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The Needs Of Asking For Reflective Metal Roofs Of Huddersfield Commercial Roofing Contractor

Roof is an important part of our property that can protect us from the heat of the sun and the rainwater of the clouds. However, there are many kinds of roof out there and not all of them are environmentally friendly for us, living beings. Even though the choice falls on your hands, it would be great to have environmentally friendly roof at home, right? When it comes to that, Huddersfield commercial roofing contractor has reflective metal roofs to consider. Let’s see why we do need to take such thing into account. Here we go then.

The Common Roof Color in Your Neighborhood

First things first, we want you to take a good look of the roofs of the houses in your neighborhood. If you have second floor built, we are sure that you can get good look of them all. What do we do then? Well, if you are already in the best position, the very thing that we want you to see is the color of the house roofs in your neighborhood. What color do they appear to you? Sure, they do vary from one to another. However, we are sure you can answer if it is based on the most color of all the roofs.

If we have to assume it ourselves, we can guarantee that most roofs have darker color, right? Unfortunately, there is negative effect coming from such roof. However, we can truly understand that you have never thought of choosing it to get negative effect from it. Not many people put much attention to the roof anyway. That might be why people don’t mind having the roof darker instead of brighter. Or they might only want the exterior front to stand out more than the unseen roof itself.

The Dark Roofs and the Negative Effect It Brings

As it was said before, there is negative effect to dark toned roofs. What’s so bad about it anyway? We are sure that you must have been wondering much about it. However, we can pretty much get the answer from the nature of the dark tone itself. This is something that Huddersfield Eagle Roofing contractor would say to you, so be sure to note this down. What does happen when you wear dark clothes in hot summer days? We are sure that you feel unbearably hot by wearing such clothes on.

It is because dark colored clothes have the ability to absorb the heat from the sunlight, thus making you feel hot inside. This idea applies the same even to dark colored roofs. Instead of releasing the heat, the dark toned roofs have their surface absorb it. Then, they will transfer this energy around, making the surroundings feel hotter than before. The transfer can be done by all sorts of ways. They include direct interaction, radiation, and even air. You can’t complain if you feel the air is really hot.

If your roof gets heated, so do its surroundings. Maybe without you knowing it, you are actually responsible for the increase of the temperature at least in the area of where you live. Don’t say that it can’t be helped even if you didn’t know about this before. If you care about your environment, you should have considered of using only environmentally friendly material to build your house. You don’t have to worry though. It is not like there is nothing you can do about this. That is why we have this very topic discussed here to solve this matter.

The Idea of Installing the Reflective Metal Roofs

Now that you know the negative effect of dark toned roofs, One Huddersfield commercial roofing contractor by the name Eagle Roofing offers you the right solution to consider. Yes, that very solution would be none other than using reflective metal roofs. Since they are suggested here, you can believe that they have what it takes to deal with heated temperature around where you live. Well, we are sure that you should have been able to find the answer yourself though by giving more thought to the reflective characteristic of the roof.

Yes, we are talking about reflective roof that works like mirror here. As simple as how it can be, the roofs have the ability to reflect the sunlight back to the space, instead of absorbing it. They won’t let the light along with the heat to penetrate even the surface of it. As a result, the roof won’t be heated by the light and it won’t be able to transfer anything to its surroundings. People living in or around the house will be able to feel as comfortable as possible and you don’t have to complain much for the unbearable heat from the sun up above.

How often have we been suggested to choose environmentally friendly things up until now? This is actually the very reason that obliges us to do so. If we don’t, we will just make the environment and even the earth feel hotter day by day. We might eventually damage the atmosphere someday. If you don’t want to get roasted under the sun, switching to reflective metal roof is the answer. We know that we can’t do this alone, but you can be the first to try and others will follow. At least, you can make your home feel comfortable and a lot cooler.

The Studies on the Sun’s Light and the Dark Roofs

Of course, there are some studies conducted to get real percentage of the sunlight and the dark colored roof. Sure, you can just head to Huddersfield Eagle Roofing Company to get change of roof, if you want. However, it won’t hurt to learn some more about how much sunlight is absorbed by the roof and released back to the space, right? Who knows you can put more care to this planet we are living together in after learning it? In fact, we do have to care for it since this is where all people live.

The studies we are talking about here are ones conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. They say that 99-degree temperature of the day consists of 52% of the wind gets heated by the sunlight absorbed by the dark colored roof surface, and 38% of the overall atmosphere. Looking at the number there, we can understand very well that it becomes no wonder that we feel the air getting hotter. Eagle Roofing commercial company is well aware about this very fact we have here. That is why they offer solution to this matter.

How does the percentage go with the light colored roofs, then? Surprisingly, the wind gets heated up by 8% and 10% only for the atmosphere. Now, you see the clear difference in number, right? That is why it should be a lot cooler with light colored roofs up above us. While the dark colored roof reflects the heat back by 5%, the light colored one will do it by 80%. If you can gain much comfortable atmosphere around, why would you make yourself suffer more with dark colored roof? This is the very solution worth to consider about.

Ask for the Help of Huddersfield’s Eagle Roofing

Now that you know the effect of having dark colored roof installed on, you should have known that it would be better to switch for the others that are better for your environment and the earth itself, right? From the discussion above though, you’ve got two choices. The most recommended choice would be to opt for reflective metal roofs, of course. Since they are reflective, there is more capability to expect for them to bounce the heat from the sun back to the space. You can have no doubt about this choice here for your property.

However, if you think you can’t afford such roof or it does not go well with your exterior design, you can opt for the second choice where you will get to choose light colored roofs. They might not seem as amazing as reflective metal roofs offered by Huddersfield commercial roofing contractor since they are not reflective to begin with. However, the studies mentioned before should have showed you enough proof that even those roofs will do just fine to bounce the heat back to the space as well. So, consider these environmental friendly options here. You won’t regret the choice you make.


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