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Roofing Issues to be Careful Towards During Home Inspection

Buying and selling a home is a critical act indeed. It is because being a seller the person would never want weak points of the building. On the other hand, the buyer should be strong enough to see the shortcoming in the structure to avoid inconvenience in long run.

During a home inspection, one can find all the issues related to the roofs and this is something really significant. It is because the roof is the major part of the house that needs to be well taken care of. If the roof is weak or damaged, it is synonymous to be exposed to the external environment.

All of this is being said because the next biggest cost of the house itself is the replacement of the roof. Therefore, roof inspection is critical before you buy the home. Usually, the roofs look absolutely fine from the ground however only an inspection is the way to bring out the hidden issues. These issues include the poorly installed gutters, improper venting, dry rot, hidden mildew and molds, other related defects.

Getting professional roof inspection usually costs lesser as compared to the roof replacement or repair. Underlined is a simple checklist of 10 of the most common roof issues that a roof inspector looks at:

  • Look for the missing, loose, or broken roofing material such as tiles or shakes
  • Watch for the dark patches, and blisters in the roof
  • See if there are granules in the rain gutters. Such coatings damage the roofs like anything
  • Improper installation of the swamp cooler jacks, vents and air conditioner
  • Corroded, loose or missing flashings specifically near the perforations in the roof. This includes the heating or the cooling vents, plumbing vents, skylights and chimneys
  • Rusty parts of the rood
  • Soft or wet dark spots on the sides of the house where it meets the roof
  • Make sure that there is proper ventilation for breathing
  • Depressions or blisters near the vent pipes, separations in the flashings, or clogged drains there on the flat roof
  • See if there is excess water pooling or overflowing gutters neat the house foundations
  • Look for the signs of the leakage in the attic area. Also, see if there are dark spots in the wood specifically around the chimneys and vents
  • If there are any dark or wet spots, it means there are issues. Such hard and dark spots specify older issues that need to be fixed
  • Water damage or leakage signs, sagging ceilings, and water stains need to be well taken care of

These things cannot be seen with naked eyes usually. On the other hand, being a nonprofessional roofer, we might not be able to see the above-stated issues. Therefore it is highly suggested that when you set out to buy a new house, hire the professional Huddersfield roofers to get the inspection done for you.

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