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When it is about the guttering systems of the house, no one can deny the fact that soffits and fascia are one of the integral parts of the any house. These fascia boards contain the guttering of any building while the soffits are one of the finishing materials that are held there under the fascia. Soffits as well as fascias need to be as much waterproof as possible.  It is to make sure that they do not get damaged by the moisture and the dampness. They are usually easy to be maintained and hence they are easily accessible in a variety of the wood, aluminum, and vinyl finishing’s.

Installation of the fascia and soffits extension is not at all a difficult job as long you are all fine with the height. Most of the times, only one of the couple of the elements will be needed to be changed at one time as different material get deteriorated at different pace and time. Before installing the fascia, make sure that you have all the tools with you.

Always install the fascia after the sheathing of the roof. It needs to be well kept in mind that rafter ends will not always be calibrated in a perfect manner, therefore run a chalk line around the walls of the house. It will correspond to the perimeter of the roof. It needs to be well taken care that chalk lines the tails of the rafter. This will not only facilitate you to the attachment of the fascia but it will also ensure that you avoid any kind of wavy fascia.

Even after doing this, if you will have issues then you can always choose to install the sub fascia to come up with a straight line. These sub fascia are available in the market either 1” to 4” or 1” to 6” wooden boards. When you buy these boards, you need to ensure that they are sealed and well treated. Style of the roof will create huge difference. Fascia can be attached directly to the rafters on a hipped roof. But in this case you will need additional markings on the gabled roof and this is to make sure the good fit in every manner.

Last but not the least, nail the fascia to the roof beam, ensuring and taking care that the joist itself is nailed firmly on to the rafters and is aligned appropriately as well. In order to get extra stability and stability you need to ensure that fascia is nailed twice. If the soffit is in the place already, then all you have to do is to attach the fascia to the joists via single or a couple of nails.

Always choose your fascia according to the roofing material of your house. Depth of these boards needs to be sufficient enough to support the heaviness of the material. Therefore, if you have heavy clay tiles then you will need to have a deeper fascia.  If you will choose a shallow fascia then there are higher chances that it will collapse.

Not everyone can do this; moreover the perfect way of getting fascia installed is to hire the professional services of fascia installers Huddersfield.  All you need to do is to make sure that you hire the services of the professional installers in your area. Being a resident of Huddersfield, Eagle Roofing will serve the best purpose for you. We are family owned business and have been serving the industry since three decades. We have served a large number of customers so their testimonials can be read to get an idea about the kind of services they offer. It is always better to get to know each and every aspect of the installer to avoid inconvenience afterwards.


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