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I thought I would write a quick blog to let you know what you should expect from a Huddersfield roofer who is pointing your ridges or hip tiles.

The first aspect is communication, the roofer should always explain what your options are the best methods to complete the job. Whether the ridges just need re-pointing or whether they need taking off completely and re-bedding. Remember you can always ask questions to ensure you are comfortable with the proposed work.

The second aspect to consider is the methods the roofer is using, the questions you should be asking is are you using restraining bars to support the hip tiles? If any ridges or tiles break while replacing them what will you be using ? Although you may feel that new ones will be better they will be a different colour to the used tiles so will stand out. This is just something to consider?

The next area to consider is the reliability of the roofer, you can do this by asking family or friends who have used them before. Alternatively you can check online for reviews and testimonials or ask for a portfolio of work they have carried out before.

Make sure you investigate and search around, I would advise getting a quote from 3-4 roofing companies. just remember cheaper isn’t, always better. Try to weigh up the quality and reliability factors as well,

At Eagle Roofing we offer a free quote with no obligation, we also offer 10 years guarantee on all ridges we replace. If you have any questions you would like to ask me or any topic you would like me to blog on feel free to send me a message.


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