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Advantages Of Dry Verge Systems

If you have an old house that has gable roof then chances are that you have wet verge roofing. The verge simply means the outer ends of the roof that is above the gable end. Gable end is the wall above which the two verges meet. Traditionally, these areas at the edges are fixed with mortar. It is done to prevent the pests like nesting of birds and water ingress. Roofers rendered with mortar for these purposes are called wet verges.

No doubt mortar very well does the job that it has been built for. It prevents the pests from getting in to the roof and hence it will stop water leakage too. The real issue with the mortar is durability. It naturally deteriorates over the time due to depreciation and weathering because of the weather conditions and natural movements within the building structure. It can at times even dislodge the mortar systems. This causes cracks in the mortar causing issues with what it is meant to prevent. Also at times the roofline to be looked unsightly.

Mortar needs to have regular maintenance in order to remain properly functional like repointing. Though it is not a task that can be well taken care of in an hour or on a peaceful Sunday morning however regular maintenance works really well. It usually needs the scaffolding to be erected as it can be really expensive. There is no way that may stop the deterioration of the mortar however guarantees that the maintenance cost will go further down. Good thing is that the mortar is not the only option of preventing the pests and water ingress in roofing. Dry verge systems are gaining popularity like anything. It enables your roof to prevent water ingress and pests from getting in to the roof.

These Dry verge systems make the roofing to use interlocking caps and get fit over the edge of the roof tiles offering effective and durable alternative to the wet verge systems. These caps are usually made of plastic which; itself, has several distinct advantages. The most prominent advantage is the durability of the plastic verge caps that make it last for more than a decade. In case proper maintenance is done nothing goes wrong with them for more than the earlier mentioned time period. It prevents you from worrying about roof leakage and birds sneaking in.

Plastic durability means that your roof will look good for more years. It is a myth that mortar material looks better in older houses and that plastic can be cold and a little impersonal. However, this is not the case. Plastic offers a clean finishing that guarantees to last for longer. With more and more people adopting these dry verge systems your roof line will not appear to be stick out like a sore thumb in any manner.

It is of no doubt that Dry verge systems offer all the protection for the roofline systems in a more effective manner as compared to the wet verges. Selecting these dry verge roofing systems will amuse you with more advantages related to ventilation.

In order to get the maximum benefits out of these Dry verge systems is to get them installed via highly professionals roofers like Eagle Roofing. We are a family owned business serving the roofing industry from more than last 30 years. We offer multiple services like roofing, re-roofing, gutters maintenance and repairs, chimney cleaning and so much more.


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