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Common Roof Leak Issues to take-care to Protect from Re-Roofing

Roof leaks are one of the most irritating problem faced by every house owner throughout the world during the rainy or snowy season – mostly winters. However, have you given it a thought what causes the roof to completely give up and start leaking and lead to re-roofing?

There are multiple areas on the roof that are very sensitive and react to snow by paving the path for water leakage. We will highlight those common causes ever present on a roof that decays it faster and requires re-roofing.

In addition to these causes, one must remember, like all other stuff, roofs require proper maintenance and checkups. If you fail to take care of your house’s roof, then surely you will cut down a number of years from its life.

Without further ado, here are the three most common causes of roof leaks;


Experiencing leakage from a skylight can be the worst thing that can happen to any house. There can be more than one reason for the faulty skylight. Your roofer didn’t fix the skylight properly, the sealant failed because of thermal expansion, micro-fracture in the skylight’s glass or the flashing seals were not up to the mark.

Your first reaction should be to contact the local roofer who installed the skylight in the first place and gets it thoroughly examined. If he is not able to satisfy you, then don’t worry, the roofers are still there to get you out of this leaky mess.

Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are one of the biggest sources of leaks on the roof. There can be many faults in the chimney flashing that may lead to leaks, like caulk, cracks or simply wear and tear.

Whatever the reason is if your roof is leaking from the chimney then you should immediately contact an authentic roofer and get it checked. The roofer can further guide you about the repair options.

Choose any option that seems right and possible for you to stop the leaking water from the chimney.

Vent Pipes

Vent pipes are like slow poison. They are never suspected as a cause of leakage unless they become one. The vent pipes, when rusted and old, may start to gather water, which can seep through the walls into your house.

The reason for vent pipes leakage into the walls can be poor flashing or old cemented roofs. Here again, the solution must begin from calling professional roofers and getting a free consultation about the vent pipe repair.

The solution to staying away from all these causes

There is no short cut solution available to stay away from these causes. Get yourself registered in a crash course of “how to take care of the roofs”. If this self-teaching scheme seems a little bit difficult then go for the other option.

You must hire a professional roofer to check up your roof once in a while and timely repair the errors/faults before they can become a humongous issue.


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