Chimney Repairs

Chimney Maintenance For A Safer Home

Chimneys, some people have them while others don’t. Chimneys are what many consider a low-tech piece of equipment, but the chimney turns your home into a more relaxed environment. These structures also add a lot of value to a home especially if you’re in the process of selling. Unfortunately, chimneys are major culprits when it comes to house fires. Cleaning and maintaining your chimney is vital for proper usage, but most fires aren’t necessarily a result of the actual chimney, but more so from the home owner.

Let’s just be honest here for a minute. Most people do not clean or maintain their chimneys the right way. From this action or “non-action,” the chimney becomes compromised and that’s where the problems begin. Some “tell-tell” signs of this improper maintenance is that there can be spalling bricks, damaged mortar joints, or the crown of the chimney can be cracked.

Two Major Culprits for Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are some of the biggest dangers to the home-front and that’s why proper maintenance is so important. Have you ever heard of Creosote? This substance is known as a natural by-product of the wood burning process, which it’s actually tar-like droplets that are combustible. An overabundance of this material comes from many different factors such as the use of wetter/greener wood, too much restriction of airflow, and even the use of burning too much wood.

Another known culprit of that will give homeowners issues is Soot Build-Up. Though soot isn’t flammable, this thick material will surely clog-up the chimney and it is a widely known issue that many people suffer from. If you have a masonry styled chimney, 17% of airflow is restricted and you have a factory styled built unit, around 30% of airflow is restricted. Air restriction and chimneys are not compatible and will never go hand-to-hand.

Chimney Removal & Fascia Aesthetics 

If you’re at a point to where you no longer care to have a chimney or your chimney is giving you problems, removing it is a good route to take. When removal is occurring, your home’s aesthetics could take a hit. The fascia protects the wood from weather damage as well as the roof and interior. If damage occurs or if you’re home’s aesthetics is off, a Upvc roofline replacement should be considered. For those whom are in the, Fascia Installers of Huddersfield can handle all of your needs. PVCu, and PVCue are both fascia when it comes down to and what they’re actually used for.

There are many different variables to consider when dealing with fascia and chimney services. Protecting your home is the most important function because the home protects the family in the end.


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