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Problems and Benefits With Various Roofing Designs

Gable Roof

This is also referred to as the peaked roof and is one of the most popular in the United Kingdom. You will easily recognize this type of roof by its triangular shape.


These types of roofs will easily shed snow and water as well as provide ample space in the attic. The ceiling also provides for excellent ventilation which is rare from other roofing designs. It is very easy to maintain compared to any other roofing designs.


If your house has a gable roof, you might it very problematic in the event of high winds and hurricanes. If the constructor did not strengthen the traces, they are prone to collapse in the event of a hurricane or a strong wind. It is also very common for roofing materials to peel away from gable roofs. If the roof is very much overhang winds can create an uplift which will lead to it detaching from the walls. If you are experiencing a problem with this kind of roof we provide some of the best roof repairs Huddersfield.

Suggested materials

Almost all types of roofing materials can roof this design from cedar shakes, and metal and clay tiles.

Hip Roof

This kind of roof has slopes on all of its 4 sides. All the sides are equal and come together to form a ridge at the top.


Compared to gable roofs, they are more stable. The shape also makes the roof durable and stable. If you are living in very snowy or windy areas, this is the roof to go with. The slopes facilitate for a smooth disposal of snow leaving no water on the roof. This kind of roof also offers a lot of space in the attic at the same time providing excellent ventilation for the house.


They are beautiful but don’t forget that they are expensive to install. This design is more complex hence requires more skills and materials. Due to the presence of many seams, it can result to leakages if it is not properly installed.


Just like the gable roof, hip roofs can be made of any material that is available for roofing. If you are experiencing problems with this kind of roof, we offer roof repairs Huddersfield. Contact us today for professional information about the possible repairs on your roof.

Mansard Roof

You will commonly hear people refer this roof as the French roof. It is 4 sided with double slopes on every side. You will find out that its lower slope is steeper than the one at the top. Depending on the style you want the sides can be curved or flat.


This type of roof will provide ample space for you to live in. this makes it one of the most popular roofing designs in the UK. This kind of roof is excellent for people who want to continue building their homes in future. It is also an excellent choice to save money with.


With its low pitched roof, this design is not popular for areas that receive a lot of snowfall.


This is a very special kind of roof, therefore, it will require some special materials for a perfect installation. Metals such zinc or copper are perfect for this kind of roof but the upfront cost is very high. However, you will reap the benefits of these materials when it comes to maintaining the roof.

Re Roof

Signs that It’s Time for Roof Replacement

Most of us know it’s time to replace our car when it starts to constantly break down. We know we have to replace our carpet when it turns gray or stained. We replace our clothing attires when new fashions arise or when our current ones no longer fit us. And you know that it is time to replace your phone when that new model hits the market. What about our roofs?

The time to replace a roof is not always apparent unless it catches fire, gets knocked down by a tree or collapse. However, there are other subtle signs which indicate that it is time to contact one of the roofing companies Huddersfield. Here are signs which are clear indicators that you need to replace your roof:

Most roofing companies offer a 20 years warranty. Therefore if your roof has been there for more than two decades, you know that it is time to replace it. There is a good chance that it might start leaking or even collapse. Take precaution by replacing it.

  1. When the appearance from the street looks pathetic

Your curb’s look is very important. It makes no sense to harm this look by keeping a very ugly roof. Go out on the street and look over your roof to identify the sports or parts that make it ugly, especially on the areas around vents and chimneys.

  1. When it starts to leak into your attic

We all know the effects of a leaky roof. It will lead to the deterioration of the interior décor and you know what that means. Stained paint all over your chimney roofs not only leak water but also light. Once you spot some rays of light penetrating through the roof, you know it is time to contact one of the roofing companies Huddersfield

  1. If you come to find out that your electric bills are rising for no reason

A good roof is built to control the temperatures within your house. If your house is getting warmer each and every day, and the fan are just turning for 24 hours, it is time to replace the roof. Spoilt roofs may also be the cause of cold temperatures in your house. Contact Eagle roofing for professional advice if any of these is happening to you.

  1. When its tiles look bad

It is very important to conduct an examination of the tiles on your roof. If they look pathetic, you don’t require an angel to fly down and tell you it’s time to repair your roof.

Re Roof

Re-roof, New Roof, Roof Repair– What should you do?

Before we begin to explain what the right option for your roof is, let us define what each of this term mean;


Re-roof is basically replacing your damaged roof with a new one. This type of measure is taken in the extreme situation.

New Roof

A new roof basically means installing a brand new roof in your house.  The difference between new roof and re-roof is that a new roof is installed once when the house is constructed. After that if anything happens to the roof and it has to be replaced, then you have to re-roof the house.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is pretty self-explanatory. If anything happens to your roof then roof repair is the only solution.

So new roof is an absolutely brand new roof installed for the first time, re-roof is the replacement of a damaged roof with a new one, and roof repair is simply fixing any issues with the roof.

The current status of your roof

Before deciding to go for anything, the first focus point should be the current situation of your roof. How is it, what are the challenges, what are the red zone areas, what parts need immediate attention and other related queries.

We have a general checklist for your roof. It will give you a rough idea of the status of your roof;


  • Missing tiles
  • Discoloration
  • Water ponding
  • Cracks
  • Bumps
  • Sags
  • Hollowness

Note: this list is not an all-inclusive one. You should consult professional roofers for proper inspection.

What’s better – Re-roof or Roof Repair

So now we come to the ultimate question, what should be done with the roofs? Re-roof or roof repair? Well, the simple answer is, if it is too bad then reroof is the best option and if it is repairable then roof repair. However, the trickiest thing to figure out is the level of severity of your roof.

It should be kept in mind that the cost difference between re-roof and roof repair is huge.

A professional roofer can be of help here. You should call experienced roofers in your area and let them inspect your roof and let them suggest the solution. There is a probability that the recommendation from the roofer is biased based on their own greed of making profits by suggesting the expensive solution. So you should at least go for three roofing companies before making a decision.

The Final Verdict

The final verdict about re-roof or roof repair should be of your roofer. The company should inspect and suggest you re-roof or repair option based on facts.

Re Roof

Roofers in Huddersfield Open up About Poor Installation of Roofs

Roofs go through problems that are caused by nature, age, or lack of maintenance. However, sometimes you have to pay for the sins of others. The people you have hired to fix the roof are not able or skilled enough to do their job properly. This negligence is the worst because it increases your budget and time estimation for a task. Also, you hate it more than anything else since it was not your fault to begin with.

Just imagine, you have hired a roofer to install a new roof. The company messes up the process and you begin to face the consequences. Now you have to find a new experienced and professional roofer to fix the chaos created by another roofer. The costing and time of the new roofer will be from scratch. Also, installing a new roof is different and fixing a poorly installed roof is a complex and complicated task.

Lack of research

The reason you have got it wrong is because of lack of research. You hired the wrong roofers in Huddersfield because you did not research properly. It is important to check the company properly before giving them the contract.

Tempting yet unbelievable offers

Another plausible reason you hired the fraud roofer is because of the tempting offer you received. You must have heard the term, “too good to be true”. Of course, roofers in Huddersfield offer generous discounts but there is a limit to that. Anything that seems too farfetched will land you in trouble for sure.

Inexperienced roofers

Maybe the research and pricing showed no doubt when you picked a roofer but what you failed to notice is the company’s experience. No matter how great the roofers may seem but there is no replacement for experience. Especially, if you are aware that you have a complex structure, make sure you choose only professional roofers in Huddersfield.

The only plausible solution is to hire a roofer who has experience, reputation and offers affordable rates for proper installation of a new roof.

Re Roof

When is the Best Time to Install a New Roof or Re-Roof?

There can be two conditions for you to install a new roof – first is because of emergency and second is as a precautionary measure. In the case of emergency, you are left with not many options, you have to get to the re-roof options as soon as possible. However, if you want to change the roof just because it is old then there are plenty of options available.

Out of all the choices, you must cherish the liberty to choose your own schedule. For re-roof, the best season is the off-season when roofers have no work and they are desperate for clients.

Why are we stressing on the right time for re-roof?

The freedom to get a new roof according to your schedule can dictate a lot of other factors like pricing and quality of work. Let us explain to you in detail the advantages you can get by installing a roof on the right time;

Pricing Plan

As with any other service, roofers decrease their prices in the off season due to a shortage of work. The case is completely opposite in their hot season, where an average roofer practices at least 5-10% increase in their fee.
During the slow season, the roofers can give you shocking discounts on a single job, even.

No stress

Let us present the scenario where you chose to re-roof in the middle of a busy season. You will call the roofers again and again to get an appointment for your house and they will simply postpone it. Once you get an appointment, they will reschedule the job, at least, a couple of time before coming to work.
So the whole process of going back and forth with the roofers may cost you a lot of stressful time.

Best work quality

The roofers have to be at many places at a time to complete all the projects they have taken, which means their employees are constantly working or maybe overworking. So now tell us whether workers who are drained of their energies can perform a better task or the fresh and active labor?
You have got your answer and are more convinced to choose the off-season.

No wait

Often times, people have to wait two or three weeks to get a date from roofers. Now can you afford this much time or stress? If yes, then you know the options. As for no, you know when you can get the complete attention of the roofers.

The best time to install a roof is: We have said off-season a lot but didn’t disclose which season is not busy for the roofers. Here we go,

Is Summer good to re-roof?

The roofers are not as busy in the summers because most families are off to vacations or busy somewhere else. It might be a possibility that you won’t be able to make time during summer but if you can, you should re-roof in this season.

Is Winter good to re-roof?

Winters are not appropriate for re-roof in many regions. In case, your city is one of the luckiest ones to stand to re-roof in winters then go for it as roofers are literally free in winters.