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How Dry Fix Verge Systems Are Beneficial

We hear a lot about the dry verge roofing systems these days and this is because these systems have risen in popularity as compared to the traditional mortar bedded verges in recent few years. Do you ever wonder what is that makes them different from each other and how dry verge roofing systems are beneficial as compared to the traditional roofing systems? A major clue is in the name or you may say term itself, i.e. “dry fix”. This simply means that you do not need to have mortar to bed the verge wet cement mixed to the roof edge. Rather the components of the verge are brought together and fixed with the nails and then screwed to the verge by making use of the innovative designs in order to make sure that the water proofing of the roof removes the need for the wet mix.

Though mortar is effective method of bedding the verge in order to ensure that the roof edge is well protected against unwelcome pests and water, it needs time enabling the mortar to set properly. When we make use of the dry verge to fix the setting, time for the setting is reduced; risk of mixing the stained roof tiles is also removed in case it rains before the mortar has been fully set.  One of the main disadvantages of the mortar is that it does not yield to the building’s movement. Moreover, it is weakened over the time period requiring more and more cost for the maintenance purposes. Dry fix is above these issues. It offers ease of installation along with the longevity. There are several other benefits related to the dry fix.

As the dry fix verge is compatible with the most of the slate interlocking roof tiles or concrete tiles, hence it can be installed at the same time when tiles are being installed or as a part of the verge maintenance in order to replace the crumbling or cracked mortar verge. Each part of the verge is installed by sliding upwards in to the preceding element. It is to make sure that the lugs fit in to the internal locating slots at the perfect and appropriate height. This ultimately leads to instant waterproof verge fitted in very less time that a traditional mortar bedded roof edge to be installed and then dried.

Dry fix verge is guaranteed to work best for several years being impenetrable to the water, large insects and birds. It withstands even the severe weather conditions either hot or cold. Wherever the mortar gets damaged, crumbles or allows water to enter the roof space, the dry verge performs higher as it is made up of plastic and eliminates the need for expensive maintenance. These dry verge systems are easily accessible in the market with incredibly high performance materials designed to work well with the all kinds of slate roofs and tiles with surety to integrate the high roof profile and attractive aesthetics. Each and every component of these systems is produced with the high quality specification capable of withstanding exposure to the extreme cold and hot weather as well as working well against the UV rays to offer long services to the customers.

No doubt, to replace the crumbled or cracked mortar can be an expensive project but when dry verge roofing systems are used further cost can be avoided. Once such a roofing system is installed, the roof becomes water proof, impenetrable by the birds and other unwanted pests and maintenance is almost free of cost.


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