Chimney Repairs

Removing/Replacing a Chimney Pot

There are various reasons why you would want to replace or remove an existing chimney pot. These reasons can be as follows:

1) To prevent rain water entering the flue and possibly causing damp – A lot of chimney pots have open tops so there is direct access for rain water. Over a period of time this can cause damp to the chimney stack and surrounding areas. There is also the possibility of birds falling down the chimney stack. They perch themselves on the edge of the chimney pot and can the fumes can knock them unconcious so they fall down the flu.

2) To prevent damage to the chimney stack – Traditional chimney pots are generally quite tall and very heavy. If the mortar around the pots comes loose they can start to sway causing damage to the stack. If one of these pots falls off it can cause tremendous damage to the chimney stack/roof/parked cars or even a passerby.

3) The chimney is no longer in use – If the chimney is no longer in use then there is no need for such a big chimney pot to be present.

If you want your chimney pots taking down for one of the above reasons I suggest you replace them with a 6 inch gas cowl. These are very light, easy to fit and allow for ventilation in unused chimney flu’s. They also provide enough upward movement in the air to remove harmful gas and smoke from your home.

gas cowls

If you are considering having some cowls fitted then give Eagle Roofing a call, we are Huddersfield roofers that take great pride in our work and strive to give our customers the best service possible.


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