Chimney Repairs

Be Aware of the Common Chimney Repairs

Chimney is an important part of any home structure that keeps the home warm in extreme cold weather. In most of the cases, gas and wood build fire in chimney. For proper and smooth working of the chimney, proper cleaning is mandatory. Annual inspection facilitates to achieve this aim. Fireplace professionals and masons are the people who carry out some of the common chimney repairs occasionally conserving the functionality of the chimneys and enable it to perform the major functions like:
[cs_list cs_list_type=”icon” cs_border=”no”][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Removal of harmful byproducts that are produced during the fuel brining [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Removal of excessive heat from combustible items that are there near the fire [/list_item] [/cs_list]
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It is never easy to find out damages or problems that are associated with chimneys. It is due to this fact that that people take facilitation from the professionals to detect the issues and then appropriate chimney repairs. Underlined are some of the significant components of the chimney that can be well repaired any time in order to restore the functionality of the chimneys:

Chimney caps: Chimney should always have a suitable cap. Installation of wrong cap over the chimney can lead to disastrous fire. Cap restricts water, debris and animals to get in to the chimney causing the blockage of the unit.

Repainting and rebuilding of the firebox: It is made up of the bricks in order to build fire. In order to avoid accidents, loose bricks need to be repaired.

Flue repair: Flue is an internal part that works to blowout the smoke along with other toxic gases that are produced in fireplace. It may get blocked and cracked creosote and debris. It needs to be removed on regular basis to avoid fire accidents.

Damper repair: It keeps the flue close when the fireplace is not used by the owners. It restricts the heat flow out of the chimney. In case of any defect, it must be repaired.

Chimney relining: Chimney is usually made up of concrete. Cracks are the major issue for the chimneys and hence it should be repaired before making use of the fireplace. Various options are there to take care of this issue. It mainly depends on the unit’s condition.

Liner gap repair: Improper construction, normal wear and tear, and earthquakes can cause gaps between the flue tiles. These gaps cause improper functioning of chimneys leading to combustion product accumulation. Gaps initially can be repaired by relining and rebuilding the whole unit.

Storm collar: it is a small piece of metal protecting the chase cover. Improper installation allows the water to enter the chase traveling down along the unit length out.

Other than these preventive maintenance issues, one may contact professionals. Eagle Roofing offers professional assistance and repairing services to get your chimney repaired on regular and periodic basis. We are family run business and always there to facilitate our valued customers in every manner. Read our updated blogs to learn more about the chimneys.


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