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How Can You Detect Leakage In Flat Roofing?

Our houses are one of the greatest assets for us in every manner. It is indeed one of the huge investments that we made. At the same time, it is the place where we relax and calm ourselves down after day long routines. It is property that we call is ours. Any issue even if it is a minor one, causes a lot of mental distraction for us. However, living in today’s technological lives, we tend to ignore these issues which ultimately lead them to bigger issues.

One of the most common issues related to our houses is the roof leakage.  We need to detect it before there is something really big that needs to be treated. Let us talk about how one can detect the roof leakage easily.

The source:

In first place, you need to assess the area of leakage. You need to check for roof leakage only when the surface is dry and cool. If you have a flat roof and that is wet, then you will have a tough time to access the leakage. Most of the times, flashings are the places susceptible for the leakage. Check and see if the pieces are in their appropriate places or the joints are loose. This is the best way of accessing the water damage caused to flat roofs.

Low lying areas:

At times, the flashing may appear perfect in condition without having gaps or cracks in the place. If there have not been any flat roof leakage then you should have a check on the lower roof areas. These are the parts of the roof that tend to have a lot of water accumulation developing corrosion and cracks in the roof in an easy manner. Check for all the low lying areas of the flat roof to see the cracks, holes, and splits. This can be a main cause of water leakage and hence you need to inspect these areas in a meticulous manner.

Roof seams:

Seam area is yet another area where you can find the flat roof having several cracks. Wherever you find joints between the parts of the flat roofs you will find leakage in those spots. Hence it makes these areas to be more susceptible automatically to the water seepage and leakages. With the flat roof getting older, there will be more water seepage in the roof seas causing serious damage. Even if and when the seams are sealed; there are leakages in them. Therefore, it is always suggested to inspect the roof seams in a comprehensive manner for the roof leakage.

Using a hose:

If you have inspected all the aforementioned parts of your roof; and you did not find any kind of leakage then there is another way that can be used. Take a hose and water and begin with one section at a time. Make sure that you let the water from the hose to wash the section of the flat roof without any interruption for 15 minutes or more. You will access the spot when you will find water flow towards the roof leakage.

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