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How To Check Your Roof For Leaks

I often get asked by customers how to check their roof for leaks and what areas are most likely to leak. Well the areas that are most likely to leak are where one surface meets another, we call these penetrations. For example, the chimney, a roof light, vent tiles or dorma’s. Chimneys are very susceptible as they have numerous ways in which they can allow rain water to penetrate them. The lead flashing’s can come loose or the pointing can erode allowing rain water to penetrate it.

When checking your roof it is always best to use a pair of binoculars and check the following areas:

Ridge tiles– look for any cracks in the mortar and the ridge/hip tiles
Roof slates/tiles– look for any broken or slipped tiles/slates
Lead work– check to see if the lead work has slipped or has any cracks in them
Guttering check the joints as these are most likely to leak and also the swan neck of the fall pipe where debris is likely to collect.

If you would like us to come out and take a look at your roof for you we would be more than happy to do so. We offer a free no obligation survey of your roof, and can possibly help to put your mind at ease over the winter period. At Eagle Roofing we are dedicated Huddersfield Roofers and strive to offer a competitive service.


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