Chimney Repairs

Most Common Chimney Repair Issues

Chimney is a significant part of any home in order to keep the house warm even during the extreme cold weather conditions. In most of the cases, wood built chimney is found in the house structures. For smooth working, roper cleaning is essentials in every possible manner. If not frequent, annual inspection serves the purpose really well. Some of the common repairs related to chimney are easily carried out by fireplace professionals as well as masons that include the following:

  • Removal of harmful byproducts during the process of fuel burning
  • Excess heat removal from combustible items placed near the fire

What are common chimney repairs?

It is not easy to locate the damages and problems associated with the chimneys. This is why people are always seemed to prefer taking facilitation from professional handymen for the purpose of chimney repairs. Underlined is a list of significant components of a chimney that can be well taken care of to ensure proper functioning of the chimney:

  • Chimney caps
  • Firebox repointing and rebuilding
  • Mortar crown repair
  • Damper repair
  • Storm collar
  • Flue repair
  • Chimney relining
  • Liner gap repair

Let us talk about all of these above mentioned one after the other in a brief manner:

Chimney caps: Chimneys must have an appropriate cap. Wrong cap installation over a chimney may lead to disaster. Cap is placed to restrict the water movement, little animals and the debris from getting into the chimney. If it is not done, there can be blockage in the chimney leading to hazardous conditions. Water can cause liner destruction and issues with the mortar joints between the liners. Also, there are spark arrestors that prevent the dangerous sparks to fall on your roof.

Mortar crown repair: It is the part made of concrete and is found to be at the top of the chimney. It prevents the water to enter the chimney. If there are cracks in it, it immediately gets them repaired as water enters the cracks destroying the other parts of walls, ceilings, and attics that along with the chimneys.

Firebox rebuilding and repointing: This part of the chimney is made of bricks to build the fire. Loose bricks need to be repaired in order to avoid the accidents.

Damper repair: It keeps the flue closed where the fireplace is not in use. It prevents the flow of heat out of the chimney. It needs to be repaired if there is any defect in it.

Flue repair: It is an internal path that is known to work like a canal used to blow out the smoke along with other toxic gases produced in the fireplace. It may be blocked and cracked with creosote i.e. oil that is produced as a result of burning the wood and other debris. It needs to be removed on regular basis to prevent dangerous fire accidents. Similarly, cracks need to be sealed for the safety purposes.

Storm collar: It is a small piece of metal that takes care of the chase cover. If installation is not done properly it allows the water to enter the chase and travel down the unit. It causes destruction of the whole unit.

Liner gap repair: Earthquake, improper construction, and normal wear and tear cause gaps between the flue tiles. This issue is faced by chimneys that are without the covers.

Chimney relining: It is made of terra cotta or concrete. Cracks are one of the main issues for the chimneys and hence it must be repaired when fireplace is in use. Insulation of the whole unit with stainless steel proves to be effective solution to this issue.

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