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Best Roofing Materials

Coming straight to the point, underlined are the most common types of residential roofs. Let us talk about them one after the other briefly:

Metal Roofing:

These are one of the oldest roofing materials that we can find around us. Metal roofing has enjoyed real demand because of its durability, introduction of new styles along with the eco-friendly characteristics. Metal roofs are built in rolls however most of these are in the form of rigid sheet roofing with vertical seam panels and modular panels that are press formed. These can be coated with granules as well as painted.

These manufacturing procedures enable metal roofing to have several appearances. This includes the traditional metal roof styles. The most common of these are the aluminum, zinc, and light weight steel. Copper metal roofs are there as well however they are pretty expensive.

Pros and cons of the metal roofs:

Following is good about the metal roofs:

  • New styles offer a range of options to be selected for the roof style
  • Metal warranties durability up to 30 to 50 years
  • Metal roofs are responsible for the heat radiations. In return it keeps the homes cooler and control the energy costs in summer season
  • Some of the metal roofing styles can be installed in no time and in a cost effective manner
  • Metal roofs shed the snow and rain in a better manner as compared to the other roofing materials. It prevents the damage that is caused by snow falling and hailing etc
  • Most of the metal roofs make use of the recyclable materials. Therefore it would be right to say that metal roofs are 100% recyclable
  • Metal roofing is lighter in weight and still offer high resistance against the extreme weather conditions

Some of the disadvantages of the metal roofing include the following:

  • The cost of the metal roofing is comparatively higher due to the longevity and durability it has to offer to its users
  • When it is about protection from the fire or such incidents it becomes difficult for the firefighters to break in to the house to rescue the inhabitants of the house

Roof tiles:

This is one of the most ancient types of roofing options. It has been modernized with stronger and newer material that looks perfectly fantastic. These products are made in three versions nowadays; that are as follows:

  • Traditional clay tiles that are reinforced for the durability and strength
  • Concrete tiles that are made of light weight blend. It make them tough however really easy to work with
  • Fiber cement tiles are the third version of the roof tiles. It is composed of clay and wood that is blended in to the concrete for the light weight strength

Pros and cons of the tile roofing:

Some of the advantages of the tile roofing are as follows:

  • All types of the roof tiles have durability more than 50 years
  • They are fire resistant
  • As these are usually light colored hence they reflect the sun light. It ultimately reduces the penetration of heat waves and add to the cooling requirements

Disadvantages of the roof tiles:

These are as follows:

  • Tiles are heavier as compared to other roofing materials
  • The cost of the tiles is higher than the other roofing materials
  • Tiles are broken in case of they are walked upon

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Roofing Tips

New Trends In Metal Roofing For Residential Properties

You might have seen the steel roofs on the barns. It has been recently that these roofs are seen on the residential property as well. It is kind of that you might see them around the country. With extreme weather conditions damaging the house, increased numbers of people are making use of the metal roofs to ensure safety of the house.

If we look at the stats, we cannot deny the fact that steel roof installation has increased to a double in a matter of last 7 to 8 yeas only. There has been no other roof material capable of protecting your house from damages caused by extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of metal roofing:

Underlined are salient advantages of having the metal roof:


A metal roof is known to last for two to three times longer as compared to the other roof materials. These metal roofs last for almost 40 to 60 years. Metal is immune to withstand hot and humid conditions and still remain unaffected. When it is installed properly, it never leaks and at the same time, it does not rust.


These metal roofs are known to be resistant against the weather conditions and hence when you select metal roof for you then you will be enjoying peace of mind that you will not have to worry a lot about the protection of the metal roof.

Environment friendly:

Steel is considered to be environment friendly. As it does not have to be replaced or maintained frequently then it can be seen how much wastage of resources these protect. In other words, it does not have to be called for land refills on annual or frequent basis. Moreover, when these are removed, they can be completely recycled.

Energy efficient:

These metal roofing’s are meant to be energy efficient. With these metal roofs, energy efficiency is enhanced up to 40% depending on your location of residence. These roofs have been equipped with pigment technology that is capable of reflecting the sun rays up to 85%. With the aforementioned technology, even the darker colors are equipped with the cooling attributes.

Low maintenance:

A metallic roof can’t be curled, cracked or split; it carefully shows the resistance of the roof metal even with the passage of several years. The only maintenance suggested for the metal roof is the annual inspection, clearing it from accumulated leaves along with the other debris to ensure that there is nothing stopping the roof to serve its purpose.


You might be thinking that stigma is there to date in getting ugly and old bran roofs. However, fact is that there are a number of colors that are easily accessible in the market. These are considered to add to the aesthetic looks of your house. So whenever, you have these metal roofs, it adds to the aesthetics of your property. Whenever you need to sell your house, it will add to its value. The potential buyer will be aware of the fact that he or she will be saving a lot of money as the house has metal roof.

The rapid increase in people preferring these metal roofs for their house is expected to be increasing. Need is to ensure that these walls are installed and then maintained with the help of reliable and professional roofers like Eagle Roofing. We are a family owned business and we will ensure that you are not worrying about your metal or any other roof. Access our official site i.e. to know more about our services.

Roofing Tips

Metal Roofing Needs Extra Ordinary Care

Myths related to metal roofing have been very much clear in the minds of people nowadays. It is due to this fact that we see many home buyers along with the potential home buyers interested in getting the metal roofs for them. It indeed has a lengthy life but it does not mean that it needs not to be looked after. Not only metal roof manufacturers but the professional roofers in Huddersfield also suggest spending a weekend annually to wash organic matter and dirt from the channels and seams. Except for the unexpected changes, the metal roofs need to be well taken care of to be used for many years.

Damaged Roof:

Occasionally when a roof is damaged, one or a couple of panels need to be replaced. What actually happens is that one or two more side-lap seams to assure that damaged panels may need to be removed and then replaced.

Three Piece Seam:

If the metal roof is damaged just like it has been mentioned above, then the panels that are secured by three piece seam is advantageous. All one has to do is to cut the seam cap for three piece seam along the complete length with an equipment that is meant for the purpose like air chisel and soon as the damaged panel has been lifted; a new one is placed at its location. A brand new seam cap is then applied. In case you remain successful in finding the right roofers in Huddersfield then this process will include cleaning services too.

Two Piece Seams:

Two piece seams controlled panels are difficult to get rid of and replaced as compared to the ones mentioned above. There are some manufacturers that supply distinctive tools to make use of while opening the seams. Once the damaged panel is removed, the new one is laid in the location and seams are re-sealed. Then again when you get in to contact with a real professional company, then no one will be able to tell if the new panel has been placed or not.

First thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to partner with experienced and skilled roofers to get the things done in an efficient manner. Hiring just anyone is not the solution rather it will cause more damage to the roof and burden on your pocket. It should be avoided as much as possible.

All this calls to contact reliable roofers in Huddersfield. No doubt, looking at the lengthy life time and lowered maintenance, many people are switching to a metal roofing system for their houses. No doubt you will find several roofing companies that are offering their services but one should always look for the one that is insured, licensed, and have years of experience with the metal roofing.

Eagle Roofing Contractor is one such reliable name, with answers to all your questions related to Metal Roofing. It is a family owned business that came in to being in year 1983. Ever since then the company is trying to add happy and delighted customers to its list with every passing day.  It does not matter if you are calling them for re-roofs, flat roofs, chimney repair services, or etc; Eagle Roofing will not let you down in any way.

Roofing Tips

Pros And Cons Of Installing Metal Roofing In Halifax

When it comes to the roofing, there are many types of roofing which can be chosen. Roofing belongs to the important investment since this type of house part is costly. One of the roofing types which can be chosen when you want to replace or apply the roofing is metal roofing. This type of roofing belongs to the demanded roofing which can be applied in any type of home. When it comes to the metal roofing, this type of roofing has increased over the decade based on the National Roofing Contractors Association. The increased use of metal roofing means that the homeowners are growing higher about this type of the products. The metal roofing is also applied in the area around the world and one of the areas which are also applied in Halifax. There are a lot of houses which apply the metal roofing. In this chance, I would like to discuss more about metal roofing.

Based on the fact, the homeowners who have applied the metal roofing are getting higher. This type of metal roofing including metal roofing is favored by most of homeowners. It is reasonable since this type of roofing has the great quality as its top qualities, fire-resistant, speed of the installation. Nevertheless, if you want to have the durable as well as long-lasting roofing, you need to hire the professional as well as well-experienced metal roofing contractor.

Materials of Metal Roofing

When it comes to the roofing materials, there are many types of materials. However, the metal materials are primarily made from the steel as well as aluminum. There are also the other materials which are used including alloys and copper. Nevertheless, the materials are quite expensive and so far, both the aluminum and steel belong to the common materials which are used in the metal roofing. Those materials belong to the economic as well as durable materials. Besides that, the materials also hold the material well as steel is able to be galvanized. When it comes to the aluminum, this type of materials belongs to the soft material.

When you want to buy or apply the metal roofing, you need to weight both of the pros and the cons of metal roofing. You also need to take into account or compared to the other types of roofing. There are also the other materials which can be chosen including tile, wood, asphalt and the others. Here are some benefits and also drawbacks of the aluminum, steel and the other metal roofing.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

The first benefit which can be known when you want to use the metal roofing is its expected life. The long-lasting life belongs to the benefits of metal roofing when compared to the other types of roofing. This type of roofing can deal with the easily shedding snow. Besides that, it can also survive well in the high winds and the metal roofing can also seal out the water. It means that the type of roofing can be suited to be applied in the Halifax. Besides that, this type of metal roofing is also resistant to the rot, insects, mildew as well as fire. When it comes to the metal roofing, this type of roofing also comes with a wide range of warranties. Most of the roofing manufacturer comes with the 20 up to 50 year warranties.


the second benefit which can be known when you want to buy and apply the metal roofing in Halifax is its weight. When it comes to the weight, perhaps metal belongs to the most lightweight roofing when compared to the other roofing. The tile needs 750 pounds per square whereas the concrete tile needs 900 pounds per square. You can compare to the metal roofing which have 50 up to 150 pounds per square. Because of its lightweight, the installation of metal roofing is also easier and simpler. This type of metal roofing can be applied over the existing roof without needing the additional support of structure.

Fast and easy installation

another benefit which can be gained when you want to apply the metal roofing is easy as well as fast to install. This type of roofing comes with the multiple-shingle sections. It means that if you want to install the metal roofing and you want to hire the professional roofing contractor, it will make the roofing contractor easy as well as fast in installing the metal roofing. It means that you do not need to hire the workers to install the metal roofing and you can save more money. Besides that, the lightweight material also makes the contractor easy in installing the roofing.

Fire resistance

another benefit which can be gained when you want to apply the metal roofing in your home is its fire resistance. When it comes to the house, fire damage belongs to the most fatal damage. If you want to apply the metal roofing, it can minimize the chance of having fire damage in your home. Besides that, the materials of metal roofing belong to the noncombustible materials which own the Class A fire rating, or owning the most fire resistant. Nevertheless, the overall classification of the metal quality based on the materials which are placed beneath surface which can ignite in the intense heat. Commonly, the metal roofs are installed over the combustible material including the wood shingles which has the Class C rating.

Heat conduction

another benefit which can be known when you want to install the metal roofing is its heat conduction. Heat conduction belongs to one of the advantages when you want to install the roofing metal. Metal has the characteristics of reflecting the radiant heat from sun. This type of material also minimizes the gain of midday heat. It means that the application of metal roofing can save the energy which is needed for the air conditioning during in the midday. Besides that, this type of material is also low in the insulation of R-value. It is in line with the common systems which use the dead-air space area between the roof deck and the metal in order to improve the efficiency of energy.

Few roof pitch

another benefit which can be known when you want to apply the metal roofing is the minimal roofing pitch. When it comes to the materials of metal roofing, it is commonly installed with the pitched roofs without needing the leaking potential. The number of roof pitch is around 3-in-12 inches. Besides that, the metal roofing also comes with the maximum shedding of the snow and rain. This type of roofing is impervious to snow as well as to rain as the way of panels interlock. It is because the surface is slippery and hard.

Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

After presenting several advantages of metal roofing, it is time to present the drawback of the metal roofing. The first drawback is cost. It is true that the metal material belongs to the great advantages. Nevertheless, this type of roofing is quite expensive when compared to the other materials. You need to spend around $150 up to $600 per 100 square feet. Besides that, this type of roofing also needs the seasonal maintenance.


another drawback which can be known when you want apply the metal roofing is its noise. The usage of metal materials including the steel and aluminum can produce the noise sounds. When the rain is coming, you may have the noise sound because of the rain which is tapping into the metal roof. It is like that you live inside the drum. Besides that, in the hailstorm or rainstorm, you will also have the noisier sound. Nevertheless, you can control the noise by adding the certain material which own the structural barrier in order to minimize the drumming sound by applying the solid plywood sheathing. Marring and Care – another drawback which can be known when you want to apply or use the metal roofing is marring and care. When it comes to the painted metal roof, it can chip, peel, chalk, and scratch, even though all of the materials come with the long-lasting guarantee.

That is all of the information regarding to the metal roofing. Metal roofing belongs to the great choice for the homeowners who want to have the durable as well as long-lasting roofing for your home.

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Roofers in Huddersfield Tell Why Investing in the Metal Reflective Roof is Good in the Long Run?

The roofing options are pretty limited currently. Roofers in Huddersfield think that people are more into asphalt shingle roofs and quite content with them. However, there are many alternatives available. All you need is to be more open and accepting of other options.

Reflective Metal Roofs Instead of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

One of the alternatives, when it comes to roofing, is the reflective metal roofs. As the name suggests, reflective metal roofs come with a philosophy of absorbing as little heat from the environment as possible.

Although the pricing of reflective metal roofs and asphalt shingle roofs are very different. The reflective metal ones are pricier and mostly depend on the roofers in Huddersfield because different roofing companies have different pricing card.

How Reflective Metal Roofs are Made?

The steel is used – the primary element – with a couple of coatings. The first and basic coating is of aluminum-zinc alloy and the second one is composed of a resin-based material. The outer coating is done in white or some light color to help in the reflection of sunlight.

Also, the major part of the reflective metal roof is the ventilation space between the roof and house. It ensures the hot air doesn’t enter the house to ruin the attic.

The above-mentioned structure of the reflective metal roof is generic. You must keep in mind that different roofing companies use diverse methods. So, if you decide to go for the metal reflective roof, the composition will be defined by your roofer.

Eagle Roofing Contractors Explain the Benefits

As we have already told you metal reflective roofs are costly. They are a lot expensive than your normal roofing option. You may ask, “Why to bother going for it then?” Well, Eagle Roofing contractors have answered this for you;

Electricity Bill: Reflective metal roof will reduce your electricity bill dramatically. It is no joke or some random claim. People who have switched to this new roofing trend have reported a considerable reduction in their energy bills.

In this perspective, you can achieve the return on investment gradually. However, the process of getting back your money will be real slow.

Service to the Environment: Everything is not about money. There are many things that you can do for greater good. Reflective metal roofing can be your greatest gift to the environment. In a lot of ways, you are playing your role in fighting the global warming by going for reflective metal roofing, which is very much a man-made problem.