Flat Roof

Common Flat Roofing Problems

Flat roofs seem to be quite attractive and feasible. If you reside in Halifax, flat roof construction shall provide your house a unique look. Creativity with flat roofs is way more than those associated with the sloped ones. They also provide greater stability. For instance, to climb and to inspect a horizontal surface is quite easy when compared to that of an arched surface. A basic horizontal roof is built with an under layer covered with top coat. Modified bitumen, PVC or rubber material can be used for coating purposes. In addition to this, flat tops maintain greater amount of stability. In terms of costs, horizontal roofs are much cheaper. Their reconstruction and repair mostly lies within an affordable range.

Horizontal roofs vs. inclined roofs:

However, many of us might not be aware of the hard times a flat ceiling may go through. Horizontal roof issues might not be huge initially. However, if allowed to persist, may result in the compromised integrity of a large area of ceiling. Costs, strength and creativity might go with flat surfaces, but sloped surfaces offer better snow clearance and large area coverage benefits.
Integrity comes in greater amount with horizontal surfaces, but an increased lifespan follows pitched tops. Two arched pieces meeting at a high point divides the strength into two strong surfaces, which gains an edge over the strength provided by a single top.

Flat roof troubles:

Water leakage happens frequently with flat roofs. Water tends to accumulate into the roof’s material and leaks through the ceiling.
Blisters are another common issue associated with a flat top. It happens when moisture traps between the layers of the roof. Blisters interrupt the integrity of the ceiling as well as compromise its appearance.
Seeking for solution?
Flat roof problems are fairly common, but fortunately, they can be perfectly fixed. Looking for roofers in Halifax? You have landed at the right place then. Eagle roofing provides advanced materials for flat roof construction, as well as for repairing. Its EDPM rubber membrane covering comes with long lasting durability. It is environmental friendly and quite resilient. A unique feature that accompanies its rubber membrane technology is that it is DIY friendly.
These roofers in Halifax also offer GRP flat roofing technique. Their approach involves encapsulation of whole of the GRP roofing into a single membrane, which leaves no room for joints and leaks. Hence, lesser issues of water leakage are expected to arise.
Gutter replacements, dry verge systems, chimney installment and work, facia soffit, re-roofing and roof repairs are some other services that the eagle roofing company offers its customers.


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