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Identify The Roof Leak Sources

When it is about identifying the leakage in the roofs; there are several points of entry to be located before actually climbing up the roof. There are multiple factors that cause roof leakage. You can easily find the water stains on the walls inside or ceilings, then there are rain conditions and so much more that leads to roof leakage.

It is worth stating here that leaks are caused due to several types of existing roof penetration and it can be supported with the help of stains on the interior ceilings. For instance, stains that is there right under the skylight openings, around satellite dishes, chimneys and near the center of the roof where usually attics are installed. All these inform that roof leaks might be coming from these afore said installations.

Questions to be asked to find roof leakage:

Some of the questions that should be asked to locate the roof leakage are as follows:

  • When did you discover the first leakage?
  • Did you notice it after an extended and steady period of rain or after the hard rain?
  • Look carefully in which direction the wind was blowing if it was about driving rain?
  • When was the first time stain noticed?
  • Can you see the stain increasing in size once it was noticed?

Answers to all these above mentioned questions are one of the ways to access the point where the leakage is originating.

Rain in particular direction:

Rain that is driven in certain direction via strong winds causes wall flashings to be susceptible to be leaking. Rainfall that is hard blowing makes valley in the roof surfaces and attic vents causing leakage.

In valleys, leakage is because the final barrier against the water forces its way through the roofing cement. Over the period of time, petroleum based adhesive breakdown. It becomes lesser effective against the leakage.

Most of the times, this usually do not cause issues until and unless there was certain defect in the valley construction or it was somehow damaged.

Small openings can also be a reason for the leakage during steady rainfall. At times, squirrels chew on the edges of the stacks that create holes in the leads. Professional roofers are the ones that quickly identify the leakage. They find it out easily if the leakage is because of steady rain or coming from certain joint in sections of plumbing vent line extending via attic.

In short there are number of ways that show that the roof leakage can be identified from inside of the house. Existing roof penetrations can be one of the suspect areas of the roof leakage.

The roof leakage caused by extreme weather conditions is inevitable and hence need is to make sure that proper and regular inspection is carried out on regular basis. Most of the times, we see it does not happen. Then again, there are multiple reasons for that, these include financial constraints, limited time and so much more.

Whatever is the cause of roof leakage, need is to hire the services of professional roofers to not only identify the leakage but also repair it professionally. If you are a resident of Huddersfield, you must be well aware of the name Eagle Roofing.

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