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5 Myths About Roof Ventilation

Very few people understand the science of attic ventilation. Generally, ventilation is all about a continuous circulation of air in the attic to minimize moisture levels. According to statistics, approximately 90 percent of UK homes have very high moisture levels. Have a clear understanding of if your roof requires attic ventilation could turn out to be a roof saver if not a life saver. Here are some facts and myths you have to understand before making your decision.

More attic ventilation is good

Just like having the right air ventilation in your house or a good size of your furnace, you will definitely want to have sufficient ventilation in your attic. If you allow a lot of moisture to accumulate, it will result in serious problems when winter comes and increase your energy bills once summer knocks at our weather. Nevertheless, you should not over-ventilate your roof. Having several roof vents increases the risk of leaks. Apart from leakages, the seams that are usually created when vents are built can blow out in the case of a hurricane or when summer comes. This raises the question, how many roof ventilation should you have? To make an informed decision on this, contact professional Halifax roofing companies to give you professional advice on how you should ventilate your roof.

Roof vents are only suitable for warmer climates

Almost everybody believes that the sole purpose of roof ventilation is to better energy efficiency when summer comes. It is true that a well-ventilated roof will do this. However, other factors such as sun exposure and shingle color and insulation will perform better than just ventilation. I am not disputing that installing vents on old roofs can decrease the levels of moisture but I mean that there are other better cost effective ways to do this.

In the meantime, it is very important to control the amount of moisture whether you are living in a warm or cold climate. As a matter of fact, colder climates have more moisture than warmer ones. For you to install a roof that is unvented you will need highly trained professionals from Halifax roofing companies and technologically advanced roofing materials.

Simply because your roof has vent it means you are ventilated

Most people are convinced that since warm air rises, having ventilations on the attic will release warm air during winter which could lead to the creation of a drag on your heating efficiency.  Assuming that this argument was true it would bring more problems to get concerned about other than just letting warm air out of your attic. Poor roofing insulation is usually the problem here. Unless you have a properly insured roof you will not achieve what you think roof vents will do. Inadequate or lack of insulation on the roof will result in the accumulation of moisture in your attic. For more on how to prevent the common roof problems have a look at this.


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