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Common Roof Issues

Roof is one of the most significant parts of any building equally; be it a residential one or commercial one. It is the safety of your possession in every manner. You along with your family members and house are not safe if there are issues with roof of your property. No one can deny the fact that at one point or the other, you will come across damage with roof. These issues are identified or not but they are a source of headache and needs to be dealt in a proper manner.

Underlined we will talk about the most commonly observed roof problems that are known to cause damage to roof over the period of time:

Weather and roof leak caused problems:

It does not matter which roof type you have installed, when there are roof leaks, there is an issue indeed. Roof leakage can be because of improper installation or when the moisture barriers are not installed in an appropriate manner.

Backwater laps and head laps can be a reason for moisture infiltration when they are not placed adequately. They lead to blisters and leaks leading to roof failure.

Leaks may also have occurred due to poor installation of seams. In addition, extreme weather conditions like snow, rain, ice, and last but not the least running water leads to adverse effects on the gutter systems of the building.

Improper installation of flashing:

This not only leads to leaks but also causes several other roofing issues. When flashing of your roof is not installed properly, it leads to open laps and seams. Moreover, where there are inadequate fasteners used in the base, it leads to problems as well.

When seams are not done properly, it reduces the wind resistance particularly for the roofing systems that is cold applied and needs to be repaired before it is exposed to rain and wind. In case it is not repaired timely it may cause infiltration in the roof. Wind may also damage the membrane.

Lack of maintenance:

Roofs should be maintained on regular basis. But the fact is that their maintenance is usually overlooked due to may be time constraints, financial issues etc. Need is to take time out and get the inspection done on regular basis.  

Installation of the roof:

Poor installation of the roof is one of the biggest factors on which longevity of the roof depends on. When roof is not installed properly it leads to more damages and it does not live for long. There are several steps that need to be well taken care of before starting a roof job. When it is not done properly, it causes issues in real sense.

At times there are certain areas in roof that are hard to be walked on, these are usually overlooked which should not be the case however. It is the responsibility of the roof installers that they relax the roof sheets before they install them. In the similar manner, materials must be prepared to ensure quality installation.

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