Velux Window

Velux Windows: Bring The Outdoors To Your Indoor Living Space

The home front is where most people tend to spend the majority of their time. Much more than just four walls and a roof, the home is where people take refuge from storms, family entertainment, safety, and for relaxation purposes. Many people don’t think too much about windows in-general, but these square glass boxes can make or break the home’s appearance. Windows can come in many different shapes and sizes. For practicality reasons, these square boxes give you viewing capabilities as well as for letting in sunlight. Unfortunately, all windows aren’t created equal, but for those who are looking for a way to add some personality to their homes, Velux windows should be taken into consideration.

What Are Velux Windows & How Your Home Can Benefit?

To simply put it, Velux windows are windows that are built into the roof structure of a house. Not only do they look extremely cool, these windows brings in plenty of natural sunlight. Unless you already have huge windows in your home, you’re missing out on the high advantages of natural sunlight. Many houses tend to have certain areas that are downright dark and spooky. With the addition of Velux windows, houses can receive and extra 50% or more natural light. Types of roofs? Well, there are no worries here as well because these extraordinary windows can be implemented into flat or sloped roof structures. The standard sized Velux window can let in twice the amount of natural light as it’s vertical counterpart. The extra lighting will dramatically will make huge difference by giving you an added feeling of space.

These windows can come in numerous sizes and shapes. They posses some of the thinnest of frames, which allows them to blend in with the home’s natural structure/architecture. Did you know that Velux windows:

  • Were first installed over 75 years ago in Danish schools
  • Entered the German market back in 1952
  • Can be used on pitched or flat roofs
  • Can be designed with roller shutters & sun screens                                

Health Living Benefits

We as a people all know how great natural sunlight can be in relation to our bodies. The brightness of light is good for the skin as well as other living cells in the body. Natural light enhances the senses, raises moral/attitude, and reduces eye strain. It’s like comparing a rainy dreary day to a sunny day. The rainy day makes you feel depressed, but the sunny day makes you want to get outside and enjoy the moment.

Velux windows let in plenty of fresh air, which is great for cooling off and it’s great for retaining heat since warm air is naturally buoyant. All in all, Velux windows can be a great investment that will pay off in more ways than one.


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