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Things That Roofers Usually Don’t Tell You

When we talk about the residential side, patterns have been seen where the roofers usually do not educate the customers about maintaining the roof. There are several inexpensive and simple things that you can do in order to protect your roof, for instance annual inspection. It is usually suggested to get the inspection done twice a year i.e. fall and spring. It is always better to catch the things before they start getting bad and no doubt it is easier to repair your roof on initial stages rather than replacing it afterwards. This saves cost too. On the other hand if you persist the issue for too long, then eventually it will simply not be like changing the oil on your car but eventually your motor will blow up. If we talk about the commercial side, owners are in to appropriate maintenance of the roofs. They get them inspected twice or even more in a year. It is because they are well aware of the significance of the life cycle cost of the building structure, be it a roof or something else in the building.

Underlined is a list of things that roofers usually do not want the customers to know. Let us a have a brief look at them.

Maintaining the roof will save cost:

It is very simple; you can get the loose shingles replaced, caulk repairing around the chimney and stop the minor roof leak. In case you neglect all this over the years, then you will see your roof has started leaking all of a sudden. Roofers actually don’t want you to know that Most of them also do not offer maintenance package for the customers.

Roof warranty may be voided:

In case your roof has not been installed according to the specs of the manufacturers,, then your warranty can be voided easily. Very simple drawback can be the discrepancy in the needed number of fasteners and nails that hold the shingles. Also improper nail placement causes issues.

Roof molds:

If you see black streaks on your roof, then it’s a fungus and to be specific it is Gloeocapsa magma. It is a fungus that grows on the back of the trees, sides of the homes and chimneys etc.  It slowly eats away the shingles. Therefore be careful about it.

Roof leak takes around 2 years to show itself up:

It is usually assumed that a roof leak has just started while the fact is that the roof leaks take around a couple of years to show them up. Therefore when you see a leak, take care of it on immediate basis.

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