Flat Roof

Understanding Roof Moisture

All roofs are at risk for developing moisture, which can ultimately lead to roof damage. It is important to understand the types of moisture your roof is at risk for developing and whether the type of moisture requires repairs.

Low-Slope Roofing Systems – Types of Moisture to Watch For

Buildings that fall into the category of industrial buildings and commercial buildings can reduce the cost of roof maintenance by understanding the dangers faced by their flat roofs. A flat roof can face difficulties when it comes to drainage, which can dramatically affect the life of their flat roof. Eagle Roofing Contractors are extremely familiar with the risks faced by flat roofs and are able to provide regular inspections to ensure that your roof is in the best shape to prevent moisture problems.

One of the primary problems flat roofs suffer from are moisture related. This problem typically appears in a few ways. By learning what the problems are, and steps you can take to protect your roof from these problems, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Occupants Can Create Small Amounts of Moisture

Any location is at risk for creating a small amount of occupant contributed moisture. It is extremely common in warehouses, office buildings, and in retail business locations. Warm air created in the environment, usually due to heating, drifts into the air, floating upward. This moisture becomes trapped between the membranes of the roof, and the insulation of the roof. Eagle Roofing can perform flat roof repairs using double layered insulation and staggered joints to prevent moisture from being trapped in this space.

Construction Moisture

Commercial buildings are at risk for developing moisture, even if they are occupied. However, regular maintenance construction can put your building at risk for developing moisture problems. Things like painting, curing concrete, and simply installing drywall all release moisture and puts your building at risk of falling victim to moisture development. This is why it is extremely important to hire highly trained construction professionals who utilize “belt and suspenders” roofing approach and is also familiar with using vapor barriers.

Moisture Created by Occupants in Large Amounts

Certain commercial buildings are at risk for developing large amounts of moisture that between the insulation and roof joists. These buildings are those with flat roofs and benefit from water usage, like laundromats, swimming pools, and papermills. These buildings are at risk of facing serious roof damage if they have a low-slope roof. Eagle roofing contractors can ensure that you have the proper ventilation to prevent condensation build up. They can also ensure that your air handling system is suitable to remove manage the moisture that builds up in your roof and breaks it down.

Large businesses need to take the proper steps, and understand their roofing system, to fight moisture build up and roof damage. Call Eagle Roofing today to learn how to save money, avoid costly repairs, and fight back against the mental frustration associated with flat roofs.


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