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EPDM Roofing Is Remedy To Your Roof Leakage

When we look around, we find so many companies dealing with the issue of roof leakage. Many buildings are built with the same roofing material that begin to rot away really soon. Keeping in to consideration the budget and economy they continue to lean with the repairing of the holes and damaged parts and not getting the whole roof membrane fixed. Here the issue is not only the nickel dimed but also includes the damage caused by water over night when there is nobody even realizing that there is an issue. I wonder if such companies know what EPDM roofing is. If yes, they would have resolved their issues long ago.

Single roofing layer:

EPDM roofing is a single layer roofing membrane and hence it does not leak. The material of EPDM roofing is made of rubber and is known to last for several years. It is really easy and inexpensive to be installed.  The material is accessible in black and white versions.

The black one is made of a tougher material that can be contoured to just any shape that your roof needs. These sheets can be bought having size i.e. 50 feet wide and 100 feet long. The white ones are sound proof easier to be maintained, and insulation as compared to the other black versions.

Usage of EPDM roofing:

EPDM roofing can be used for all types of buildings. These include the mobile homes, and the house boats. More and more people are looking forward to make use of these roofing because it is really easy to be installed, they are long lasting, and pretty much cost effective.

If you need to replace it trust me it is piece of cake as compared to the rest of the roofing materials. You will not have to replace the whole roofing membrane. With this EPDM rubber roofing; you are allowed to remove the damaged parts only. Whenever you find any damage in the roof, you will find it easy to remove that part only and you are done with the process.

It will prove to be your best friend when it is about longevity. It is capable of withstanding all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Having this kind of roofing membrane, you enjoy the peace of mind that you have a safe, strong, and secured roofing membrane. You will not have to replace it or get it repaired after the weather gets settled.


Maintenance cost related to these EPDM roofing materials is almost nothing. All you need to do is to go up every now and then and get the roof material get rid of remnants of the weather conditions. Otherwise it will be your partner for longer number of years. You will not regret getting these roofing material installed for your building.

Whatever the case is and whatever the reason is for selecting the EPDM roofing, you need to ensure that you have reliable roofing professional EPDM roofers Huddersfield hired. One such name in this regards is the Eagle Roofing. It is a family owned business serving the roofing industry for more than 30 years. We fee pride in claiming the fact that we offer highly quality roofing services along with chimney repairs, re-roofing, flat roofing, etc and many more services in a cost effective manner. Access our official site i.e. and see how we can be helpful to you. You will not regret hiring our services.

Roofing Tips

Advantages Of Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing has been proven to be a great alternative to flat, shingles, and low sloping roofs. No doubt shingles are known to last for around 15 to 20 years. These are made up of materials like ceramic, asphalt, metal, tiles, slate and much more. These materials are not always adequate to offer long term protection in addition to an impermeable seal against water leaks and other things.


In order to know more about rubber roofing, continue reading the following writing:

Rubber roofs:

These roofs are made up of materials like rubber polymers or plastic polymers. These are also termed as single ply synthetic roofing. Roofing material is measured by the square. This means that 100 square feet. For instance, 400 square roofing material means. They are usually presented in rolls for the flat roof purposes.

Expensive in the beginning:

The rubber roofing material costs a little more in the beginning however these roofs last for a longer periods of time. It is usually said that it stays around almost twice as the traditional roofing. Also these do not need to have much of the routine maintenance and repairing services. other  benefits of the rubber roofing includes the following:

Easy and lesser time consuming installation of rubber roof:

The rubber roofs can be installed on the top of the existing roof top which makes the roof repair project lesser complicated and time consuming. Existing roof is sprayed with the roof foam and offers fresh surface along with an added installation. Afterwards a water proof membrane is applied to the whole surface and then the rubber material is installed. It is the simplicity of the installation that reduces the labor as well as time to install the rubber roofing.

Tightly sealed roof:

A tight seal and secured roof means lesser wastage of air and heat which cuts the energy cost little every year. This makes these roofing systems to be energy efficient. It is done with the help of using energy efficient materials in the production of these roofs. It is due to this fact that they are responsible for keeping the houses cooler during summer season and hence saves the cost of energy.

Fire resistant:

In addition to all these benefits, the neoprene roofs are indeed one of the perfect materials for being the fire resistant. They are less likely to crack.


These rubber roofing is durable enough to withstand the extreme weather conditions as well as changing climate in long run year after year.

No doubt rubber roofing is in real demand but need is to make sure that it is installed via professional roofers. Eagle Roofing in this regards can be of great facilitation. We are a family owned business and serving the roofing industry for more than 30 years.

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Roofing Tips

The Best Rubber Roofing Material

Roofing is one of the important parts in the architectural building that should be noticed by people. The best roof will influence the satisfaction one of the people when they build a new building. The roof has some variation types to choose and one of the best for roofing is rubber. In this way, you can look at the rubber roofing material that will amaze people in the roof. The rubber also has some variation types that should be known by people so that they will not get the wrong rubber for their roofing. This identification seems simple but it has complicated one if you do not know the basic material of the rubber.

The types of rubber roofing material

If you look for the rubber roofing, one of the best rubber types is EPDM roofing sheet (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber). This material is the finest rubber that will satisfy people in building the house because it can stand longer at your house. The EPDM roofing is also engineered for the toughest application for building. The best one that can be found in this material is that it is strongest and longest lasting for house. Besides, this type also features a limited lifetime warranty from weather-bound so that you will get more advantages in the usage of this rubber type.

Besides, the EPDM is also good for you who has flat roof because it will be easier to set and apply for your house. Since1960, most people used black EPDM because it can survive the world’s toughest climates more than 30 years. The black type of this rubber is also flexible and it is available in 45 mil. The superior flexibility and the strength will be the best one in this material of rubber roofing because it will give more advantages for people when they build a new house or other building.

Furthermore, other best idea in this rubber is that it can contour to unusual roof shapes. The product also has great warranties with more than 20 year manufacturer’s warranty against the weather ability and factory detects. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the quality of the rubber. Moreover, you also will get benefits in usage this black EPDM if you have a flat sloping roof leak or a roof project because you can install it by your own hand. In other words, you can lessen your outcome to install the rubber roofing at your house.

The advantages of the rubber roofing material

However, you also should know that the rubber roofing can come in a roll for building with flat roofs. Besides, it also has other types because you can buy rubber shingles that will satisfy you in roofing. The shingles also can come in a variety of colors and design so that the house roof tile will be better and more beautiful than other house building. It will give you benefits in appearance of your house. Moreover, the benefits of using the rubber of roofing are not only the appearance because you also will get other advantages in this rubber usage.

Other advantages that can be found in using the rubber material is composed of recycled tires, saw dust and slate dust where the materials are eco-friendly than other roofing material. The rubber roofing is the most rolls and singles that will satisfy people in setting in their house. However, most people only think on the cost of this roofing. The rubber roofs are more expensive than asphalt shingles but the rubber roofs will be more durable and it is also less to crack and crumble through tumultuous weather and the change of temperatures in recent time. Because of that, if you look at the durability, the cost will not be your big problem to choose this rubber material.

However, you do not worry about the cost of rubber roofing material because you can choose other alternative rubber to lessen the cost. Gaining this purpose, you can choose the rubber shingles to set at your house. The rubber shingles will be much cheaper and lighter than slate shingle. The quality is also good like the slate shingle but it does not stand to fire and the appearance is not too impressive if you compare to the slate shingle. Moreover, you do not worry about the rubber roofing because this material is also last much longer and requires less maintenance so that you do not worry about the quality. In addition, the product also has warranty for 30 to 50 years and some of them also has lifetime warranty. It will be amazing for you.

Commonly, most people started to use this rubber material for their house roof is in Winscon in 1980. This one is still holding strong today because of the quality of the rubber than can stand longer. Besides, most people use this rubber roofing because this one is also low in maintenance so that most people will get the advantages in this rubber. Moreover, most people choose this rubber roofing also because of the installation of the rubber roofing. This roofing will be quicker and easier in the installation than the asphalt or slate shingles.

The rubber roofing material and the installation

Commonly, the installation of large rubber roll will be most effective and most beneficial one for roofing. The reason is simple because the large rubber has no seams and it is also durable in extreme weather. However, before you install this rubber, you also should ensure to strip the roof down to a plywood base. You do not worry about installing this material of rubber roofing because it has warranty and the rubber is also simply installed directly on top of roofing. To install the rubber, once you only need to strip down the roof, measure and cut for any chimneys. Besides, you also should prepare for vents and antennas to get the satisfaction one in installing.

In installation, you should know that the rubber shingles is also important because it can be used for addition to a flat rubber roof. It will improve the appearance of the roof tile. Moreover, cover any seams with tape or sealant before adding some rubber shingles in your house. To make the rubber is stronger at your tile, you can nail the rubber to the roof in rows. You can do it like installing asphalt shingles.

However, you also should know that many tire manufactures usually will be recycling unused tires to create a complex rubber-roofing system. This one should be known although it is simple. The different type of the rubber will influence the quality of the rubber itself. Because of that, finding the best quality in rubber for roofing is important to make your house getting better.

Rubber Roofing Material and Its Maintenance

Although the material of roofing rubber can stand longer at you house, you also should maintain the roofing very well. It will give more advantages for your house. In one hand, the house will look more beautiful. In other hands, the rubber also will be better in the condition so that it can stand longer. The rubber will be in trouble if you do not maintain it very well because unexpected condition can come to your house anytime that will cause the roof getting worse. The leaks and cracks in the rubber will be one of the simple problems that can occur to your house roofing. Therefore, the maintenance is important.

To maintain the rubber, you do not need to confuse because you can coat the entire of rubber system to prevent the roof from any damages. Besides, you also can patch the rubber with the new rubber shingles or smaller roll of rubber roofing if you get any cracks or leaks at your rubber roofing. You can use a latex tape or sealant to cover the rubber from any troubles or damages.

However, if you want to get the best rubber roofing material and you do confuse to choose, you can look it from eagle roofing. The Eagle Roofing will offer the best rubber roofing with great material that can stand longer in your house. You only need to visit to know more information about the roofing. Because of that, you do not worry about the choice of rubber roofing. You can ask to the professional to choose and also to install this roofing for your house without any difficulties.

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Liquid Rubber Roofing – The Best Roof Coating For Your Roof

Do you want to repair your roof? When it comes to the roofing repair, there are many considerations which should be taken before you step further. It is important since the roof could be leaks in the future days. You may also face the problems after repairing the roof. Because of that reason, before you choose the proper roofing contractor, you need to take several considerations regarding to roofing. When it comes to the roofing, there are many types of roofing which can be known and one of them is liquid rubber roofing. In this chance, I would like to discuss more detail regarding to the liquid rubber which is used for roof repair.

Things you should know about Liquid Rubber Roofing

When it comes to the liquid rubber roofing repair, it may belong to the common things and there are many home owners who use the liquid rubber for the roofing repair. The liquid rubber belongs to a kind of EPDM coating which can be effectively applied in the flat roofing. The liquid rubber come on the buckets and this type of roof is similar to paint when you mix up it. If you want to apply this type of roof, you just need to go since it is like paint.

As mentioned that the liquid rubber is like the paint, it means that you can use the roller paint when you want to apply it on the roof. Nevertheless, when the liquid rubber cures and dries, it is going to be a barrier of rubber which has a function that is going to prevent the water from leaking into and getting through your home, facility or workspace.

Coats that you need

When it comes to the roof repairmen especially liquid rubber repair, one of the important things which should be considered is the coats which are needed. In the common case, the roof repair needs some coats to make sure the protection well. Nevertheless, in the liquid rubber for roof, you do not need to use many coats. This also belongs to one of the reasons why many homeowners like to use the liquid rubber for their roofing since it just need a single coat in the common case. The less you need coat, the more you can save your money.

Is it durable? Yuph that belongs to the questions regarding to the installation of liquid rubber. Even though you use the single coat, it is quite durable and long last. When you apply it correctly, you may have that it will be long lasting for decades. Besides that, the single coating is also able to withstand with the extreme temperature. Based on the report, the coat is able to hold around -40F up to 300F. When you applied the coats, you may need several hours to dry. When it comes to the cure, it is going to cure around two up to three days. On top of that, applying the liquid rubber in your roof will make your house as well as your building well both from the rain as well as extreme weather.

Is it proper for you?

Do you own a residential property? Or do you own a commercial property? If you have them, it belongs to the better solution for your roofing. Nevertheless, this type of roofing is also right for the personal home. If you have the flat roof, or nearly flat roof, this can be the best solution for your roof. Even though it just uses a single coat, it can provide the full protection.

How to Choose the Right Roof Coatings

When it comes to the roof, it may belong to the big investment especially for the homeowners. Roof belongs to the costly investment and it also belongs to protection which is effectively protects your home from the damage which come from outside of your home. Because of that reason, it is highly important and vital to choose the right kinds of roof which will be applied in your home. Besides that, it is also important to install as well as situate the roof correctly in your home since it will provide the long-lasting as well as durable protection if applied correctly. Besides that, you also need to choose the proper coating roof.

When it comes to the roof repair, you need to prepare much money since there may be the extensive costs regarding to the roof installation. There are also the other things which need costly things. Because of that reason, you need to take into account before you want to choose the roof as well as contractor for roof repair. If you want to apply the proper coating roof in your house, here are some tips which can be known for choosing the right as well as proper coating roof.

Considering the structure of the roof

The first consideration which can be known when you want to look for or choose the proper as well as right roof knows the structure of your roof. It belongs to the essential things whether you need to replace your roof or just need to be repaired. The choices of them will also influence the cost of the coating roof. Because of that reason, you need to choose the right as well as correct roof to be applied in your home.

If you want to hire the roof contractor, it is highly recommended to find or look for the professional and expert contractor which is able to provide professional service. The contractor should be able to find the damage of the roof and they should also be able to determine whether the roof should only be repaired or should be replaced. When it comes to the roof repair, there are two things which are usually found and they are penetrations and flashings of the roof. Both of them belong to the important things before you apply the real coating roof.

Besides that, if the homeowners own the wet insulation in the roof, there is special treatment which should be conducted. You need to remove the wet insulation and replace it before processing the restoration and coating the roof. In addition, the professional contractor is able to do the fast infrared scan regarding to the roof in order to find the areas which are installed with the wet insulation.

Finding the Proper Coating Roof

After you knowing the structure of your roof, another step which can be known when you want to replace or repair your roof is finding the proper coating roof. When it comes to coating roof, there are many types of coating roofs which can be found in the market. Each of them is comprised with a wide range of chemicals. If you want to select the proper as well as right coating roof, it is better to choose the coating roof which is suited with the weather as well as condition of your room. Besides that, it is also highly recommended to consider the existing environment of your roof and the location.

Besides that, you are going to analyze the potential as well as the slope. You also need to take into account of the exposure to the high heat, UV rays, and chemicals. If you have no idea regarding to that, it is better for you to consult to the experts or professionals in order to determine whether any polyurethane or acrylic. On top of that, you need to consult with professional when you want to start repair or replace your roof.

Benefits of Liquid Rubber Roofing

After discussing the characteristics of the liquid rubber roofing, it is time to present the benefits which can be found of applying the liquid rubber for your roof. There are many benefits of applying the coating of liquid rubber. First of all, the liquid rubber is flexible enough especially dealing with the shifts in the roof. Besides that, it is also resistant to impact, chemical, weather as well as resistant to become chipping cracking and brittle. It also provides the non-slip surface which is conducive for the rooftop job. It is also insulating for the cold and the heat. Besides that, this type of roof coating is also stopping water, dirt, oils and the other contaminants. That is all information which can be delivered regarding to the liquid rubber roofing. Liquid rubber roofing belongs to the best choice for those who want to replace or repair the roof coating.

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Taking Care Of The Rubber Roofing

Owning a house is one of the biggest dreams of people in all parts of the world in true sense. People work hard day and night in order to get or build a house for them and their family members. It is a kind of investment that people cannot make frequently. Most of the times we see people getting a home for them and then living life in the same place for the rest of their lives. The investment made is huge enough that people can’t think of making it again and again. At times when they think of getting a new house, what they do is that they sell out their existing home and then buying a new one. In case one has to sell ones house, then need is to make sure that the external appearance of the house is perfect in every manner to attract the potential buyers towards it. Therefore, apart from the interior perfection and beauty, one should ensure that exterior of the house is pleasant enough to attract people towards it in every manner. We usually hear about that the first impression is the last impression and same goes true for the external beauty and perfection of the house. External perfection includes the roofing systems of the house. If we look back at the construction industry we will agree upon the fact that there have been number of advancements in the building industry and rubber roofing is one of the latest building materials in this regards in every sense and manner.

If you have a flat or a low pitched roof then you may need to give it special attention off and on. One option in this regards is to opt for the rubber roofing and there are several reasons for this. Rubber roofing material will serve to be the perfect and moreover it does not even require much splicing. It gets bonded strongly and not at all allows any kind of leaks. At times people do not hire professionals to get the rubber roofing installation done.

There are many sizes and shapes that are offered by the rubber roofing in order to fit over the roof. Thickness of the rubber ranges from 45mil to 90mil. In order to specifically know that how much you want then it is highly suggested to take the measurements before buying it. In case your roof is already leaking then you need to fix it on temporary basis until the rubber material comes in. on the other hand, if you will get the installation done via professionals then make sure that you do enough homework while hiring the services. See if he is licensed or not. Look at the history of the projects done by him to get an idea of how he has been doing. Reading the testimonials of the earlier customer may serve to be the perfect way of knowing about not only their services but also the after sales services.

If you are installing your rubber roofing on your own then you need to have a list of things in your range before doing that. These tools include the rollers, rubber gloves, adhesive, roof jacks, and a primer. The rubber roofing can be installed on a metal, cement, concrete or even wooden surfaces. Clean the area thoroughly before installing the rubber roofing. Whatever is there between the roof and the rubber roofing needs to be eliminated or otherwise it will not be as perfect as desired. It is due to these tiniest things that it is suggested to hire the reliable professionals. Eagle Roofing is one of the reliable professionals in this regards. You will be amused by our services in every manner.

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Rubber Roofing Is Revolutionary And Eco Friendly

If you have flat roof of your house or kind of roofing with minimal slope, and you are looking forward to repair or replace your roof then you may consider the installation of rubber roofing. It has been recently that this type of roofing gained popularity among the builders as well as common people.  There are several reasons behind and some of these are like they are ecofriendly, energy efficient, easy to install, durable, great insulator, light in weight and last but not the least they are water proof. They are also capable of withstanding the mildew infection and mold, and are capable of resisting fire as well. It would be very true to say that installing rubber roofing will come up to be the perfect decision you could have made related roofline systems preventing the water leakage to seep into the interior that can damage foundation of your house. One of the most attractive things about this roofing system is that it is very easy to fix splits, fissures, and small cracks. In short it will be right to state here that rubber roofing is something that is new, revolutionary and innovative in every possible manner.

While getting the rubber roofing installed, it is highly suggested to employ professional installers to ensure everything is done in the perfect manner. Quality installation job is better than saving installation fee by doing it on your own. Moreover, also be careful and watch out the weather forecast so that you do not come across rain while installing the roof. If you choose a wrong day, rain may pour in to in while you will be installing and moisture might damage the installation material. When you will hire the services of experts in this regards then they will be in a better position to choose when it will be the right time to get the installation job done.

Rubber roofing is considered to be ideal and has proven it to be the long lasting making the roof sturdier. There are usually two types of rubber roofing i.e. rubber tiles and the seamless whole rubber. If you want to install rubber roofing to the whole roof then it can be a little costly. When it is about using the whole rubber roofing, then the professionals make use of the single ply membrane that is made of synthetic rubber. It is just like shrink wrapping. They serve to be the perfect if your roof has a low slope or flat roof as it requires the roofing solution that is capable of controlling the gravity.  The rubber membranes are glued or fastened mechanically to the roof. The manufacturers of the rubber roofing offer long warranties that usually range between 15 to 20 years. Similarly when we talk about rubber shingles they are pretty much similar to the asphalt shingles. They are made of the synthetic material that appears to be like the traditional shingles. They can be formed in to any kind of shape that is desired. In case you have asphalt roofing that needs to be replaced then these can be the perfect alternative.

Before you step in to make use of this type of roofing then you need to do homework and research in this regards. Educate yourself properly about the different kinds of roofing available in the market. Compare the cost and other things to narrow down your choices. It is a kind of investment that will be paying you for long time therefore make sure that you are in safe and reliable hands.

One such name in this regards is the Eagle Roofing. It is serving the industry since three decades; hence you have every reason to trust the company in every manner. It is highly suggested to contact us for your rubber roofing in Huddersfield. We will amuse you with our high quality services.

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Rubber Roofing Is An Ecofriendly Option

Rubber roofing is known to be a durable, cost effective and easy to maintain in case there is some kind of issue. Rubber roofing material is offered in two types which includes runner shingles or a membrane extended over the roof surface. When it is about membrane structure then it should be kept in mind that it is composed of recycled materials generally. These membranes can be customized to fit the customized needs looking at the surfaces to be applied to. The difference between a shingle and rubber roofing is that, it is the synthetic that makes it easier to be installed and then maintained. Last but not the least is the fact that it is light in weight.

It is worth stating here that rubber roofing is expensive as compared to the other roofing materials like tiles, or wood etc. On the other hand, it amuses its users with longer life span as compared to all other roofing options. There are several other benefits that attract people while investing in to this kind of roofing.  For instance,

  • Installation of rubber roofing means that the surface or the structure will be completely water proof
  • Rubber material in roofing can be used with flat roofs that tend to leak easily
  • It is strong and durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are fire resistant
  • The rubber material acts as energy efficient material. It keeps the buildings cool during summers while warm during the winter season
  • Its installation and repair is pretty much easy which another benefit in itself is yet. It depends on you if you want to do it yourself or you want to make use of the professional services in this regards
  • Rubber has no tendency to crumble or crack. Therefore, this makes it an attractive choice even if you are living at a place where there are extreme weather conditions
  • Rubber roofing is fire resistant, therefore you yourself will be reducing the risks of your roof catching fire

One of the most salient reasons why people do not make use of the rubber roofing is that it appears to poor replacement of the cement or clay. Moreover, having rubber roofing shows that it is the cheap and uncool thing to do. Well you no more need to get black rubber tiles and can opt for the rubber sheets on your roof. Also you can always paint the rubber roofing in whatever color you like. So with these assurances you no more need to think of how people would think about your rubber roofing because touch of latest style has been added to it in every manner.

In case you want to install it on your own, then first of all you need to clean all the debris and dirt away from the area where you want to install it. If you see any kind of damage on the roof, then again you should fix it before the installation. Put down an underlay like particle board insulation and then skirt to ensure the proper flow of water towards gutters. With the help of screws put the rubber sheet on the surface.

If you are one of those people who are looking forward to hire the services of rubber roofing Huddersfield for your office or your home, then it is highly suggested to get in to contact with the professional services with reasonable prices. Eagle Roofing is one such name. We are a family owned business and hence we are very close to and concerned about meeting the needs and requirements of our customers. It is suggested to access our website and see what services we offer to the people in the neighborhood. You will not regret your decision of working with us.

Flat Roof

Rubber Roofing: Innovative, Contemporary, & Revolutionary

The home is considered to be one of the most, if not most valuable physical possession. This notion can be debated, but when you really think about it, the home is where people spend the majority of their time, it serves for entertainment purposes, and provides shelter from the elements. One of the most important functions of a house is it’s roof. Without any roofing, we as a people would totally be exposed to the elements.

There are many types of roofing for building structures, but have you ever heard of rubber roofing? This innovative type of roofing has really become very popular as of late and it provides some of the best protection possible. Rubber Roofing or EPDM Rubber Roofing are commonly used for low pitched or flat roofs. In other words, it’s a synthetic membrane that is highly durable as well as weather resistant. This is perfect for any location especially if you reside in the U.K. Weather here can be downright brutal at times throughout the year.

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Roofing & Why It’s The Best

As stated above, this innovative type of roofing works just as well or if not better than standard roofing. Your home or business can endure the most unpredictable weather or weather systems with ease. It’s two advanced ingredients of ethylene and propylene gives it extraordinary physical properties which includes being light in weight, stretchable, and flexible. Location, location, location…Being such a versatile product; any flat/low roofs can benefit from it whether you’re in Halifax or all the way in Huddersfield. Rain, snow, wind, ice, hail, sleet, or extreme heat; rubber roofing gets the job done right any and every time. Here is why this advanced style of roofing is so popular:

  • Won’t Crack, Rot, or Split Over Time
  • Waterproof & Maintenance-Free
  • Safe & Easy To Install
  • The Materials Life Expectancy Can Give You Up To 50 years
  • UV Stable
  • Environmental Friendly & Is Anti-Algae/Moss Growth
  • Handle The Most Extreme Weather or Climate Conditions

Rubber Roofing is a great investment compared to other roofing styles. Being so simply made/manufactured; individuals with basic construction knowledge can do the job themselves instead of hiring a professional contractor. Either way you go, the cost is low. If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer”, just strip everything off of the roof, apply the necessary adhesive, then roll out the product across the roof. It’s that simple! Rubber Roofing has very few seams running through it, which cuts down on the ability to have frustrating leaks. You won’t need any extra reinforcements thanks to it’s brilliant design, but you can use some extra fasteners for added support. All in all, Rubber Roofing is the future of 21 Century Living.