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Five Tips for Roof Maintenance


Whenever it is about taking care of any building, looking after the roof is known to be the most significant part anyways. A roof not well maintained may not only get worse with the passage of time but it also ends up in wastage of time and huge expenses. In order to prevent the long term damage, one should be vigilant in roof maintenance and common roof related problems. Underlined are certain tips that are considered to be useful when it is about the roof maintenance.

Regular inspection:

In case your roof is visible from the ground, it is suggested to give it a proper look time to time most probably a couple of times a year. It will enable you to keep a track of the things going wrong with the roof. Using binoculars can be useful too. Be careful about the missing tiles specifically and see if the roof is having any kinds of wear and tear issue. Make sure that the chimney flashings remain intact. Also see that guttering sections are not missing.

Problem vegetation:

Vegetation problems like moss growing in the guttering leads to property maintenance issues over the period of time for the buildings. You can if there are pebbles that clog the roof itself or any other guttering. It needs to be cleared right away in order to stop the real problems. For instance, moss retains the moisture and causes damage to the roof covering during the winter season.

Act quickly:

When you see that there is a real issue like roof leaking then there is a need to act quickly before the maintaining issues can become greater and lead to greater cost and time if they are not addressed properly and timely.  If there are missing slates then replace them before there is huge damage. Other warnings signs to look for include the daylight penetration, debris on the ground if there are any missing slates etc.

Call the professionals:

Whenever you see the roof damage and you are sure that there is need to hire the professional services, and then make sure that you get in touch with the reliable professional companies. Browse online and see several companies to make selection from.  Look for the testimonials and you will have an idea about the services of the company and the satisfaction level of the customers.

Get several quotes:

Once you have shortlisted few companies then make sure that you ask for the quotes. This will give you an idea about the expenses that you will have to arrange for the roof maintenance. As you will have many of the quotes then you will be in a better position to make the selection of the cost effective company.

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    • Lucas Lincoln

      Thank you for some really practical tips. I hadn’t thought about using binoculars before to look at the roof, so that is something I might try out on my own roof- sometimes your eyes get so used to seeing something that you can’t see small details! I also agree that it is better to act early than leave it and be faced with a massive bill for a new roof, especially this time of the year with Christmas approaching, money is tight and the weather is getting worse so it is better to make sure your roof is all ready for the rain and maybe even snow over the next few months.

    • Cara

      These are great tips. As winter is coming, broken tiles aren’t always the only problem as dirty tiles can cause issues, with accumulation of moss, algae or fauna. These can not only make your house look untidy but make the roofing work unsafe, with one cracked tile being easy to slip off due to the unsafe nature of the roof; so keeping your roof clean to start with can prevent this. Moreover, whilst it’s not on the outside of the roof, poor insulation can cause a number of problems, namely the formation of ice dams. Always check your insulation before the winter, as if the roof is too warm snow and ice can melt and fall off, running down the gutter, often refreezing and subsequently creating a blockage that will get bigger, weighing down the whole guttering system.

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