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Top 5 Current Trends in Roofing

Updating or replacing your roof gives you a golden opportunity to revamp the look and the value of your home. Despite the fact that the frame and the design of a roof is a very important consideration, the materials that are going to cover the framing should also not be overlooked. Below I have outlined some of the best materials together with their pros and cons.

Concrete and clay tiles

These will definitely add a unique texture and elegance to your roof. Tiles are very versatile and very inexpensive when compared to other forms of roofing.


Tiles made of clay are incombustible and very long lasting. Concrete ones are very energy efficient.


These tiles are very expensive at times and very heavy. Due to this reason, they require a lot of framing which can escalate the cost of roofing generally.

Metal roofing

If you are looking for a roof that will resist all extreme weather conditions, this is the best choice for you. Metal roofing comes in two types, shingles, and panels. Most of the materials are available in stainless zinc, copper, and aluminum. They are recyclable and very light. We are the best roofers in Halifax to entrust with all of your metal roofing needs.


Metal roofing is resistance to extreme weather and also very durable when compared to wood or asphalt. They also provide very high solar reflectance ensuring that your house does not get unnecessary heat.


They can be very expensive


If you are the kind that looks for beauty, elegance and distinctiveness a slate roof is going to offer all of these. Slate comes in several colors that you can choose to mix or use one dominant one.


This is a very sustainable, durable and fire resistant roof which can also be recycled.


It is heavy expensive and requires a lot of frames which adds more to its expensiveness. It also requires a very professional roofer.

Synthetic roofing products

These products include plastic, rubber and polymer. Most of these designs are built to bring out distinct color and texture. Most of them are very fire resistant. For more information on these click here


They are not as heavy or fragile like the common roofing materials


Eventually, these materials can absorb water resulting in the degradation of its quality. They can’t last as long as the traditional materials can.

Shake and wood shingle

It is no doubt many people love the look of shingles and shakes. They come with an attractive color and design that ensures your home looks distinctive compared to other houses. You can opt for handmade shingles or ones cut by machines. It all depends on your preference.


These are usually organic and natural products that are made from cedar


If your area is prone to fires, you might find out that there are some prohibitions to use this kind of material. It is also a concern to climates that are snowy or receive a lot of rainfall.


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