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Roof Damage Prevention Tips: How to fix a roof that ices up and leaks

A leaky roof is a very common problem in winters for people who live in cold countries. The wondrous world of internet is filled with unlimited ideas to cure this problem. However, the scope of these solutions is limited and cannot fix every unique roof leak and in most of the cases, you will need a re-roof specialist to re-roof or roof repair.
Today, we are going to unveil the one-in-all solution for all types of rook leaks and hope you can get benefit from these tips.

Why Does Roof Leaks?

Before delving into the solution to roof leaks, let us tell you why it happens? What is the science behind it? The thick snow present on your roof is being constantly heated from the warmth disposed-off from your house. The water makes its way into the different layers of your roof. The snow-turned-water is converted into ice by the chilly weather. So the ice pack starts getting thick as the time passes.

The material used in your roof inherently supports gravity. The roof consists of many layers (made of same material) sitting on top of each other. Now once the ice reaches the last layer, its next home is the wood sheathing. From wood sheathing, the water leaks into your house.

The Ultimate Solution to Roof Leaks

The ultimate solution is to bridge a layer of peel-and-stick roof underlayments, containing rubberized asphalt, between the wood sheathing and the roof. There are plenty of brands of such underlayments or membranes, however, the best are Grace Ice and Water Shield.

How Does it Work

As said earlier, the underlayments help in creating a waterproof space between wood sheathing and roof. It is a membrane that is supposed to be pasted on the wood sheathing. The success of such underlayments directly depends on their power to stick permanently on the wood sheathing, including on the nail shafts.

The process to incorporate a waterproof membrane is pretty simple. You need to remove the roof and paste the underlayment exactly as per the instruction from the manufacturer. You can install the membrane on the sides of the dormer as well to decrease the chances of water leakage.

However, do not forget, you are supposed to thoroughly follow the instructions of the manufacturer in order to get the desired result.

Points to Remember: Selection of the Membrane

Although, we have given you the names of the brands, there are plenty of such underlayments/membranes available in the market. However, you need to keep this fact in mind that not all membranes are same. Some may not be waterproof while other may not stick properly.

So for this solution to work, it is critically important to make a right choice of a waterproof membrane.

Points to Remember: Follow the Instructions

We cannot stress enough how important is it to follow the instructions to install the membrane by the manufacturer. Read them, understand them and apply them as properly as you can. If you are hiring professional re-roof specialist for the job, check their credentials. Talk to them about the choice of the membrane and how to apply it. If they satisfy you with their approach, only then give them the job of re-roof otherwise finds other roofers for roof leaks.


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