Chimney Repairs

Damp patches on your wall

If you are noticing damp patches on your wall in can be caused by water leaking through the roof and penetrating the cavity wall. This can lead to damage to plaster/wallpaper and in the long term can even cause damage to your health.

We were called to a job by a customer who was noticing damp on both the front room and bedroom wall. These patches were on the gable end of the house and parallel to each other. After inspecting the roof we noticed that the mortar on the coping stones had disintegrated and that the lap on the lead work was insufficient.

This was causing rain water to pour down the cavity wall creating damp patches in the customers house. We removed the coping stones, cleaned them off and then rebidded them and pointed them back up. We also replaced lead work around the chimney to ensure that the roof was fully water tight.

This is not the only way damp can appear on your wall but it is certainly something to look out for. If you have any problems with damp or and other roofing issue then get in touch with Huddersfield Roofers for your free no obligation quote.


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