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Common Cause of Roof Problems and How to Prevent Them

Despite the fact that roofs are installed to last for decades if not centuries, there are several issues that if not taken into consideration could destroy your roof severely  consequently bringing forth the need for repairs long before this period. Having said that, allow me to take you through some of the most common factors that could destroy the functionality and the structure of your roof.


As much as trees bring beauty to our compounds, we must take into consideration that that they have the capacity to damage our roofs. Most common causes occur during storms, whereby unmaintained tree branches collapse on roofs. To prevent your roof from being damaged by trees, I strongly recommend trimming any branches that are at least six feet close to the roof of your house. It is also very important to pay attention to the nearness of the trees from your neighbors’ compound. Professional Halifax roofing companies will be of great help to help you identify trees that could transform into potential risks to your roof.


Ever since the conception of mankind, animals have been a great challenge to roofs. Birds that want to nest on roofs or ones that peck roofs in search of nesting materials will eventually end up damaging your roof.  Raccoons will end up tearing apart your vents as they seek entry into the roof. To protect your roof from possible damage from animals ensure that you have closed the entire avenue that could enable the animals from getting access. You should also make sure that tree branches are not so close to your roof to prevent the possibility of the animals getting easy access to your roof.


A gutter is meant to channel away water from the roof. If a gutter is not properly installed or that it is clogged, it could result to water seeping into your roof on the edges. Eventually, these places will rot and tear apart from other parts of the roof. If you suspect that the gutters on your roof are not effective, contact Halifax roofing companies to have a look at your gutters and give you the right advice.

Just as you might have noticed, each of these problems leads to the other. If you have found any of these problems on your roof, you will most probably come across the rest soon. Therefore as with any other problem, taking precaution is the best strategy. Contact a professional roofing company for advice on any problem concerning your roof. Here are tips on selecting a perfect contractor for your roofing project.


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