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Winter Panic Prevention Checklist: Roof leaks, Gen set and equipment?

Winters are not good news for so many people out there who live in an area that receives excessive cold and snow. Such extreme weather calls for the preventive measures before the temperature hits the expected low or even down.

Needless to mention, this post is for people who live in the coldest areas where winters mean double or triple layering of clothes, heaters, furnaces, boilers, snow scraping, power outages and more.

We have created a list of items that you may need if the worst happen in the winters (which usually does).

Check Roof Leaks or consult a roofer

The funny thing about the roof leaks is that they won’t leak unless there is some liquid above it. Well, in winters, your roofs will be covered with snow so it might leak at some point.

You need to check your roof for any probable leaks. If you don’t know how to check a roof for leaks, we will recommend you to ask a professional roofers in Halifax or a roofing company to get it done for you. Also, the roofer will examine the overall condition of the roof, which is a good thing before the winter hits you hard.

Standby Generator with Proper Fuel Supply

This idea may seem like a tad bit too much but believe us the global warming has made the unpredictable weather quite predictable every year. The power outage is a common occurrence in such extreme conditions so you must have a standby generator.

A generator is important as your boiler and furnace work with electricity only. Also, just arranging for a generator is not enough, you should ensure that it has proper fuel and it works at the time of need.
We would recommend you should rent one, a week or two before the extreme winters are scheduled to enter your city or area.

Torches with proper batteries

We know we totally sound like a downer and so sure that a power outage is bound to happen. However, trust us, when we say it is good to be over prepared than leave anything on luck and good fortune.

So you must have a stock of torches with proper batteries as it does not make sense to drain your phones’ battery by using it as a torch, especially when you know you won’t be able to charge it anytime soon.

An alternative can be to accumulate lots of scented candles. They can serve many purposes like a decorative piece, room freshener and of course a source of light.

Checking all your winter-related equipment

There is so many machinery in our house that we use only when it is winters like boiler, heater, furnace, and geyser. Then we have mentioned the generator too.

So you have to make a mental checklist of all the equipment you have and immediately get to the task of getting them check and examined. You have to make sure all your winter tools are functioning properly before the season arrives in order to avoid the panic.


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