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Flat Roofs For Residential Buildings

When we talk about the oldest roofing styles, then no doubt these flat roofs will top the rank. They are one of the most common around the globe and to be particular in the areas where there is little rain. In other words it would be very right to say that these roofs are gaining popularity once again in the modern architecture as well.

Basic Description:

The name of the roofing is self-explanatory. It is a system that contradicts a little as its style has a little slope to drain the rain water in an effective manner. Places where there is little rain these roofs are built with the help of concrete and masonry. On the other hand, areas where there is heavy rain and snow concrete does not serve the purpose and hence water proof material is used to prevent water pooling.

There is a choice of material available in this regards. Traditional method makes use of gravel and tar. Same is the method that is still preferred for the activity. Maintenance of the flat roofs is easier and installation is cost effective.

Decking constitutes the thick piece of plywood to support the rest of the materials which are placed on that support. Several layers fibrous materials are interwoven and are named as plywood sheets. These sheets serve as reinforcement. Afterwards hot tar is mopped on the each layer which creates a tight water seal. Final layer of gravel is applied to protect tar and prevent its cracking.

Variety of material used in the flat roof is as follows:

  • Asphalt: It is a byproduct of crude oil processing where it is transformed in to petroleum. It should be boiled in order to be applied in an easy and effective manner. When it is done in a proper manner, the finished product is the durable roofing systems that is long lasting and offers tight water seal. Asphalt is prone to become drier and more brittle when it is exposed to sun contently; therefore fine gravel is applied for the protection of the roof.
  • EPDM: EPDM is an abbreviation for Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a type of water proof membrane. It is a synthetic rubber. Installation of EPDM is really easy. All you need to do is to unroll the rubber, align the edges and stick the adhesive that is already applied.
  • Bitumen: Bitumen is an asphalt based product. It is modified in order to enhance its characteristics. Modifiers like APP (Atactic Polypropylene) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) are added in to it in order to enhance its flexibility. These are accessible in precut sheets for easy handling and easy installation.
  • PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride is yet another type of membrane that is extracted from crude oil. It is known for being fire proof and strong material. It comes in manageable rolls that allow easy cutting and handling.

You can hire the roofing contractors in Huddersfield to get flat roof installed at your home.

In the end, it is worth stating that flat roofs are easily installed and pretty much cost effective. However these need to be well looked after and must not be neglected to get maximum out of them. For maintenance of flat roofs, you can always look up to Eagle Roofing.

Eagle Roofing is a family owned business serving the roofing industry for more than 30 years. They serve people in different areas and hence being resident of Huddersfield, you can turn to Eagle Roofing Huddersfield services within few clicks of mouse.

Flat Roof

Find The Best Flat Roof Repair Advice

Flat roof is one of the common roof that usually used by people for their home. This one is usually used because the roof will give more advantages for people. However, if it is broke, people also should repair it as fast as possible. In this way, people need a flat roof repair advice to get more advantages when they are repairing their roof. Commonly, repairing this one will be similar to the fixing a puncture on a bicycle tire. The repairing will be more difficult if people do not know how to fix it. Because of that, the advice will be helpful for people to repair it by their own hand in the home.

The basic of flat roof repair advice

If you want to repair your flat roof, you do not worry to fix it by your own hand because there are some tips that can be applied to repair the roof. When you repair the roof, it will need a time to repair the flat roof. The simple flat roof can be done by your own hand easily if you are ready to take the step in repairing the roof. Commonly, nobody will get the step ladder out and risk so that the advice will be helpful to lead the people repair the roof.

However, the simple tips to repair the roof for safety purpose are that you should never use a simple ladder during repairing the flat roof. In this way, people can use the scaffolding or a stable platform due to the height or even on old roof. It will be simpler as repairing the flat roof advice. Besides, you also should ensure that there is no public risk in repairing this one. If you are doubt about your process in repairing, it will be better for you to contact the professional to help you in repairing. Actually, the repairing looks simple, but most people will be confused in the process of repairing.

Furthermore, to get easier in repairing, it will be important also for people to know the basic of the flat roof. Mostly, people will think that the flat roof is flat because of the name. However, this one is not flat because it is slanted to a gradient of at least 1 in 80. The roof will allow for water to run offend it also will prevent the water from pooling in the areas that may sag over the time. Besides, it also can get further damage from exposure to harsh seasonal elements. Moreover, the choice of flat roof also should be high quality. It will use marine of WBF plywood to keep the roof stand longer in your house.

When the flat roof need to repair?

The early sign when your flat roof must be repaired is also important. It will help you to do the best action in repairing. Gaining this purpose, you can look at the ceiling and dark brown patches pf moisture as your early sign for repairing the flat roof. In this stage, you need to get the leak fixed. Besides, you also can investigate to check whether it has small to fix or something bigger to repair. However, in this stage, most people are doubt. Because of that, if you are doubt about this one, you can contact the local professional roofer to check your flat roof.

However, if you think that the roof is old and in an exposed area need to fix, it will be better for you to repair the flat roof. In this step, you can look for the concentric circle stains from dried up water. It will be helpful for you to repair. Besides, other advice for this repairing is that you can place a board across the flat roof to walk on and spread the weight. Moreover, in this way, you also do not need to place the board close to the edge. Place the markers in the area that you want to take like in your blind-spot.

Furthermore, you also will find other flat roof repair advice that will be helpful for you in repairing process. The next step in repairing, you should look at the condition of the roof which has deteriorated in repair. In this way, you may need a time to call the professionals in order to survey or replace the whole roof. Moreover, you do not need to call them if you look at the major tears and ripples or split. You can take a photograph to show to a professional roofer if it is necessary. The small or big problem commonly will lead to get headaches and financial woes for you in repairing.

The best technique to check the flat roof before

Before repairing the flat roof, it will be important for people to check their flat roof condition. This detection will be helpful because facilitate people in repairing. The first step that should be known is that people should measure from the outside wall of the room. You should check along the ceiling to the damp spot or dripping area. If you find something damage or pounding of water above the marker, it means that you need to do something to your roof. Besides, you also need to look directly upwards of the area that can cause the leak. This one commonly happens on the junction or around obstacles.

Besides, you also can check for loose the tar and materials that may provide the gaps. This one needs to inspection to make the water getting into it. Moreover, people also need to check that there are no missing roof nails on their roof. This one commonly will cause the leak at the roof. Besides, you also need to inspect the guttering around the flat roof for blockages. Furthermore, if you find any laws in the top layer, you may need to repair to prevent the roof getting broken.

However, if you do not find the leak, it will be important for you to start adding the water. This one has purpose to check their ceiling inside. Moreover, you also need to remember in advice of flat roof repair that the water will take least resistant path. Because of that, you do not predict the leak directly above it. This technique to check needs more process and it will need more time to consume. Therefore, if you want to get more accurate, it will be important for you to check the roof with the simple process.

The best Tips in the flat roof repair

To repair the flat roof, it will need more time to know because there are some different ways in repairing. This different way will be depend on the type of your flat roof. In this way, you can apply the asphalt flat roof repair, emergency fix, permanent fix, temporary fix or concrete flat roof repair. For the permanent fix, the asphalt roofs can be repaired with a small patch of roofing. Moreover, the concrete flat roof repair is one of the common damage issues in the repairing.

For the concrete flat roof repair, the advice for flat roof repair usually can be done by clear away of the loose debris. Commonly, this problem will hide in the cracks so that people should be careful when checking this problem. However, if you want to do the permanent fix, you can look at the cracks on the floor. If it has larger and obvious cracks, it will be important for people to do the permanent repairing. Besides, you also can require a smooth surface for the top layer for fully sealing and waterproof the leaking area.

If you use rubber roof repair and want to temporary fix, you can apply the lap sealant. It can fix small tears and holes. However, this one will not work very well if you do not understand the problem. The permanent fix are required if you find the leaks and cracks at the EPDM roof. However, if you think that repairing is difficult to do by your own hand, you can come and visit to www.eagle-roofing.co.uk . In this one, you will find the best professional proofer.

In addition, you also will find the best flat roof repair advice in this eagle proofing to repair your flat roof. Because of that, your problem will be fixed easily. Some advices from professional are also easy to get in this one. The simple way to repair the roof can be applied in your home very well.

Roofing Tips

Roofing Companies Huddersfield: 7 Services Offered By The Top Notch Eagle Roofing

Are you having problems with your roof or want it to be fully taken care of to always at its best before you start living in the house? If you are living in Huddersfield, you’ve got the advantage here. After all, there are many professional roofers in the area to help you with your roofing needs. Still, you’ve got to have good eye if you ever want to get only the best one of roofing companies Huddersfield to work with. How about Eagle Roofing? They have 7 top-notch services to offer. Let’s see below then.

Eagle Roofing Service for the Flat Roofs

Did you have flat roofs instead of the sloping ones? Thinking simply, flat roofs don’t seem to make a good choice when it comes to flowing rainwater. However, it is not like it would never be a choice for all homeowners in this world. In fact, you will find this kind of roofs in many houses in the UK, whether it is for an extension, dorma, garage, porch, balcony, roof garden, or even the main house. To meet the expectation of homeowners opting for this roof, Eagle Roofing strives to give you all the solutions you need for any of your case.

Did you know? In Eagle Roofing, there are various types of system for such roof, each with its own benefits for you. First, there is green mineral from which you get a wide array of colors and is pretty much easy to buy type. Second, there is EPDM rubber membrane that is highly favored because of it being environmentally friendly, long lasting, resilient, DIY friendly, and sustainable. Third, there is also GRP membrane from which you will benefit from it being UV resistant and highly adaptable. Each system can benefit you in a different way.

Eagle Roofing Service for the Chimneys

What’s problematic coming from the top of your house is not all about the roof only. It includes the chimneys as well, if you have any. Many Huddersfield roofing companies understand that the mortar of the chimney can decay as the time passes. You have to watch out for this. At the worst case scenario, your chimneys might collapse, damage your roof, and even endanger members of family living in the house. In order to avoid such thing from happening, you need to learn what needs to be kept an eye out for. Let us tell you then.

When it comes to the chimneys, you’ve got to make sure that there is no damaged or missing lead work, damaged mortar joints, spalling bricks, cracked crown, and damaged wallpaper. If you happen to notice one of those things, it is only right for you to call for help from Eagle Roofing. Even for chimney issues, they would be glad to help. The solutions they offer can be as simple as supplying and fitting of cowls as well as replacing lead soakers and flashings. They can even rebuild or even remove chimneys for you if you want.

Eagle Roofing Service for Doing Re Roof

According to Eagle Roofing, there are all sorts of reasons why re roof can make the right solution for you to take. Among those reasons, you have to check whether or not the roof has new breathable felt, how the condition of the roof slates is, whether or not the lead work is damaged, whether or not the galvanized nails used for erosion already, and how often the roof has been repaired in the previous years. If your roof meets such kind of conditions, it is the time for you to do some re roof to your property. It is for the best after all.

You can’t have it not well cared at all and endanger the members of your family. You don’t want something bad happens to them, right? That is why there is a need for re roof and you can ask the pros to help you do it. However, unlike roofing companies Huddersfield, Eagle Roofing won’t persuade you to do it right away just to make profit for their company. They would care to do thorough investigation of your roof first. If repairs won’t do, re roof solution will be suggested then.

Eagle Roofing Service for Velux Windows

You don’t have to cover the window entirely if you don’t want to. Even from the roofs, you can expect the room to be filled with daylight and fresh air. If that is what you want, you might consider having velux windows installed in your roof. That being said, you’ve got to consider the size of the window as well as the nature of your roof when you want to install one. Not all types of window can be suitable for all roofs after all. Eagle Roofing has velux windows for flat and pitched roofs, and sun tunnels to offer to be the choices for you.

Eagle Roofing Service for the Lead Works

As you might have already known, lead is pretty much well known to be the most building material environmentally in use these days. If you want lead work to be done for your roofs, it is wiser to ask the help of its experts. Lead work is a kind of fine arts. It can be difficult task to do for those who are not experienced to this. Sure, roofers should be the ones who have better possibility to do it than us, homeowners. However, not all roofers are experienced enough, so you need to find the best of all.

Of course, Eagle Roofing of Huddersfield would be the one we recommend for you here. When it comes to doing various types of lead work, this company has more than 30 years of experience. With such length of experience, you can be sure that the lead work will be done professionally. They will let you know when the lead work is needed and what code lead to use for it. If it is this company that you choose, they can help you with lead flashings, soakers, valleys, and even bay windows too.

Eagle Roofing Service for Gutter Repairs

You know that it is important to have your gutter system function properly to send water down to the ground below. If the gutter system does not work as how it is supposed to be, it will eventually damage the roof later. Before asking for gutter repairs in Huddersfield, you can look for some evidences showing that the gutter of your roof has been damaged. According to Eagle Roofing, there are some areas you can find the evidence from. They should be easy to notice on your own at home.

Those areas would be the discoloration around the joints, the strains on the wall, the debris in the gutters, and the blocked down pipes. If you notice either of the areas, you’ve got to ask the help from Eagle Roofing. They can deal with all gutter types, including UPVC, wood, cast iron, and fiberglass. The services for gutter repairs include the gutter itself, downpipe, facia, and soffit. With 10 year guarantee to boot, this company offers the best deal you could expect from roofing services.

Eagle Roofing Service for the Roofline

Speaking about roofline, people have been using traditional wood facias and soffits since a long time ago. However, considering that Huddersfield is an area with harsh elements outside, traditional wood material won’t last as long as you might think it could be. As the time passes, we are sure that you will notice some damages due to exposure to the rain and the sun, like flaking paint or even rotting at worst. Surely, it won’t make the best look you can expect from the roofline of your house.

Not to mention, it will surely cost you much time and money to fix it. If you don’t want to experience such thing, Eagle Roofing suggests you to switch from traditional wood material to UPVC material instead. Many advantages you can gain from it being recyclable, lightweight, durable, cost effective, and versatile. You might not so often to find this offer from other roofing companies Huddersfield. That is why asking the help from the Eagle Roofing Company would make the right choice for you. They have commitment to their clients, offering only the best services they could offer for them all.

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Eagle Roofing: The Ultimate in Contemporary Roofing Solutions

Your home or business is more than just four walls and a roof. These two dwellings are where most people tend to spend the majority of their time. For monetary purposes, your business or the business you work for has to have a stable environment at all times to be productive. For personal purposes, your home is like a sanctuary where you and your family reside for safety, security, entertainment, and away from the elements. Could you imagine what life would be like without those vital four walls and a roof?

Maintaining your home/business can be a hassle, but it’s just something that comes along with the territory. Without any maintenance, the dwelling would simply shutdown, become less productive, or it can possibly collapse if the issues aren’t dealt with in a timely manner. Have you ever heard of Eagle Roofing? If you haven’t heard, then just know this. Eagle Roofing is one of the U.K.’s leading contractors hands down. It’s located in the Huddersfield Area and it’s been providing the region with the highest quality of craftsmanship for more than 30 years. This is a family owned and operated company that has some of the highest of values, affordable pricing, and top notch personal service.
Eagle Roofing & What It Has to Offer

Being one of the very best doesn’t come by chance unless you’re extremely lucky. Eagle Roofing specializes in a wide variety of services such as chimney repairs, re-roofs, flat roofs, lead work, Velux windows, and gutter repair/replacement. The company offers some of the best services that span across a broad coverage area. This area includes the municipalities of of Halifax, Marsden, Mirfield, Holmfirth, and Dewsbury. You won’t find too many other contractors who are willing to go outside of their comfort areas, but Eagle Roofing isn’t your average everyday contractor. This team of technicians goes above and beyond the competition, which is why it sits at the apex of the industry.

Eagle Roofing offer some of the best features as well. The company can provide you with 24/7 emergency roof leakage as well as a no obligation free quote. Roofing? No worries here as this company does it all whether it’s slate, rubber, asphalt, or metal. Eagle Roofing goes a step further and offers you many tips and techniques to protect your home/business. Company website is loaded with tons of resourceful material such as advice, articles, and “how-to” demonstrations.

Problems such as leaks, clogged gutters, flashing, cowls and water saturation can all be handled accordingly after thorough inspections. When it comes to your home or business, everything must be taken into consideration as these are two of the most important structures for practical contemporary living.

Flat Roof

The Many Benefits of Green Flat Roofs

Green flat roofs are the need of this hour as we are tumbling down the lane of environmental crisis at an alarming speed. Green flat roofs can help us play our part in saving what’s left of this environment.

In addition to adding great aesthetic value to your house, green flat roofs can be your small gesture of giving back to the environment.

In case, you are still indecisive about the green roofing option for your house, we have plenty of reasons to convince you. Following are the few of the many benefits of green flat roofs;

Climate Change

  • Green roofs prove to be of great help in fighting off the implications of climate change. It can reduce the velocity and volumes of storm water. You might not be aware of it but Germany, Switzerland and Denmark have promoted the use of green roofs and included them as a major factor in their flood mitigation policies.
  • Green roofs have great insulation characteristics but they do more than saving energy in the house. Green flat roofs have the tendency to keep your house cool in summer and save some serious money on electricity bills.
  • Many installations of green flat roofs can create a micro-climate that can reduce the summer temperature of the entire city.

Repercussions of Urbanization

  • Green flat roofs serve as a barrier between the house and the UV rays emitting from the sun thus increasing the roof life.
  • They help in cleaning environment by absorbing nitrous oxide, which is directly linked with urban vehicles.
  • The plants on green flat roofs purify the air and may reduce the breathing diseases like asthma.
  • Green flat roofs are ideal for urban centers as they maintain the humidity and CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
  • They also enhance the biodiversity by serving as a habitat for many animals.

Noise pollution

It is a common fact that hard surfaces reflect sound thus adding to the noise pollution in the urban areas. However, green flat roofs are known to absorb the noise from the environment, which means it consumes noise pollution from the surrounding and helps in creating a serene environment.

How to get Green Flat Roofs

There are many roofers that offer green roofing but you have to be careful. Since green roofs have a lot to do with plantation and flawless waterproofing, you need the right roofers for the job.

Some roofers involve proper services of gardening experts while laying out the plants on the roof while others tackle the whole project themselves. The former is not better than the latter; it is just different approaches to handle the green roofing job.

Your decision should be made on the expertise and number of years a roofer has spent in the industry and your city.

Flat Roof

5 Ways to Make Your House Environment-friendly

We are living in the 2016 and the situation of global warming is getting worse with each passing day. So what are your contributions towards making our planet eco-friendly? Let’s start by making your home environment-friendly.

Solar powered roofing system

Did you know that if you don’t have a proper roofing system you end up having so many problems like you pay more in power bills because your ACs have to work extra hard in the day time as the heat seeping through the roof is too much? Also, in winters, your roof is allowing too much cold from outside and your heater has to work extra hard, which again is adding up to your power bills.

So a solar powered roofing system that forms a layer on the roof and the house so your home cannot be influenced by the outside weather is a very nice way to be eco-friendly.

Energy savers only instead of bulbs

The energy savers versus the bulbs are pretty easy to understand. The energy savers are as good as bulbs when it comes to the lighting but they cost so much less in terms of energy bills.

So if there is any bulb left in your house, you must change it as soon as possible. Also, the bulbs in lamps should also be replaced with the energy savers.

Mini Garden

The mini garden can be your direct contact with nature. Also, it is the best way to be eco-friendly. So you should think about growing a mini garden in your house.

Also, if growing a garden seems like a big deal to you then no problem, you can start with few plants and then move towards the mini garden.

Cover your swimming pool

Did you know that when your swimming pool is not covered, the water evaporates into the air? Can you imagine the amount of water lost because of your procrastination? So when the pool is not in use, you should cover it always. Also, it is a great way to keep your pool safe from dust particles and other mess.

Eco-friendly paint, even on the flat roofs

The wall paint is full of harmful and toxic chemicals. The size of your house will tell you how much you are harming the environment. So whenever you have to paint your house, make sure that you have bought the eco-friendly paint. The paint will be a bit expensive than the normal ones but it will be totally worth it.

Another thing that you can do is to paint your flat roof also. The thing with flat roofs is that they are less visible so people leave them unattended. However, you can use the same paint as on the exterior of the house on flat roofs to protect it.

Flat Roof

Roofing Trends That Will Stay for Long

Every year we see a new trend in everything, be it fashion or roofing system. Some of these trends vanish quickly while others become part of the mainstream culture.
Today we are going to focus on the roofing trends that became a part of everyday roofing phenomenon. These trends include gutters, roof colors, roofs’ shape and more.
Check out the four roofing trends by roofers in Halifax that will stay for long below;

Maintenance In Order To Avoid Bigger Damage

Every home comes with a gutter and that gutter is the source of many problems. An ill-maintained gutter ensures that your roofing system does not work properly, the clogging creates drainage problem and so on. So people have to invest in the maintenance of the gutters.
However, instead of hiring professional roofers, the trend is to do the regular cleaning yourself so that you can save yourself from the bigger damages. In case, if you are still unlucky, there are many gutter repairs in Huddersfield option available.

Light Color Roofs to Lessen the Amount of Energy Absorbed

Whether you Google it or just observe in your neighborhood, the dark colored tiles are what have been used on roofs all the time. Now the new change is to go for light colored roofs. You must have noticed that people prefer light-colored roofs in their homes.
The reason is pretty logical as the light colors are less heat-absorbent and provides a chance to keep the home cool and save on the power bills. So will you go for light colored roof for your next house or the dark tile is too hard to let go?

Flat Roofs Over Pitched Roofs

The two trends mentioned above are not as visible as this one. We thought that time would never come when people will choose flat roofs over pitched roofs but guess what; flat roofs are number one choice of most house owners now.
There are a number of reasons for that change. First of all, there is a huge difference in cost of a flat roof and pitched roof. Secondly, from the roofers’ point of view, there is less efforts and energy required to build a flat roof than a pitched roof. Lastly, flat roofs are easy to maintain than the pitched roofs.

Roof Coating on the Rise

Roof coatings have pretty much become a thing because people like to cover their roofs in order to make them less heat-absorbent. If we talk about the type of roof coatings available then acrylic, silicone, latex, and polyurethane coatings are a few of them.
Although these roof coatings are not cheap, people are still going for them just because of return on investment is too good to deny. Roof coatings are especially very popular in areas which receive a fair amount of sun heat in every season.

Re Roof

Damage Prevention Tips – The Possible Roof Damages This Christmas

During this time of the year when Christmas is just around the corner, it is widely known that for everyone roofing is a little bit slow, especially with all the costs for the upcoming holidays just beginning to turn up. Most phone calls that roofers in Huddersfield get are all about the cleaning the leaves off of your roof tops or gutter repair and ice damming. So this is what the winter brings to you – many risks and this is why you need to know the measures on how to protect you home especially emphasizing the roof issue. One of the solutions by the re roof specialists is the lead work they do, such as the lead valleys, flashings and soakers and the installation of bay windows.
The flat roof repair process is one of the best representatives of the roofing system. They are very helpful during the winter period because they don’t let the snow to stay on the roof for a long period of time. They are usually slippery thought the autumn because of the rain but during the winter they get very slippery because of the snow and ice. This is rather surprising because many owners think that because of their flat roof it’s safe to walk on top of it in the winter. So, if you take one wrong step it can cause an immediate and severe damage.
Owing to the ice cans that cause the water harming the wall on the outside and on the inside of the house, so when the temperature outside is increasing the melted snow to raising the ice and climbing up the top in the same time. This action leads to extreme wall and window moistening and this is how the ice damming is formed. This is the point when the velux windows come in handy. The roof professionals come into rescue and they will have the perfect solution for this problem.
The roof professionals will also take care of the hail and snow damage by building moisture proof stones which can ease this issue due to the severe weather conditions. So, in order to prevent moisture damage, the best solution is to set a cap, which is highly affordable and very helpful. The cap has a lot of productive functions for this time of the year. It also prevents animals to get in the house and of course, it prevents the fire sparks from the chimney that can cause a fire.

Flat Roof

Common Flat Roofing Problems

Flat roofs seem to be quite attractive and feasible. If you reside in Halifax, flat roof construction shall provide your house a unique look. Creativity with flat roofs is way more than those associated with the sloped ones. They also provide greater stability. For instance, to climb and to inspect a horizontal surface is quite easy when compared to that of an arched surface. A basic horizontal roof is built with an under layer covered with top coat. Modified bitumen, PVC or rubber material can be used for coating purposes. In addition to this, flat tops maintain greater amount of stability. In terms of costs, horizontal roofs are much cheaper. Their reconstruction and repair mostly lies within an affordable range.

Horizontal roofs vs. inclined roofs:

However, many of us might not be aware of the hard times a flat ceiling may go through. Horizontal roof issues might not be huge initially. However, if allowed to persist, may result in the compromised integrity of a large area of ceiling. Costs, strength and creativity might go with flat surfaces, but sloped surfaces offer better snow clearance and large area coverage benefits.
Integrity comes in greater amount with horizontal surfaces, but an increased lifespan follows pitched tops. Two arched pieces meeting at a high point divides the strength into two strong surfaces, which gains an edge over the strength provided by a single top.

Flat roof troubles:

Water leakage happens frequently with flat roofs. Water tends to accumulate into the roof’s material and leaks through the ceiling.
Blisters are another common issue associated with a flat top. It happens when moisture traps between the layers of the roof. Blisters interrupt the integrity of the ceiling as well as compromise its appearance.
Seeking for solution?
Flat roof problems are fairly common, but fortunately, they can be perfectly fixed. Looking for roofers in Halifax? You have landed at the right place then. Eagle roofing provides advanced materials for flat roof construction, as well as for repairing. Its EDPM rubber membrane covering comes with long lasting durability. It is environmental friendly and quite resilient. A unique feature that accompanies its rubber membrane technology is that it is DIY friendly.
These roofers in Halifax also offer GRP flat roofing technique. Their approach involves encapsulation of whole of the GRP roofing into a single membrane, which leaves no room for joints and leaks. Hence, lesser issues of water leakage are expected to arise.
Gutter replacements, dry verge systems, chimney installment and work, facia soffit, re-roofing and roof repairs are some other services that the eagle roofing company offers its customers.

Flat Roof

Flat Roofs Huddersfield

Different Types of Flat Roofs

When it comes to many homes across Huddersfield, standard shingles and slanted roofs are simply not part of their construction. Flat roofs are a popular option among many homes in the Huddersfield England area and as a result it’s important to have a quality roofer on standby with some type of experience in flat roof repairs and replacement.
Our flat roofers in Huddersfield have years of experience in replacement and repair as well as full installation of flat roofs across England. Many of our skilled roofers has decades of experience and as a result we have worked with industry-standard materials over many years of service. Eagle roofing utilizes the best tools in the best equipment to ensure that you get the longest lifespan of your flat roof. Here are some of the different types of flat roofs that we have experience installing and repairing:
Felt Flat Roof: this is one of the most popular types of flat roof sealers available. Layers of felt our embedded onto a hot poured tar or bitumen base. There are also specialty torch on felt roof materials which can be applied. Both of these options will work for a long lifespan but there is a difference in budget between both types of felt installations. Felt roofing is generally one of the quickest replacements as well as a great budget friendly option.
Rubber Flat Roof: a rubber membrane roof can also be an excellent option for replacement and repair. This type of material resembles the same type of rubber you might find in an inner tube but it’s very good at absorbing sunlight and resisting damage. Rubber membrane roofs are anchored using special fasteners and then secured with glue. Repairs can be done on rubber flat roof quite easily and it generally lasts over a long period of time without any type of leaks, scuffs or wear.
Fiberglass Flat Roof: this type of roof structure was generally made of some type of hot tar and gravel material and built up through many layers. Today, Fiberglas membranes now form the built-up roof construction. A fiberglass roof installation is extremely appealing visually and it’s also relatively inexpensive. Advanced materials in Fiberglas roofing also make this an excellent option for fire resistance.
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