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The Ease of Having Eco-Friendly Roofing from Eagle Roofing Contractors

With an eco-friendly roof level base is provided in the framework where different plants living can grow. This can arrive in an artificial sheath or in a metallic sheath. Residing roofing or environment-friendly roofing is basically divided into three major groups. These are as follows:

Extensive systems:

This kind of roofing is made in a way to recreate an organic environment. It is usually needed to deliver a particular residency for endangered plants.

Intensive systems:

This roofing system offers the largest array of growth mechanisms. The depth of the developing system is somewhere between 150-400mm.

Semi-intensive systems:

Detailed green roofing is used to enhance the development of lawns, mashes, and natural herbs. Eco roofing is used where there is no or little foot traffic.

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Rewards for such building:

Roofing which is environment-friendly is known to switch unpleasant metropolitan roof into the one that is aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, and eco-friendly roofing offers a coating against heat and facilitates the structure to remain cold during the hot days of the summer season. Similarly, on the other hand, the coating offers warmth to the building during winters.

In many areas, the government offers monetary rewards to the designers that make use of the environment-friendly roofing to the new buildings and structures.

Environmental rewards:

Roofing systems developed in urban areas along with regular roofing components soak up the sunbeams and discharge warmth. The temperature of the air is usually higher during the evening. It is because of the heat energy of the city. Environment-friendly roofing causes the warmth to spread around in a way that issue is improved.

The environment-friendly usually soaks somewhere between 50 to 75% of the rainfall. It disperses back into the atmosphere. This dissipation adds cooling down of the structure. Minimizes the intake of electricity and enhances the discharge of carbon.

In addition, the eco-friendly roofing supplies important and appropriate environment for the plants as well as bugs. It is done by offering meals for the seed consuming animals and bumblebees. These roofing systems substitute the environment that is usually cleared by the building. In this way, the negative impact is reduced.

Modern eco-friendly roofing:

Modern roofing supplies are lighter in weight and lesser complicated alternative for the eco-roofing. Lightweight floor coverings and module holders enable the center to be up kept without having a separate roof. Looking at the ecological and economic benefits the future of eco-friendly roofing is growing day by day.

The shift towards eco-friendly increases with the growing human growth concerns. The ozone layer is suffering and at the same time wildlife is losing habitat to live and grow. Environment-friendly roofing is the solution to all this.

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If you are looking forward have a local roofing or more information about the roofing maintenance and requirements then it is suggested to you to contact the roofers. Being a resident of Huddersfield, you must be aware of the Eagle Roofing contractors.

Eagle Roofing is a family owned business which was established back in 1983. We are serving the industry for more than 30 years now. Being a family owned service provider, we are aware of the customized requirements of the customers. Hence we out need and demands of the customers’ forefront and have designed our services in compliance with them.

If your roof has any issue you can always rely on us. Feel free to access our official site i.e. to know more about us and our services. You will not regret working with us.


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Should You Replace Your Roof In The Winter

The frigid winter cold has hit hard this winter. You feel it in your joints, through your jacket, and of course, it is nipping at your nose. Of course, no one likes winter, even if they say they do. The crisp, clean air is welcome, but the countless layers of snow are detested by most people. The first thought in your mind is probably the need to change the clothes out in your dresser, make sure windows and doors are airtight, and digging out those Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, many people have prepared for winter but neglected to check their roof. They begin experiencing leaks and drips from worn areas in their roof as the ice and snow melts away during warmer days. If you are not a roofing expert, it is time to contact Eagle roofing contractors.

While replacing your roof during winter months does not seem ideal, it may be necessary. Eagle roofing does not shy away from any roofing project, even if it means a full roof replacement in the ice of winter months. They know even a small roofing problem that allows a drip can lead to a complete collapse of the roof, putting families in jeopardy.

Signs Your Roof May Need Replaced

Have you been going from one end of your roof to the other in an attempt to repair the odd, random leak? Maybe you have places on your roof that have curled up, balding tiles, or tiles that are completely missing. Did you try your best to put a temporary fix on your roof in hopes that it would last until spring, only to find out that the problem is becoming worse as it freezes and thaws?

If your roof is more than 20-years old, you may need to have it replaced to protect the integrity of your home’s structure. A roof that is more than 20-years old can also cause your home owner’s insurance to default. A roof that is at least 20 years old begins to develop problems, such as balding tiles and weather damage that can lead to serious leaks. If your home owner’s insurance will no longer cover your roof, it may not cover any damage that your roof causes to the rest of your house.

If you have any of these signs, or it is more than 20 years old, it is time to call in a professional for a thorough evaluation, even if it is in the dead of winter.

While your contractor is evaluating your roof, you can have them determine whether you need gutter repair, chimney repair, lead work, or a quick minor repair to prevent other types of damage to your property as the winter drains the life from them.

Other Things That Should Be Checked

As your roof is being evaluated, there are other things that should be checked. You should be made aware if any of the following are necessary.

  • Gutter repair
  • Chimney repair
  • Lead work
  • Whether the boards under your tiles are still in good condition

You should be provided with an onsite list of repairs that are necessary and others that are recommended. You can also find out whether a more affordable roofing option is available to you, such as felt roofs.

If you are not sure who to turn to, always choose Eagle Roofing. We have a great reputation, countless customer testimonials, and the peace of mind that your roof will be taken care of, just like we would care for our own. Just because your roof has minor problems, does not mean it needs fully replaced. Minor repairs can be handled in a short amount of time, even in the worst part of winter.

If you have a roof problem, do not wait until spring to call for a consultation. The last Christmas present you want to give your family is a living room full of snow as they open their gifts … well, unless it lands on your grumpy uncle.

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The Top 3 Most Common Roof Problems

Whether it is an unforeseen problem or a problem that is obvious, having a problem with your roof is a pain and financial plague. There are a lot of problems your roof can face that will lead to premature failure, or reduced life of your low-slope roof or flat roof. While this guide does not help you repair your roof, it will help you to see what the common problems Eagle Roofing Contractors face on a regular basis, and help you understand the problems your roof may face.

If you look at the risk roof failure, you will see that flat roofs face deterioration faster than a roof that has a pronounced pitch. With the right maintenance, these problems can be avoided, and when there is a small problem, it results in less catastrophic damage.

Leaks and Moisture Build Up

It does not matter what type of roof you have, if there is even the slightest leak, you have a serious problem. A leak can develop due to a number of reasons, including improperly fastened when it was installed. Surprisingly, over 95 percent of all leaks begin with a problem with flashing, and where the roof membrane has been interrupted or terminated. If you are in need of flat roof repairs, contact Eagle Roofing Contractors today to have the problem assessed.

Tenting, Blow-Offs, Billowing, and Reduced Wind Uplift Resistance

While it may seem like it, leaks are not the only problem that plagues homeowners and business owners. Improperly installed flashing can lead to open seams, open laps, and result in blow off. These problems are well known for reducing the puncture resistance, and violating codes. If the roof itself was improperly installed, you may be at risk for poor gravel embedment, and less fasteners holding the base sheet, leading to similar, damaging consequences.

A properly installed roof has excellent wind uplift resistance. If the seams are not cured adequately on roofing materials that require it, the wind uplift resistance can be decreased dramatically, possibly damaging the remaining portion of the roof. The seams also leave the roof at risk for exposure to wind and rain, allowing moisture to infiltrate the roof system, damaging the underlying membrane.

If the roofing material instructions are not properly followed, a single ply roof becomes a risk for blow-off and billowing. It is important to take extra measures to secure a single ply membrane roof to prevent the flashing from tenting and damage to the underlying membrane.

Lack of or Improper Maintenance

There are hundreds of reasons you should not neglect your roof – including the possibility of a huge financial hit to your home or business. Maintaining your roof and catching problems early can prevent small issues from becoming a huge problem. If you do not have the time, or the know-how, it is time to call Eagle Roofing, the most reputable roofers in Huddersfield. Many people are unaware, but failure to maintain your roof can lead to voiding the warranty, especially on flat roofs.


Whether you would like to have your roof inspected, cleaned, or maintained, it is time to call Eagle Roofing Contractors to receive the best service, from the best Huddersfield roofers.

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Long-Term Savings – The Best Roof Maintenance Practices To Follow

The fall season has wrapped up and all the leaves are raked. The cold weather has set in, and while we hope you do not shoot the messenger, the terrible ice and snow we have all been dreading is on its way. This is especially true in icier and snowier climates. Because of this, it is important for everyone to follow the recommended preventative maintenance checklist that has been developed by many reputable roofing companies. This extremely important semi-annual inspection can be completed, either by you, or by Eagle Roofing.

During this inspection, you can determine exactly what repairs need to be completed to protect your roof’s overall health. You will also be advised whether your gutters will be able to withstand the seasonal weather without damage. If your gutters are damaged, you may need to replace them to ensure that you are not at risk for developing a leak that will cause damage to your house. It is much more cost effective to make minor repairs, than it is to let a small problem that would cost one-hundred to repair, develop into a full roof replacement costing several thousand dollars.

How Eagle Roofing Can Help

Eagle Roofing can assess your roof twice a year to ensure that there are no minor issues that need to be taken care of before they become worse. If any repairs need to be completed, they can either complete them right away, or schedule a time that works for you. They can also check to determine whether you are in need of gutter repair, chimney repair, or repair of your facias and soffits.

Eagle Roofing Offer a Wide Range of Services

Eagle Roofing provide a wide range of roof repair services, from lead work, chimney repair, gutter repair, flat roof repair, Velux Windows, and even flat roof repairs.

By making minor repairs to your home on a regular basis, you can ensure that it remains in great shape. In order to maintain the warranty of your gutters, windows, and chimney materials, it is important to have regular maintenance performed, including calking, and cleaning. Also, of your family’s safety could depend on the cleanliness of your gutters, especially during winter months. Frozen leaves can become extremely dangerous, and weigh on your gutters, leaving them at risk of falling. A falling gutter can cause significant damage to your home and allow the edges of your roof to begin leaking.

By having your windows and doors inspected on a semi-annual basis, you can also reduce your heating and air conditioning bill by replacing any caulking or sealants that have broken down because of the weather. This will reduce drafts, block out water, and ensure the warranty on your windows.

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Understanding Roof Moisture

All roofs are at risk for developing moisture, which can ultimately lead to roof damage. It is important to understand the types of moisture your roof is at risk for developing and whether the type of moisture requires repairs.

Low-Slope Roofing Systems – Types of Moisture to Watch For

Buildings that fall into the category of industrial buildings and commercial buildings can reduce the cost of roof maintenance by understanding the dangers faced by their flat roofs. A flat roof can face difficulties when it comes to drainage, which can dramatically affect the life of their flat roof. Eagle Roofing Contractors are extremely familiar with the risks faced by flat roofs and are able to provide regular inspections to ensure that your roof is in the best shape to prevent moisture problems.

One of the primary problems flat roofs suffer from are moisture related. This problem typically appears in a few ways. By learning what the problems are, and steps you can take to protect your roof from these problems, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Occupants Can Create Small Amounts of Moisture

Any location is at risk for creating a small amount of occupant contributed moisture. It is extremely common in warehouses, office buildings, and in retail business locations. Warm air created in the environment, usually due to heating, drifts into the air, floating upward. This moisture becomes trapped between the membranes of the roof, and the insulation of the roof. Eagle Roofing can perform flat roof repairs using double layered insulation and staggered joints to prevent moisture from being trapped in this space.

Construction Moisture

Commercial buildings are at risk for developing moisture, even if they are occupied. However, regular maintenance construction can put your building at risk for developing moisture problems. Things like painting, curing concrete, and simply installing drywall all release moisture and puts your building at risk of falling victim to moisture development. This is why it is extremely important to hire highly trained construction professionals who utilize “belt and suspenders” roofing approach and is also familiar with using vapor barriers.

Moisture Created by Occupants in Large Amounts

Certain commercial buildings are at risk for developing large amounts of moisture that between the insulation and roof joists. These buildings are those with flat roofs and benefit from water usage, like laundromats, swimming pools, and papermills. These buildings are at risk of facing serious roof damage if they have a low-slope roof. Eagle roofing contractors can ensure that you have the proper ventilation to prevent condensation build up. They can also ensure that your air handling system is suitable to remove manage the moisture that builds up in your roof and breaks it down.

Large businesses need to take the proper steps, and understand their roofing system, to fight moisture build up and roof damage. Call Eagle Roofing today to learn how to save money, avoid costly repairs, and fight back against the mental frustration associated with flat roofs.

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3 Winter Roof Problems that Plague Homeowners

Eagle roofing want to draw attention to the three winter roof problems that plague homeowners who have not had their roof inspected. The roof of your home is not only the most important part of your home, it is also the most overlooked aspect. If you know your roof has problems, but you plan on waiting until spring to fix them, you could be setting yourself up for a disaster. All roofing problems should be addressed before winter sets in, and at the very latest, before the first snowfall. Here are the top five disasters that occur when a roof is not kept up.

Possibility of Ice Dams

While it isn’t a common problem, when whether conditions are just right, ice dams do develop. These dams are extremely destructive to your roof, and the underlying support system. Ice dams also tend to collapse, causing the gutters to fall, tiles to rip off, and leaks to develop inside your house.

Ice dams are created when heat coming through the roof warms the underside of the snow. As the water runs down, it refreezes at the overhang, where it is colder. The ice lifts the tiles along the edge of the roof and allows water to run into your home.

The Dreaded Icicles

Most people feel that icicles are harmless. Unfortunately, they are not. They are caused by the same condition that creates ice dams. They can extensively damage your roof system, demolish your gutters, and injure people. By properly sealing the edge of your roof, you can prevent them from occurring and damaging your home.

Excessive Amounts of Snow

Snow is beautiful, even in large quantities. Well, unless your roof is not prepared for it. A well-designed roof is meant to hold loads of snow. However, older roofs that are not properly maintained are at risk for collapse. You must also consider that ice weighs more than snow, which means a roof that is not properly maintained is at a higher risk of falling if it is not repaired before winter sets in.

Having a company clean your roof after excessive snow falls is imperative to protect your investment, and protect your family. Even if your roof is new, deficient workmanship, and inadequate drainage can promote the occurrence of this problem.

Excessive loads of snow without having it regularly cleaned, and having proper drainage, you can experience the following problems:

[cs_list cs_list_type=”icon” cs_border=”no”][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Sagging ceiling [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Popping and cracking noises [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Bowing trusses [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] The inability to open or close your windows [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Doors sticking open or closed [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Cracking walls [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Cracking masonry [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Leaking roof [/list_item] [/cs_list]


Preventing the Three Plagues

There are multiple ways to prevent the three plagues from ravishing your home this winter. The first way is to contact Eagle roofing. They can evaluate the current condition of your roof, whether it is ready for winter, and whether you have proper drainage to prevent damage. If there is any problem with the condition of your roof, they can easily handle it, including installing proper drainage.

Gutter repair and chimney repair is essential to ensuring that minor problems do not lead to extensive damage to the exterior, or interior, of your home.

Are you unsure about the condition of your roof and its drainage, maybe you are uncertain about your gutters, has it been a while since you had it inspected. Do not waste any time. Whether you are in the Huddersfield area, Halifax area, Mirfield area, Dewsbury area, Marsden area, or Holmfirth area, contact Eagle Roofing today at 0148 446 0401, or email

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Replacing Your Roof in the Winter – Is It a Good Idea?

It can be difficult during the rainy spring and sweltering summer to make time to fix a leaky roof. However, you will need to take care of the problem before cold weather makes its way to your doorstep. The problem with even a small hole is that as water enters it and freezes, the ice expands, making the hole larger as it goes. For Eagle Roofing Contractors, August, September, and October are the busiest months of the year. We receive countless calls, online requests, and even written letters, all requesting us to install a new IB Flat Roof or a metal roof.

The reason that people request this type of roofing material during this time of year is because it is inexpensive, and it is quick to put on. At least ¾ of these requests make strong mention that they would like the roof installed before winter. If you are looking for an Eagle Roofing Contractor, you can choose from: [cs_list cs_list_type=”icon” cs_border=”no”][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] roofers in Huddersfield [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] roofers in Halifax [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] roofers in Mirfield [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] roofers in Dewsbury [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] roofers in Marsden [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] roofers in Holmfirth [/list_item] [/cs_list]
Even though we understand the urgency in having a new roof put on before winter weather becomes a burden, we must point out a common misconception that many homeowners believe. Most homeowners are under the misconception that a roof can only be put on during warm months. While this is true in some cases, mostly because some roof types bring on their own limitations. While it may be more difficult, that does not mean it is impossible. Installing a roof in the winter is the same as putting one on in the summer – it is just a lot colder.

The truth is, winter is one of the best times to have a new roof installed. You can get better material prices and the best choice of roofing contractors. Since work is limited during winter months, there is a very good chance that contractors will compete for your job out of desperation to bring in money.

Even though some roofs can be installed in the winter, others cannot be.

Which Roofs Can Be Installed in the Winter?

There is a system that we can use to install all new roofing during the winter months without giving up the quality and systems that should have been installed during warmer weather. We will divide the systems for roofing into the sloped and flat roof categories.

Flat Roof Installation

During the winter months, PVC and TPO are the only two systems that are safe to use for flat roof installation. There are products for flat roof installation that are thermoplastic single ply. They are installed using Hot Air Welded seams instead of adhesives.

When using adhesives and glues during the winter, it can cause the chemicals that make up the compounds to change in different ways, causing the installation to fail prematurely. Adhesives and glues have warning labels warning not to allow the contents to be stored in temperatures 40 degrees F or less.

When we attach the TPO and PVC we used heavy duty screws, anchors, and other mechanical devices that will hold securely. The seams are also heated shut using equipment for Hot Air welding, heating up to 800-1100 degrees F. These hi temperatures make sure that even in the cold winter months the surrounding area around the seams will not mess with the seams being secured. We do want to mention that TPO and PVC roofs do not look identical or equal. The only thing that is the same is how they are installed and how they look. The roofs that are TPO and PVC are made of a different quality, material composition, and its longevity.