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How Can Metal Roof Help in Reducing the Man-made Climate Change?

What happens when the sun reaches your roof?

Halifax roofing companies have been not only involved with building, repairing, or replacing roofs in the area but they also focus on bringing the change in the world in whatever ways they can. One such example is the quest to find a way to reduce the man-made change in climate.

Before indulging into the subject, we would like you to think about the roofs in your neighborhood and try to remember their color. Well, it comes as no surprise to us that most roofs are in darker tone in your area.

The relationship between sun and dark colored roof

When sunlight reaches a dark-colored roof, it is absorbed by the surface of the roof, heating it up a lot. Also, it is interesting to note that almost 70 percent energy from the sun reaches the earth, influencing the temperature of people, places, and architecture.

The heated roof then transfers the energy to its surrounding by direct interaction, radiation, and air. So your heated roofs are making the environment heated too. From this point of view, you are responsible for increasing the temperature of your area or city.

The alternative solution by Halifax roofing companies

Halifax roofing companies have come up with a plausible solution i.e. reflective metal roofs. The reflective roofs won’t let the sunlight to penetrate the surface. Thus, the roof will not be heated and consequently, the surroundings will not be affected.

Ultimately, by opting for an environment-friendly roofing system, you are not only saving your house from the heat but your neighborhood, area, city, country, and the earth too.

The science behind it

A research from a leading institute, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, shows that if the temperature is 99-degree on any given day, then the sunlight absorbed by your dark colored roof will heat up the wind by 52 percent and overall atmosphere by 38 percent.

Whereas a light colored roof is not that affected by sunlight and it heats up the wind by 8 percent and wider atmosphere by 10 percent only.

So the dark roofs reflect back only 5 percent of the heat received from the sun whereas the light colored roofs will reflect 80 percent heat back to space.

Taking practical steps with Halifax roofing companies

Since now you are somewhat introduced to the subject, it will be a great idea to discuss it further with your local roofer in Halifax. The best starting point will be to talk to them about the reflective metal roofing or any other alternative option.


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