity, your roof will eventually become “streaked” and turn a different color.

This color is from mold, algae or even fungus.  If you ignore this, not only does it end up looking bad, but it can also deteriorate the roof, eat through shingles and cost you a lot of money!

If you already have mold or fungus, it’s a good idea to either call one of the Roofers in Holmfirth to get rid of the mold or purchase a mold removal product specifically for roofs.  If you want to prevent mold, algae or fungus, you should start thinking about Zinc Strips.

These strips are engineered and designed to protect your roof from moss, mildew, algae, and mold.  Try to find a brand that is EPA Approved and adds on long-term coverage for 20+ years.

Maintaining a roof is pretty important and if you do it and do it properly you will escape from some pretty expensive roofing repairs for years to come.

If you’re in need of maintenance or repairs for your roof, contact Eagle Roofing today for more information.


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