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Problems and Benefits With Various Roofing Designs

Gable Roof

This is also referred to as the peaked roof and is one of the most popular in the United Kingdom. You will easily recognize this type of roof by its triangular shape.


These types of roofs will easily shed snow and water as well as provide ample space in the attic. The ceiling also provides for excellent ventilation which is rare from other roofing designs. It is very easy to maintain compared to any other roofing designs.


If your house has a gable roof, you might it very problematic in the event of high winds and hurricanes. If the constructor did not strengthen the traces, they are prone to collapse in the event of a hurricane or a strong wind. It is also very common for roofing materials to peel away from gable roofs. If the roof is very much overhang winds can create an uplift which will lead to it detaching from the walls. If you are experiencing a problem with this kind of roof we provide some of the best roof repairs Huddersfield.

Suggested materials

Almost all types of roofing materials can roof this design from cedar shakes, and metal and clay tiles.

Hip Roof

This kind of roof has slopes on all of its 4 sides. All the sides are equal and come together to form a ridge at the top.


Compared to gable roofs, they are more stable. The shape also makes the roof durable and stable. If you are living in very snowy or windy areas, this is the roof to go with. The slopes facilitate for a smooth disposal of snow leaving no water on the roof. This kind of roof also offers a lot of space in the attic at the same time providing excellent ventilation for the house.


They are beautiful but don’t forget that they are expensive to install. This design is more complex hence requires more skills and materials. Due to the presence of many seams, it can result to leakages if it is not properly installed.


Just like the gable roof, hip roofs can be made of any material that is available for roofing. If you are experiencing problems with this kind of roof, we offer roof repairs Huddersfield. Contact us today for professional information about the possible repairs on your roof.

Mansard Roof

You will commonly hear people refer this roof as the French roof. It is 4 sided with double slopes on every side. You will find out that its lower slope is steeper than the one at the top. Depending on the style you want the sides can be curved or flat.


This type of roof will provide ample space for you to live in. this makes it one of the most popular roofing designs in the UK. This kind of roof is excellent for people who want to continue building their homes in future. It is also an excellent choice to save money with.


With its low pitched roof, this design is not popular for areas that receive a lot of snowfall.


This is a very special kind of roof, therefore, it will require some special materials for a perfect installation. Metals such zinc or copper are perfect for this kind of roof but the upfront cost is very high. However, you will reap the benefits of these materials when it comes to maintaining the roof.


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