Prepare Your Gutters For Monsoon

Whenever it is about rain water disposal system then no one can deny the fact that rain gutters are the most significant ones in this regards. It is the route for the rain water that falls on your roof to the drainage. It is the same system that prevents your house from unnecessary water problems that are caused due to the heavy rain fall.

However, it needs to be kept in mind that an unclean and a clogged gutter may lead you to exactly opposite of what has been mentioned above. The standing water there in the gutters increases the back flooding and leakages causing trouble for the property owners. Therefore, all the points i.e. gutters installation, repairing as well as cleaning are significant for the pre monsoon action plan.

Gutter installation: This step demands more of your attention than any other thing. If the gutter has been placed at the right spot in first place, you will find it not bothering you in long run. Putting lesser concern at this point leads one to long run trouble. Hence it is advised to make use of the professional and experienced services to ensure that nothing goes wrong. However if you are willing to do it on your own then underlined guidelines must be followed:

  • Examine the structure of your house and then look for the complying gutters. Take measurements carefully so that you end up having the perfectly sized gutters
  • Jot down the parts according to the measurements and tools that will be needed for the installation of the gutters
  • Cut the gutters in required size and make the down spout hole carefully. Fit them in the brackets. Join the downspouts by getting them fitted with the wooden blocks there on the wall

Gutter cleaning: Main activity of the gutters is to en-route the water to the drainage. If it is not cleaned properly it will fail to meet the required purpose. Neglected gutters carry the debris and standing water. Clogging will fill the gutters, overflow them and eventually pull them to lose the gutters.

To clean the gutters, following steps should be followed:

  • With the help if a narrow garden trowel, scoop out the debris
  • With an off high pressure nozzle at the end of the water hose, wash out the gutters and work towards the outlet of the drain
  • If the water is not drained through the pipes then you should make use of the auger “U” to pull out the debris

Gutter repairing: Gutters that have standing water and debris weigh a lot and end up damaging the angle of the gutter which is called pitch. If it is lost due to excessive weight then it will flow back to home or its foundations. It leads to basement flooding causing more damages to the property.

Follow the underlined points to repair these issues:

  • In order to ensure proper repairing of the gutters, clean them at first place
  • Observe the broken gutters in detail. Look if it needs to be replaced or not
  • Do not repair the gutter part at its place but unscrew it and then repair it

Living in today’s technological world; no one has enough time to do all these things on regular basis. Therefore, it is suggested that one should make use of the professional services that would get done with the gutter installation, repairing, or cleaning in shortest time span possible.

Eagle Roofing in this regards can be of great facilitation for you. We have been in this industry for more than 30 years. Our experience teaches us what, when and how should be done in order to get done with the things in an appropriate manner.


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